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    How to fix mistakes done during application for Government job

    Worried about having made genuine mistakes in filling out an application for a Govt. job? Take quick expert advice on how to resolve this issue and know if there is a likelihood of your job application being rejected.

    I am qualifying for the Central Govt exam and interview for the post of UDC. Now My document and other verification will be scheduled shortly. My question is that when I am submitting application form I had made some mistakes, namely -
    1) My graduation passed out year is 2010, but unfortunately I had typed 2011.
    2) In work experience details, I wrote Client company name instead of my Third party company name.

    Please let me know if this will create some problem or can my job selection be cancelled? Please suggest if there is some other option to resolve this issue.
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  • I don't think it will create any problem. But when you are writing the application, you should be careful and any mistake you should correct it immediately. Now by any chance if they make you disqualified for a mistake how much difference it makes to you in your life. So make a point that any mistakes should be corrected or you should inform the concerned authority immediately.
    To you fortune the mistakes you have committed are not very serious. During verification you tell them that the first one as typo mistake and the second one is you can tell the it is a problem in understanding. Take copies of all certificates and originals and show it to them. They should not harm you for these two issues.

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  • You have made many mistakes. I wonder whether you asked some other persons to fill up the application form on your behalf. I suggest you to immediately write a proper application giving the details of the mistakes you committed during filling up of the form along with the correct position in each case, and submit the same to the examination-conductiong authority without any delay. Already the matter has been delayed. Please don't forget to take the acknowledgement.
    Please submit the application at the earliest. In future, fill up the online forms with extreme care and diligence.

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  • When people fill up online application for the first time some mistakes can happen. However there are alerts which ask you to once more verify the correctness of details before'submit'ting.
    Here the year of passing graduation is a vital information. Sometimes the eligibility itself may be based on that.

    If the last date for final submission is not over please immediately submit an amended and corrected application. If that is over, please see which address they have given for further contacts and clarification. To that address, send a amended print format with correct details with all details enabling reference. Keep a proof of such dispatch with you for future needs if any. If the same is not incorporated in your application, use any other suitable opportunity to present the same and convince about the mistake happened genuinely.

    Usually the final scrutiny occurs only before joining or final appointment order. So you may be getting chance to correct your mistake. But if the mistake or correction affects cutoff date then things may not be so easy and may not be easily accepted also. But hope for the best.

  • It will not create any problem for your candidature but you have to immediately inform them about the mistakes which you have done in your application form inadvertently.
    The first thing you have to do is send them one application alongwith supporting documents stating that certain mistakes have incurred in the original application and now you request them to correct it for reference and records.
    Please keep this application and all supporting documents to show at the time of interview or any subsequent opportunity.

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  • You have already qualified the written examination and now you are going to appear for the interview. This appears a minor thing to be corrected but it will be better if you intimate them in time before they find the mistake as that may be adversely affecting your interview performance.

    You should immediately intimate them by email as well as by a letter along with supporting document of your data and keep a copy handy with you for the interview. During interview you can find out who is the assistant helping the interview board and talk to him for rectification of the data. If he asks a copy of your application give him the spare copy immediately and thank him for this kind help extended by him to you.

    This will keep you clean from the mistakes and I feel they will accept it without problem.
    Best of luck.

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