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    Which is the joining date

    Confused about the date of joining? Want to know if it as mentioned in the offer letter or the actual date of joining? Read the responses on this page and resolve yuor questions.

    One of my colleague was working in one organization,and when he get a call to join in other organization. Both are private organizations. But they informed him to join at the earliest as possible.So he negotiated with his previous organization and they relieved him from his service early before the notice period. Since the new organization needed early joining.The issue with him is that new organization has giving him offer letter on which the date of joining was 9th Oct 2016.And it has been mentioned it may be tentative date.As they informed him to negotiate and join early, he negotiated with his previous employer and they relieved him from his duties on 31st sept 2016 with 21 days earlier before his notice period ends.
    But the newer organization has done his joining after 1 month on 9th Nov 2016 and it contains probation of 1 year. And this date is also shown on his salary slip .
    My question is that his probation ends as per offer letter or as per joining date 9th Nov 2017. Because due to their slow processing and late induction he has wasted 1 month sitting at home without salary. They have just released offer letter early in hurry and informed him to negotiate and join early as possible.
    Can you suggest when is the actually probation ends? Due to their negligence one month is delayed in joining.
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  • Her the core question is regarding the gap of a month between the notional date of joining as per first offer letter and the actual date of joining as per the amended (second) offer letter.

    I can say that such things happen normally and has happened even with this respondent also. There can be a gap between the cup and lips even after our sincere efforts. I do not see there is any negligence in the part of the organisation. Both the previous and new employer has actually tried their best to help you only.

    In the present case my guess is that the second organisation actually wanted to help the employee because he had intimated that he needed a notice period and was not sure of joining early. So to give him confidence, they gave him extended date of joining. Usually the offer says to'join on or before...".
    However , it is not clear whether he has intimated the new employer about his relief and his readiness to join from October 1st. Probably they would have accepted that and taken him on rolls from October 1 st itself or latest by October 9 as per the first offer letter. With this they could have withdrawn and cancelled the second letter also. Had the organisation needed him urgently, they could have considered this way.

    However in some organisations things go in a systematic and procedural way. In this case probably they would have retained or extended another employee for this one month. So it would not have bee possible to break that. Similarly when batch training starts on a particular date, and one is not able to join that date, he gets only the next training start date only.

    In my cases it happened so. I had to wait for notice period in full to get relieved. By that I was late by about a week . However the organisation told me to join the next batch, which was to start exactly after a month. That meant, I was without job for about three weeks.

    So if the person has joined and reported and signed on the muster or his attendance marked on 9 th Nov 2016, then his joining date is that date only. For everything related t is employment that will be the date of his first day in the organisation. Sometimes late joining can result in some loss like loss of seniority,if some others have joined earlier than that.

    Naturally probation also will be affected by joining date .

    One cannot talk of the 'if's and 'but's' based on the offer letter now. Gone is gone. The offer letter has lost its significance now that he has joined. Proceed consoling that 'all that happened is for good only'. Take the employment sincerely and seriously.

  • In this case there is some communication gap between the person and the second organization. The organization has already asked him to join at an earliest. In that assurance he hurried up with his first organization and got relieved. If he had informed this to the second organization in written and requested them to give a date even earlier from 9Oct16 for his joining probably things would had been in better shape.

    Anyway these things are dynamic in nature and the organization will be reviewing it time to time and in that process they have finally allowed him to join at a later date.

    Now finally as the individual has joined on 9Nov16 his probation will be for 1 year and will be completed only by 8Nov17.

    There is no point in contesting for those dates now as actual joining has happened at a later date.

    Knowledge is power.

  • This is a very common issue in many Organisations. There is a mistake from your side. When you got relieved from old Organisation you might have approached the new Organisation stating that you were relieved from the earlier services and ready to join at any time. Generally the appointment letter says join on or before a particular date. It will not specify a date.
    In many organisations the joining date will be date of confirmation only. Certain perks and leaves will be given only after confirmation. Earned leaves, sick leaves , LTA and medical benefits will be given only after confirmation. But as per your question the Organisation is taking your date of joining as date of starting of probation
    Many Organisation will review the work of the individual on quarterly basis and if they find the person picking up well and doing a good job, they may confirm his services before the due date also. So You can gain that lost one month by working hard and picking up fast in the new activity. You can also approach HR department with your problem and they may consider also. But chances are remote.
    In private organisations there are no hard and fast rules for these things. Your abilities and hard work will pay.
    So, I feel this way you can try to gain the one month lost.

    always confident

  • When a person is switching his job from one organisation to other this type of problems are encountered and the person is a loser for the time period between relieving from old organisation and joining the new one.
    Whatever be the circumstances and turning of events during that time the date on which the new organisation allows him to join becomes his official joining date for all future record purposes.
    I remember the case of campus recruitment few years ago by a reputed company and the selected candidates were informed that they have to wait for some more time due to some internal reasons in company and their joining was delayed by 5-6 months. The candidates were for a shock as they were almost idle waiting for the joining.
    So these things are happening sometime and nothing can be done for that.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • As per as your question his probation ends as per offer letter or as per joining date 9th Nov 2017. Because due to their slow processing and late induction he has wasted 1 month sitting at home without salary. They have just released offer letter early in hurry and informed him to negotiate and join early as possible. The joining date will be considered that date in which he gets attendance when he goes first time. As he joins the office on 9 nov, 2017 so it will be considered as his joining date. This is common problem in Private companies of slow processing. Be sure the date before leaving to the previous company.
    The actual probation periods ends after completing one year after joining date. As joining date is 9 Nov, 2017 so probation period ends on 8 Nov, 2018

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