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    Is there any scope for open degree graduate

    Worried about scope after a distance degree? Looking out for the possible career options? On this page, find responses from experts to your query.

    I have completed B.Sc Computer Science by Distance education. Is there any value for my graduation if there is a way to pursue a good career after this? I am not able to do further studies. Am I eligible to any govt job? Can you suggest such jobs?
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  • As you have completed B.Sc Computer Science by Distance education.yes there is value of your graduation if there is a way to pursue a good career after this. The B.Sc computer science has full scope you can make a career in that. You can apply for government job also. You can apply for banking sector as you have done graduation with computer background. You can also go for teaching or I.T Company.
    Jobs options after B.SC are :-
    1. Teaching
    2. Consultant
    3. Scientific Assistant
    4. Technical Writer
    5. Banking Jobs
    6. Office Assistant
    7. Software Developer
    8. Network Administrators
    9. Software tester

    If you want to further study then you can do any of the following course after B.Sc :_

  • You have completed B.Sc computer science by distant education mode. There are many chances for you to start your career. Many small small IT companies are coming up and they are appointing B.Sc graduates for their works. You can try in that. Upload your resume in or times of India job portal so that your resume will be seen by many recruiters. You see daily papers also. Many advertisements are coming. You can apply for Bank posts as well as Government posts. You can choose as per your interest.
    You can study MBA or MCA for better prospectus and highly paid jobs. You can even study B.Ed., so that you will get teacher posts in government schools.

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  • I have read the question in details. My answers are:-
    (a) If your Graduation is from a University approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and if your course (B.Sc. in Computer Science) is approved by Distance Education Council (DEC), you are eligible for Government jobs subject to not exceeding the upper age-limit.
    (b) You can check the details of the University and the course from the websites of UGC and DEC, respectively.
    (c) However, as your course is an application-oriented course, I would advise you to enroll yourself in a computer institute and do regular practice.
    (d) You can easily apply for jobs in computer institutes and schools in your city/locality at the initial stage. After gaining experience, you can go for better jobs.

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  • The distance education university needs to be accredited for those degrees to have any standing. You have to find out if the UGC and AICTE has accredited those degrees. If that part is cleared up then most of the technical and non technical degree would have some standing. So based on that you'd be treated like any other graduate. So make sure to verify this part and then start applying normally you do. Make sure to go for proper university if in case your distance education degree doesn't have much standing. In this case I'd suggest you should pay attention to the degree that helps with job. Make sure to take DOEACC level computer course as an additional course to supplement your education.

  • B.Sc in computer - science if done by an open university from a recognised university and having UGC affiliation would certainly be a meaningful qualification. There are numerous IT firms looking for such graduates having such qualifications and these graduates are absorbed in their companies in different assignments such as Java, Oracle, C++, SAP etc with the suitable initial training. In that way, the companies could be benifited by less retention of graduate - engineers but there would not be compromise with the quality of work, they provide to the customers.
    The other areas where they can be conveniently employed are the Banking - sectors, Teaching - profession, preparation of various competitive examinations such as Indian Administrative posts, State - Civil Services etc.
    In case, you want to persue for MCA, you can try for the same or even you can go ahead with MBA in computer - management.
    Hence prospects of this qualification is immense provided you fare well in the said examination.

  • BSc computer science is a degree after which you can try in many private organisations in the field of computers, digitisation, data mining, data storage and many more.
    You may not be able to get a very good job in the beginning but remember if you work hard and gain experience you will be able to switch your jobs in a faster mode and can grow in this industry.
    If you have a determined and strong attitude you can definitely progress in spite of the bad job condition in India.
    Do not feel ashamed of joining a small job as the experience gained there will be your life time support.

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