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    Transfer allowance admissibility in Central Government job

    Getting transferred to another location in a government job posting? Know from the expert responses below what are the type of allowances you can avail benefits of during such a transfer

    I am a Central Govt employee. I am getting transferred from New Delhi to Ghaziabad. Am I entitled to get Transfer TA Allowances? If yes, what are the allowances admissible? What are the conditions that have to be met? That is, kindly clarify whether I shall get (i) Lumpsum Transfer Grant, (ii) Transportation Cost of Personal Belongings and (iii) TA for self and family?
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  • As you are Central Govt employee. you are getting transferred from New Delhi to Ghaziabad. Yes you are entitled to get Transfer TA Allowances. In case of Central government employee transportation of personal effects at the scale of allowance laid down in Order below SR 116 is allowable. The Central Government employee will also be entitled to claim the cost of transportation of personal effects between railway station and residence at either end of the journey as in the case of transfer. S you are entitles to claim transportation charges in case of transfer.The Central Government employee get the fares and also get the composite transfer grant equal to one month's basic pay if the distance from the last station of duty is more than 20 km.The Travelling Allowance(TA) claims admissible under the transfer orders will be drawn on Travelling Allowance(TA) Bill forms like Transfer Traveling Allowance claims. The traveling claims of employee will be claimed be countersigned by the next superior administrative authority.

  • First and foremost, Transfer TA will be admisible only if the distance of your present office in New Delhi is more than 20 km from the new office in Ghziabad where you have been transferred. Assuming that the distance is more than 20 km, the admissible amount is indicated below:-

    (a) Composite grant: 80% of the Basic Pay
    (b)(i) If the family of Govt. employee travels by public transport: Reimbursement as per entitlement (Train or Bus)
    (b) (ii) If the family travels by road: Reimbursement of road mileage as per entitlement (By Taxi:@Rs. 14/- per km; By Auto:@Rs. 12/- per km)

    In addition, the Govt. employee is entitled to get reimbursement for transportation of personal effect as per following rate:
    [Level-12 or above] Entitled 6000 kg by goods train/4-wheeler wagon/ one single container : Rs. 50/- per km
    [Level-6 to Level-11]: Rs. 50/- per km upto 6000 kg
    [Level 5} : Rs. 25/- per km upto 3000 kg
    [Level 4 and below]: Rs. 15/- per km upto 1500 kg

    Hope the above clarification helps.

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