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    School teaching requirement-being BE/MBA and 8 years experience

    Interested in taking up a career in teaching in schools? wondering how to change from IT job to that of a school teacher? Here, on this page you can find advice from experts.

    I have completed my BE in Computer Science and MBA in HR and gained 8 years of experience as software developer in MNC. Now looking forward to switch my profession as a teacher. Kindly let me know what is required to teach for secondary schools ( 5-10 or 11-12) with my qualification .

    Can you provide advice me where I can place myself in the teaching line?
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  • For teaching posts in high schools and primary schools, one should have completed his Education training course. B.Ed is the course for graduates and for undergraduates D.ED. Already you have completed your B.E. Now you have to join in B.Ed college and complete that course successfully. Then you will become eligible for a teacher post in high school or primary school. As you have already completed MBA, you can try for a lecturer post in Business Administration college. There they may not insist on training.

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  • Now days, a degree in Education like B.Ed and M.Ed has become compulsory for most of the reputed teaching organizations. So, you can plan for the same through correspondence while continuing your current job and then try to get a good job in teaching.
    You can find some teaching institutes which may not demand any degree like B.Ed or so and they may offer you a job on the basic of your qualification and experience.
    Another good option is- you can pursue PhD in your own field and after that, you ca easily get a job of Assistant professor or even a professor. PhD. does not have any age restriction and you ca enroll for the same at any age.
    If you are not comfortable in pursuing any of these degrees, you ca try to join a private coaching center where you can get a teaching job. If you find it comfortable, you ca even start your own coaching institute subject to availability of funds and other resources.


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  • For Primary class teacher government job ETT is required and for master means for class 6-8 B.Ed degree is required and for lecturer 9-12 class is required for M.A is required.As you have completed my BE in Computer Science and MBA in HR and gained 8 years of experience as software developer in MNC.As per as qualification you can do job in diploma and degree college easily.There is good salary in engineering colleges, mba colleges and diploma colleges more than school teacher. I suggest to join technical college as you have practical knowledge of the work you will become a good lecturer. As you have done in computer science you can also apply for computer lecturer.You can also open a learning institute or coaching center for higher classes and engineering graduates

  • I am afraid that your qualification and experience are not suitable for teaching profession. To become a teacher for Secondary level students, you have to be a Graduate with regular subjects (the subjects which are being taught in schools) along with a B.Ed.

    However, you can join any private school as a computer instructor on full-time/part-time basis.

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