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    After BMM what to do to get international jobs like in Korea???

    Aspiring to become an anchor? Confused about what to study and where? Find suggestions from experts here and resolve your query.

    I want to do anchoring and I am studying in BMM. Can you let me know what to do to become international anchor? I am thinking to do anchoring in Korea or in Japan.
    Can you provide brief information as I don't know whether I should do my Masters?
    Is anchoring a better route or journalism?
    What are the requirements needed to become a good anchor or journalist?
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  • Bachelor of Mass Media(BMM) is one of the most desirable courses and career options taken up by youngsters today. BMM is done by the youngsters who wants to do jobs in media. BMM is a three year course. In this course the person teaches in and out of media, different types of communication, media and print media. There has a variety of career options to choose from in BMM. This course helps in writing skills, presentation skills and also provides the relevant knowledge of the current status of media.From this course you can learn to write and express oneself.From this course you have the career options in advertising, journalists, anchors, radio jockey's, editors, news analysts, proofreaders, columnists, correspondents, freelance writers etc. Yes anchoring is a better route it depends upon your interest.

    Essential skills required for anchoring :-
    >> Command of the language
    >> Bachelor Degree in Broadcast or journalism or mass communications Fields
    >> Ability to process new information
    >> Knowledge base
    >> Interviewing finesse
    >> Mastery of multitasking
    >> Be free from bias
    >> Be an articulate speaker

  • You are in your BMM. Complete that with good Percentage.
    Apply for passport and obtain the same.
    Your BMM qualification is OK for going for a anchoring Job. If you can do Masters it will be further better.
    To be a good anchor, you should have command on Language. You should have command on English as well as local Language. As you want to be an anchor in Japan or Korea, you should have grip on those languages. Many Universities offer Diploma course in these languages. You should join and get those Diplomas. Otherwise it will become difficult to get a job there.
    Before going there you can have some experience in our country which will help you to understand the scope of work better.
    Finally you should improve you oratory skills. You should be able to talk spontaneously on the subject and you should have continuous flow of the subject. You should try for this from now on wards.
    All the best to you.

    always confident

  • First complete your BMM course. As per your query if your interested to do anchoring in Japan and Korea you have learn their local language first. To become an expert in anchoring you can follow some steps like:
    1) First record your voice based on particular topic and language you prefer. So that you will know your anchoring skills.
    2) Gather some information from that place where you wish to do anchoring. The news that you gathered must have some different volume.
    3) Search for job vacancy in Korea and Japan.
    4) First join in any small organisation for better experience.
    5) Practice for artistic speaking skills.
    6) Try to face the camera boldly with impressing personalities.
    7) You must be able to talk to anybody and grab their information in a wise way.
    8)You should even develop writing skills in artistic way.
    9) The last one but not the least you should develop to have extra stamina to talk to a person at any circumstances.

  • If you have an aptitude for anchoring you have to focus and develop your skills in this particular arena.
    After completing your BMM course you will have to apply in various organisations who are involved in journalism, media and advertisement industry.
    During your studies you can develop your language controls and conversational faculties. Talking on a subject from all the angles and perspectives and concluding in a logical way is the pre requisite for becoming an anchor.
    Please remember that anchor should not give any statement or verdict on his own. He has to respect , understand and reproduce the talks of participating members in a coherent and clear fashion to take the audience with him.
    If you develop your skills in this direction, you can be a successful anchor in India as well as abroad.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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