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    How to help a child cope comfortably with a hectic study schedule?

    Is your child finding it tough to cope with study schedules? Get some parenting advice from this Ask Expert page to learn how you can guide your child to cope with the academic schedule on a daily basis.

    As the schooling of our children starts, the pressure of studies builds up. Nowadays, my child is getting really worried as she is unable to cope with study pressure. As a child she needs time to play also. Can you suggest ways how to manage such pressures?
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  • You have not mentioned about the age of your child and which class she is studying. Nowadays children getting more pressurised for their studies. They start their day at 5 AM and continuously up to 7PM, yet hey are either in the college or tuition. This Iam taking about , 10th class students and +2 students. They often feel exhausted with their busy schedule and they don't find any time for relaxation. Parents also are insisting their children for better marks and IIT seats. This should not be the Case.
    Parents should see the caliber and interest of the children.Accordingly they should be advised to select the course. More Liberty should be given to child for his studies. See that they will have some free time for relaxation.spend sometime with them and try to explain them the topics which they are feeling important yet difficult. Motivate them with your positive words. Don't compare your child with somebody else and say that they are better. It will hurt their feelings and they will get depressed and demotivated.

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  • You have not stated the age of your child. If she is a primary-level student, I would advise you to take the age-old (traditional) approach. Please dont pressurise her to do work (home-work) mechanically. Instead try to develop her basics, especially in English and Mathematics. Encourage her to read story books, write stories, read newspapers. Purchase her encyclopedia of science, history and geography but don't force her to study. Notice her areas of interest and proceed further accordingly.
    For a student of hgher classes, the approach would be different.

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  • Today all the parents are facing the problem of hectic study schedule of their children. The syllabus and other activities are bundled in the text books so heavily that sincerely speaking even the available hours in a day are not sufficient.

    However every thing has a solution if we coolly think over it with patience.

    The children should not attempt their study schedule in a haphazard fashion. The time table should be made in such a way that there should be a break in studies after 2-3 hours and a change in activities. That will bring a freshness in the child not only physically but also mentally. During break we should not talk about studies.

    Please remember it is not only the studies which matter what matters is all round development of the child.

    We should try to help the child in studies where ever we can otherwise we can send him for coaching also. We must appreciate him whenever he performs well or does the questions himself. Banging the child and forcing for studies will not help and he may even distract from studies with those measures.

    I admit that every parent is not a psychologist but a child should be treated softly with encouraging and motivating measures rather tough and rough handling.

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  • First please try to ascertain discreetly how the classmates of your child feel about the school work,study, home assignments etc. Just get an idea how they manage or cope up with the pressure. You can have discreet and diplomatic interaction with the children and direct discussion with the parents. If all of them are under such pressure, then take up the matter with the school teachers and principal and try find a generally acceptable solution.

    However, if you infer that it is a particular issue only with your child, then you have to take personal efforts to understand the root cause and find a practical solution.
    As soon as the child comes from school, give her the needed food and drink and engage her in conversation about matter which may bring down her pressure. Like how the household pets(if any) acted in her absence, who all visited you,who all telephoned you etc. Then you may slowly ask how was her day, whose birthday was on that day, how they did, you may ask how the food (if any) she had taken from home tasted,what improvements or variety she wants etc.

    Then sit down with her and help her to finish at least a part of the home assignments given. Take up those which she is more comfortable and can finish soon.
    Then allow her to engage in her interesting play or game activities, or watching TV or talking to her classmates and friends. Call her back after a reasonable time. Let her get refreshed by a bath with warm water and make her finish her assignments before the next time food. If there is sufficient time ask her and help her to study what was taught that day. Then again have some family conversation at the dining place. Do not take up anything related to study then. After food allow her to study and go with her and help her if she needs. Let her arrange the books exceeded for next day. If some time is available let her glance on the topics that may be taken at the class next day.

    Use holidays to spend more time for review and repeat study. Once in a while allow one of her friends(preferably one having better grades) to be with her on a holiday study and to help her. Let them also play together for sometime too.

    Please be flexible and understanding for the initial couple of weeks till she gets used to the routine. Monitor how she feels . If improvement is there stick to the same regimen. If not, make some amendments asking her feedback and suggestion also. Make her feel that study also is pleasure giving and essential.

    Interact with her teachers to know how she fares and what improvement has come and what is needed.
    These will make positive results.

  • If a child is under pressure because of school studies then it is to be dealt in a soft and counselling way. We have to find out why a child is behaving or reacting to the load of studies.
    In this regard parents have to take extra care in monitoring the child and closely observing his behaviour during study period.
    One thing which is very important is to give him company during his homework or school task and guide him where he seeks your help. At the same time do not help him from A to Z as that will make him dependent. Let him do it and when he asks for help then only guide him.
    Guiding a child is a delicate matter.
    One must also make a system of reward and no reward. For example if the child completes his home work in time give him a choclate or allow him to see TV comics etc.
    This will motivate him and encourage in other school assignments.

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  • Every parents has facing this issue. As in now times there is lot of pressure on the children of the studies when he enter the school. All parents want their child will be first in all streams.As the schooling of every children starts, the pressure of studies builds up. As you have said your child is getting really worried as she is unable to cope with study pressure.So to overcome this problem make a study schedule of the studies.

    1. Your son should need proper sleep from 10 : 00 Pm to 05:00 Am. He should wake up in the morning. And revise all the things that he learn on previous days from 5:00 AM to 07:00 AM.
    2. After 07:00 Am starts preparing for school. Get ready for school. Take bath and prepare your bag and go to school.
    3. After go to school just focus on your study and makes notes that you study in school.
    4. After coming to school get fresh and take 1-2 hour sleep. To get body relaxed.
    5. After relaxation get a notes and practice that you have learn in the school.Also make notes that you didn't understand and make your doubt clear in next day in the school with school teacher.
    6. In the evening go to play with friends for 1-2 hours.
    7. After coming to home you can watch tv and relax your body.
    8. After dinner get a look at the studies for at least 2hours

  • To answer this query specifically, I need to know the age of your daughter. I had experienced similar issue recently when my son started going to school. He is in nursery and his school timings are 7.30 to 11.30 AM. To reach the school by 7.30 AM, the school bus comes by 7.00 AM. It sounds too early for a 3 years old pre primary kid to get ready by 7.00, so may of the parents requested the school administration to change the time at least by half an hour and make it 8.00 AM.
    The school principle said, "It is you all who are facing problem in getting up early because children are very much flexible and can adopt the schedule in very short time. So please do not panic for the same and give them 2 weeks time to adopt this habit. "
    Her words were true and after 2 weeks, my child started waking up early in the morning on his own.
    This experience I shared just to emphasize the fact that kids are flexible and its up to you how fruitfully we manage their schedule. Never pressurize your daughter to score good marks. This will turn into the fear sooner or later. Try to give your own time when she does her homework and this will lighter her burden of doing home work. Revise her topics during general communications only and she will not feel like that she is studying.
    Create some interesting activities related to the topics of her course and allow her to do the same. This way she will learn while playing.
    Now days, the school curriculums have become lengthy but we have to go with that so that our kid will be able to survive in this competitive world in future.


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  • There are a few times in our lives when we simply need to acknowledge that we have a chaotic calendar with not a considerable measure of downtime, and this sounds like one of those circumstances for you. An hour of downtime every day isn't too terrible for an understudy who is taking a requesting plan, especially on a weekday. Assignment Writing Help. You don't say ends of the week - do you have a similar timetable on both Saturday and Sunday? If not, have a go at taking a gander at your week by week recreational time - in the event that you have 5 free hours on both Saturday and Sunday, that is 15 hours extra time every week.

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