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    Eligibility of BE (CSE) 2012 graduate for IT Jobs

    Want to know if you are eligible for an IT job after graduating in Eligibility of BE (CSE) in 2012? Get expert suggestions of the type of IT jobs, if any, for which you are eligible.

    I have finished B.E. (CSE) 62% in 2012. When I finished I started work with some freelancer jobs like captcha entry, data entry , some articles writing and classified ads posting jobs. Till now, since last 4 months I am unable to get any jobs. So please can anyone suggest jobs in IT sector for which I would be eligible and refer some companies/such type of jobs. I am also ready to do certification courses also but I need a job soon.
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  • Freelancer jobs are for retired persons and difficult to maintain alone on that. What I suggest is better do some certificate course like SAP or ERP., multimedia, front end designing or any other similar certificate.
    Best course of action is try for a teaching post in any private engineering college and simultaneously do your ME. Then you can become a professor in an Engineering college. Another option is go for B.Ed training and try for a teacher job. Another option is attended written test for bank jobs which are being advertised. The best is to join in teaching line and completing ME.

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  • If you can do some course in computer line it may help you to get a job in private company where age is not so stringent requirement as in Govt jobs.
    You can do courses in web designing, ERP software, hardware and networking, VFX and animation etc. These are the some which appear prospective from today's job position aspects.
    If you have interest in teaching line you can switch to that and apply in private colleges where you can pursue side by side higher education like part time ME also.

    Though job position in the country not comfortable but with hard work and determination one can definitely progress in his career whichever capacity he is working. Do not feel let down by low salaries which many private companies are offering to engineering/ science graduates taking advantage of the adverse condition in job market.

    Try to gain ample experience where ever you get a job because that is the only thing which can help you in switching the jobs.

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  • As you have mentioned that you have finished B.E. (CSE) 62% in 2012. When you finished your B.Tech you started work with some freelancer jobs like captcha entry, data entry , some articles writing and classified ads posting jobs. Till now from last 4 months you are unable to get any jobs.My friend now it is 2017. You have done B.E 5 years ago. As a point of view of the IT companies you have wasted your time in data entry jobs ike captcha entry, data entry , some articles writing and classified ads posting jobs which can be done 10th class student. You have not done any technical things related to B.Tech student. The student of passout 2016 and 2017 is more qualified than you and I.T companies prefer him. The IT companies preferred old passout students with experience. You can now try for preparing government jobs or any jobs in which you have experience.

  • The job - position in the present market is not very encouraging and apart from that you did not put your effort to get a job in your field. What I mean to say - in the Computer field. Of course, you were involved in Captcha - entry, Data - entry and so on and such jobs are not meant for a Computer - engineers and the employers of IT industries are on the look out for such candidates having deep conceptual understanding of the different modules which are relevant in the present scenarios. These employers would like to tap the inherent potential of the candidates so that they can meet their target in the existing difficult market.
    Since you have passed your engineering way back to 2012 and at this moment you are eagerly waiting for a comfortable job in your field and so start a job in some private engineering college as a lecturer and in that way you will be enable to earn a respected amount to meet your expenses. Side by side, you may start doing ME by joining evening classes. It won't be difficult for you to locate such colleges if you are interested for it. With a post graduate qualification in Engineering, you can expect a better salary in your teaching profession.
    The other possibility would be to appear for civil - services Examination and with your hard labour you can qualify as an IAS. Next to it, you may try for the Banking - jobs and with your dedicated effort, you may join as a probationary officer in a Nationalised Bank or otherwise.

  • You can try to get a job in computer related private industry where doing some technical work will give you some experience in the line and may be later you can switch to a better place.
    There is one more option which may be suitable to you is that you can try for a temporary teaching job in a private college. You have ample qualification for that. Thereafter you can pursue BEd through correspondence course which will help you in getting a permanent teaching pisition in a suitable grade.

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