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    How to get more charge in mobiles

    Have a query about enhancing mobile battery usage? Looking out for methods on the web? On this Ask Expert page you can read advice from experts and enhance your mobile battery life.

    I am having a Motorola MotoE2 mobile and finding that the charge in the battery is exhausted very frequently. But to my surprise I saw a girl start using her mobile when the Vaigai express started from Madurai and she did not put her phone down or recharging but continually using the mobile till Changalput station arrived (approximate time six hours).
    How she could have such a long battery usage? Can anybody suggest to enhance my mobile battery life?
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  • Honestly, There are no ways to increase the capacity of our mobile batteries. Each phone has different type of batteries with different range of power back capacity. Performance of our phone battery is impacted by various reasons.

    1. How long you are using the phone?
    You can notice that new phones use to withstand for long period of time while old phone batteries dry out quickly. All electrical and electronic products degrade our period of time so as batteries. The more we use the more it will degrade.

    2. What are all things you are doing with your phone?
    We are doing various things with our phone, taking pictures, recording videos, surfing internet, listening songs and more others. Each activity consumes different amount of our battery capacity. For Example, Surfing internet will consume more power than listening songs. In such cases, some can listen songs for hours while other can surf internet for 1 or 2 hours.

    Here are some of the tips to keep your phone battery life healthy,

    1. Use the same charger given with your phone. Each phone batteries has different capacity range and voltage specification. Using cheap or local mobile charger will degrade your phone battery capacity.

    2. Avoid charging batteries till 100%. Having fully charged battery seems to be good but in reality it will block the movement of free electrons inside the battery as it is already filled up. So it is good to charge the battery till 90% or around.

    3. Stop using your phone when the battery is critically low less than 10%. In such cases, It will consume more power and release higher SAR radiation.

    4. Change your phone to flight mode where you don't have network coverage. Whether we are using our phone or not, it will always try to stay connected with network. Searching for the network will consume more power than most of the regular task. You can notify your phone charge is drying out while traveling to remote areas.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

  • As far as my knowledge goes there are no ways to increase the charge. You can charge to 100% and start using. The battery of every variety of phone is different and each will have its capacity. We can't enhance the same. The time depends on your usage and the activity.
    If you use your phone only for contacting the people and there is no data card, once you charge the battery it may go minimum more than a day. If you have a data card and you unload many videos and other items charge may lost only for 12 hours. Generally the smartphones will discharge very fast because of its multiple activities. If we use phone for internet usage it will discharge fast.
    If you use various apps also the phone will be receiving many alerts and phone battery charge may not lost long. Instead of that if you use the phone for contacting people or only listening songs the charge consumption will be less. Another important factor to note is many people keep phone battery for charging whole night. It is not correct. It will reduce the life of battery. So once it is charges fully you should disconnect the power. Another thing is don't charge the phone when it is having charge.
    I advise switching off the phone in the nights before we sleep and switch it on after we get up.

    always confident

  • It all depend on your usages and your preferences in your phone. I have noticed many people keep running useless apps running in their phone most of the time.
    There could be many reason for decreased battery backup of your phone. First you should always charge your phone with your original charger provided with the mobile phone at the time of purchase.
    Keep your internet off when you are not using it. This is a very common habit among mobile users that they always keep the data on. This consumes a lot of battery as your phone struggles to maintain the data flow by receiving strong signals.
    Keep of the GPS when not needed. Also kill the background apps which you are no longer using. The more apps you will have running in the background of your phone, the more stress your phone CPU will have and as a result more battery it will consume.
    It also depend on what are you doing in your phone. Playing games and using other heavy applications drains your battery faster than usual.
    You are telling that the girl used her phone for almost six hours without charging, there could be many reason. May be her phone would have a bigger battery than yours. By bigger I mean, of more mAh than your smarphone's battery. It also depends on what she was using in her phone. If should be just using any social media app like Facebook, Whatsapp or anything without running any extra app in background then a normal 3000 mAh battery can normally hold up to 8 hours. Even playing videos or listening to music does not consume much battery , if you will keep above tips in your mind like disabling unnecessary apps and switching of the data and GPS.

  • We get the more mobile battery if we use the mobile battery smartly.We always have been suffering of low battery in smartphones. There are few smart ways from which we make our battery more charger :-
    1. Turn off your mobile while charging.
    2. Stop searching for a signal when signal is low.
    3. stop using GPS. Enable GPS when and only when you need.
    4. Don't charge fully and not charge mobile on battery empty.
    5. Don't use mobile on vibration mode. As vibration mode consumes more battery
    6. Turn off your phone's back light.
    7. Avoid using unnecessary features and apps
    8. Don't talk unnecessary on calls
    9. Use Bluetooth only when you need as it consumes lot of battery
    10. Don't on wifi and hotspot features. Use only when you need and off them when you used it.
    11. Turn the brightness auto.
    12. Use 3G (HSPA, HSPA+, UMTS) or 2G (GSM) rather than 4G (LTE). As 4G uses a lot of battery
    13. Use battery saver applications

  • Do note that there are many reasons you can find the drain in the battery. And in some cases you can control that but it's impossible to get more charge than the capacity of the battery and the ROM installed. Here are some of the things you can do in such case to avoid battery drain.

    1. Turn off notification of almost every program excluding the SMS and the phone call.
    2. Turn off background service apps on Android.
    3. Turn off data when you are not needing it.
    4. Turn off GPS when you're not using the map.
    5. Reduce the brightness of the device and keep it to minimum where you can read stuff.
    6. Turn off Wifi and only enable it when you need it.
    7. If your device is 4G but the network around only supports 3G then it helps to keep the network selection set to 3G.
    8. Make sure to turn off mobile and then charge.
    9. Don't charge the phone than expected. Remove the charger once it is fully charged.
    10. Install ROM that has less clutter. Avoid MIUI and other fancy ROMs and instead use Lineage OS.

    These tips can save you a lot of battery. And you can make sure that you're not wasting much energy through that.

  • Every battery as per it's model has a particular capacity and it will work only up to that time for which it is designed at a specific load on it. So we can not increase it's capacity.

    What we can do is follow certain practices in using our mobile phone which will help the battery run for a longer time.
    1. Whenever battery is around 10% charge it and there is no need to overcharge it. The good practice is to charge up to 90-95%.
    2. Do not overload your phone with unnecessary apps. Remove the apps which you have put experimentally but you do not require now.
    3. Keep the data in off position when you do not use internet.
    4. Set the sleep time as low as possible.
    5. Do not use in high brightness setting. Always keep the brightness optimal.
    6. If it is possible keep the phone off during night.
    7. Keep notifications and auto updates in off mode.
    8. Long movies and videos can be transferred to laptop or desktop for viewing rather then viewing in the small screen of mobile phone and draining the battery.

    By using above tips the battery life will also be extended as a battery lives its life only to the fixed number of charging cycles it has to undergo.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Mobile phones come in different categories as per their memory ratings, size of screen, battery capacity and many other factors.
    Now one has to select a mobile phone as per the requirement and if it is to be used for long hours then one has to go for a mobile having high capacity battery.
    The mobile for higher specifications are costlier and if does not suit ones budget then low capacity battery phone will not give the desired result and one has to go to various measures to control the consumption of battery.
    Some of the measures are keeping off the mobile in night, not playing long videos in it, loading it with minimum useful apps, avoiding playing games for long time etc.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • How long the charge last depends on the capacity of the battery, the screen size of the phone, how long you use the phone, for what purposes you use the phone etc.

    Though you cannot actually increase the charge beyond the capacity of the battery, you can conserve the charge by resorting to certain charge saving measures.

    1. Screen size: the larger the screen size, the more the battery use. Hence select a phone which has the optimum best size for you.

    2.. The screen display consumes a lot of charge. Hence restrict what is displayed on screen o the optimum.

    3. Screen brightness: Limit screen brightness and background lighting to the optimum level. Adjust the screen fade out time so that screen is not kept on for long.

    4. Internet use: Usually using internet consumes more charge than many other uses. It will be still more when the signals are weak.
    The solution here is to restrict all unwanted background activities., turn off GPS etc. As far as possible use net when signals are good. Keep the phone in airplane mode when you don't need to use data or phone or signals are very weak.

    5. Use the inbuilt power saver mode if available in your phone. Otherwise use a suitable power saver app

    6. Limit number of apps to the optimum.

    7. When reading news etc you may shut off the images, as many images coming with news in news apps are irrelevant or just representative. Do not play or download unnecessary videos.

    8. Keep a regular charging schedule depending on your use and experience.

    9. Monitor your battery use by the inbuilt facility or using a suitable app. Adjust use as per requirements seeing the battery use data.

    10. Change the battery with an original replacement battery when you find that back up is coming less and less with almost same usage.

  • By now you must have got to know different means that can be employed to enhance battery life of your mobile. I feel people have posted a comprehensive list for all do's and don'ts to save mobile battery life. One thing I would like to tell you is that when you compare your mobile battery life with other people then comparison only makes sense if both the batteries have same mAh rating, for example 3000 mAh.

    In android smartphones you can check battery usage of different apps from Battery Usage option. This will tell you percentage of battery used by different apps and accordingly you can close the apps in background which are draining battery.

    While travelling by train there is one more important aspect that needs to be kept in mind to minimise battery drain. If network selection mode is kept in auto mode then based on availability and best signal strength mobile will keep switching between 2G, 3G and 4G mode based on which signal is strong at different places while traveling. This repeated automatic switching between different networks is also a cause of unexpected battery drain.So when travelling in a train it will be wise to keep network selection to 2G mode as 2G is oldest and most common network likely to be available everywhere, even in villages. So switching between the networks will not take place and this will save the battery.

    Another interesting and less known cause of battery drain in android phone is "wakelocks".
    Wakelocks are nothing but android power management mechanism which prevents your phone from going into deep sleep mode. Sometimes you may have seen that you kept your phone fully charged before sleeping at night and woke up in morning to find that your battery is 50% drained though the phone was lying idle whole night. This sometimes may happen even if you ensured that you took all the steps to save battery which have been mentioned by people in earlier answers. Wakelocks are responsible for this behaviour. Wakelocks are not necessarily bad things in android as they are implemented because some applications require to do some background work while your phone is in sleep mode. Some amount of wakelocks do happen and they are normal and they do not cause that much battery drain. But problem comes with some badly written apps that are buggy and of poor quality causing unnecessary large number of wakelocks which do not allow your phone to go into deep sleep mode even when it is idle. Hence you should detect such troublesome apps and uninstall or repair them.

    There are many tools available in google play store which you can install in your phone to detect the wakelocks caused by various applications and get to know which applications are creating more wakelocks to drain the battery.

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