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    Best courses to pursue for B.E. graduate for better job opportunities

    Unable to get a good job despite completing a software testing course after graduation? Let our experts suggest better courses to pursue for best career prospects in the current job scenario.

    I am BE graduate, passed out in 2014. I completed a software testing course and I have 1 yr experience so now I am searching for job, but there are no openings. I want to go for course which is helpful for future scope, so please suggest me some courses which I can opt for.
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  • In the absence of your subject in BE it is difficult to suggest a better course. You have completed software testing course. You have 1. Year experience. Again experience in which line is also not mentioned. So I am a little confused. However I suggest you to go for SAP or ERP course. It will give some extra chances to get a good job. Another good line is to learn CAD or CAM certificate course where chances are good. Another field is multimedia course. There are some organisations who will train you in this course and offer you a job also if you perform well in the multimedia course. There are some organisations which are offering front end designing certificates.they also have good scope for employment. Please try any course from the above.

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  • If you are having interest in computer area there are some courses which you can pursue for better job prospects.

    1. Courses related to web designing - In these courses you can get good knowledge of coding languages for designing the web pages with HTML, Java script and PHP.

    2. Courses in enterprise resource planning (ERP) - These courses are very prospective.

    3. Courses on animation or VFX - These courses cover animation, visual effects, graphics, 3D etc and are useful for jobs in media and entertainment industry.

    4. Hardware and Networking courses - These courses are also very prospective and they cover wide range of computer products and their networking.

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  • Courses available after doing B.Tech are :-

    >> M.Tech
    >> MBA
    >> MCA
    >> M.Phill
    >> B.ed
    >> M.Sc
    >> GATE

    As you are BE graduate and passed out in 2014. You have completed a software testing course and I have 1 yr experience so now you are searching for job. First think do your want to get higher studies or not. If you want to do post graduate then do the courses that i have mentioned above. Other thing think that you want to job in your field as you have done software testing then do more testing related courses. If no then started preparing for government jobs, banking jobs, ssc jobs. students have a great chance and good scope in these jobs

  • There are many opportunities in the field of computers and computer technologies. You have to see where your interest or aptitude lies. If you are comfortable with any job then it is a different aspect.
    There are many areas in this route of career and main of them are hardware engineering and networking, animation and 3D, software applications, ERP softwares and their applications to an enterprise, operating systems and platforms etc.
    Now the above areas are still prospective in the industry and generate jobs continuously. If you are particularly interested in one of these you can do some course in that so that your prospects for getting a job increase.

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  • I will suggest you to learn automation testing. The demand of automation testers is increasing every year but there are not many automation testers. So, as a tester you can have a great career opportunity. Learn any new language like JAVA which will help you to learn selenium. Keep yourself updated with the new techniques and tools.
    Instead of going for a new course its better to spend your time and energy on some thing you are familiar with. Try to be a good tester whether manual or automation. Try to be an expert of your field and believe me you are going to have a great career ahead.
    You already have 1 year of experience, so you are aware of the ins and outs of testing. sharpen your skills, learn new techniques and have confidence in yourself and you will rock.

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