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    How to withdraw PF online?

    Want to withdraw your PF through online mode only? Find out from experts if this is possible and how to do so.

    Currently my previous organisation is not allowing me to withdraw my PF amount. The company is asking me to transfer that amount to my current employer. However, my current employer does not offer PF service.

    Hence, I want to withdraw that amount through online mode. Kindly guide me for the complete procedure in detail.
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  • As our centrai government has taken the initiative of cashless so the PF withdrawal also made on line. A member need not visit PF office for that. Withdrawal of PF is a recent addition and the process is easy to follow.3 categories of PF transactions ie Full withdrawal of PF, partial withdrawal or pension withdrawal can be made directly through employees UAN portal by all members.For availing this facility you have to link your KYC or Aadhaar card number with PF office and you have to activate your UAN. Universal Account Number.
    First of all you should have activated your UAN and your mobile number is to be linked to your UAN. You have to link your bank details with UAN. Pan Card and Aadhaar card also you have to link. Once you have done these you can withdraw PF on line as below:
    Log on to the UAN portal and enter the details. verify your details for correctness . Then Select your claim requirement. PF office will send you a one time pass word on your registered mobile. you have to provide that number in the portal. Then your claim will be processed and deposited into your account in 30 days.

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  • Yes it is possible to withdraw PF online.Your previous organization is not allowing you to withdraw yourPF amount. The company is asking you to transfer that amount to my current employer. However your current employer does not offer PF service.You can withdraw your whole PF amount online. First you must have activated your Universal Account Number (UAN). Your mobile no , aadhar card, pan card, Bank Account details and the IFSC Code of the branch must be verified and registered in UAN. Following are the steps to withdraw your PF amount online :-
    1. First log on to the UAN portal and enter your UAN no
    2. check whether the KYC details seeded are correct and verified or not.
    3. select the claim you require out of the 3 namely, full PF Settlement, PF Part withdrawal (loan / advance) or EPS withdrawal
    4. verify the online PF claim using One Time Password (OTP) that you will receive on your mobile number linked with your UAN. EPFO will obtain your KYC i.e. Aadhaar details from UIDAI and your online PF claim will be processed in your bank account and amount of your claom will be credited .

  • The detailed procedure of online withdrawal is indicated below. I am assuming that the questioner has sought details of final withdrawal.

    1. At the first instance, the subscriber should have activated his/her Universal Account Number (UAN). The subscriber needs to link the following with his/her UAN –
    a) Mobile number
    b) Bank account details and the IFSC code of the branch
    c) Aadhaar card and PAN card details, if not already done
    2. The subscriber is required to log on to the UAN portal and enter the details.
    3. The subscriber is required to check the KYC details.
    4. The subscriber is required to select the claim as full settlement.
    5. He/She is required to verify the online Provident Fund claim using One Time Password (OTP), which will be received on the registered mobile number.

    The online Provident Fund withdrawal claim will be processed by EPFO, and the registered bank account of the subscriber will be credited with the amount of the claim within 30 days.

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  • Your question is already answered by members but few things which have been missed that I would like to add for your convenience.

    1. Have you completed 5 years of continuous service, if yes the. On withdrawal there not be any tax deduction. But, if you have not completed 5 years of continuous service. Then there will be a tax deduction@10% on the amount withdraw if it exceeds Rs.50,000.

    2. On submission of withdrawal request the amount that will be disbursed to you will be only the amount contributed by you and employer to PF account and the contribution in pension fund will not be disbursed.

    E.g. You have total of Rs.5 lakh in your PF account out of which Rs.1 lakh is of pension fund and you have submitted request for withdrawal of Rs.4.5 lakhs. In such case you will only get Rs.4 Lakhs and not Rs.4.5 lakhs as the pension fund will not be given to you. It will remain with the PF department.
    So, while putting request for withdrawal keep in mind the total fund less the pension amount in order to be sure as to how much money you will get.

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