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    How to deal with police verification process in government job due to address mistake in application

    Made an error in the house address while applying for a government job? Learn quickly from experts if this will create a problem during the police verification procedure of the address and how to resolve the issue.

    While applying for a Govt. job, in the form I wrote the permanent address as Mithapur B Area but my address is only Mithapur. The other information in my address is correctly filled up, like my house name, road name, district,pincode, etc So please tell me if this would create a problem when police verification process will be done for the job and if so, what is the solution to resolve the issue?
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  • Don't worry. Please inform the concerned office where you are joining about the mistake you have committed in the address. You should send a representation in writing telling about the mistake in address and keep a copy of the same with you. Send your representation by registered post acknowledgement due.. Youdoitimmediately. Again I tell you that it gives a bad impression about you if you have done silly mistakes like this. Anyhow please take the corrective action as suggested immediately so that there will not be any damage. You may have to manage police verification.

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  • As is evident from your earlier address given for the Government - job, the mistake seems to be minor in nature and also House name, Road name, Pin code, District are correctly mentioned and hence it does not pose any problem.
    As far as the procedure of Police - verification is concened, they would trace out the exact location on the basis of Pin - code, Road name and name of the house and so there is no chance of development of any confusion.
    However, if you feel that your minor mistake should be rectified at the earliest, you may send your representation stating the the mistake crept in your resume and request them to have a fresh look on the new address being provided to them.

  • From my experience of police verification process I can state with confidence that for this insignificant mistake, you won't face much problem. At the worst, the police verfication can be delayed to some extent. To avoid this possibility, I would advise you to visit the concerned Police Station with some elders and inform the SHO about the small mistake.

    It will not cause you any harm.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • This appears to be a minor mistake but you can take preventive actions for any eventuality as follows.

    First thing is send an application by Registered/AD to the office and keep 2 copies of your application with you.

    After this find out the police station of your area and tell them about this mistake in address. If they ask to inform in writing mark a copy of application to them and give there itself.

    These measures will help you in avoiding any hassles in future.

    Knowledge is power.

  • To be practical, you may personally contact the station officer in the concerned police station and tell them about the matter. You can give your telephone number so that they can contact you if needed.

    However the police personnel by their experience can find the correct address of a person even if there are some mistakes in the written intimation. They have their own sources to ascertain many things. But as mentioned in previous answers, you may send an email followed by a confirmation letter to the address where you have sent the original application. You should quote in the letter/email all the relevant details like the application number or acknowledgement number, date application sent etc
    The problem that may happen if the correction is not done at the recruitment side is that you may miss some intimations or get them delayed. Usually post office people also make some trials to find and deliver to the correct addressee, before returning the letter back.

    Precaution is better. (But how the mistake happened , I am not able to understand)

  • Don't worry when you get the Government Job you have to fill the Police Verification process. For this you have to fill police verification form. The filled police verification is submitted to office. It goes to the correspondence DC office of your district. The DC office to your city police station. There will be call to you from police station regarding the police verification. Provide them the original address proof, aadhar card copy and 4 persons of the city you recognized you out of them one will be MC.No member of your family can recognized you. You can correct the address in your form when you get police verification call from your city by providing the affidavit of original address and address proof. So you don't need to be worry

  • This does not appear a major mistake as the main address is correct except the last thing. In such cases the police persons who are doing this job regularly will find the mistake but will generally attend to it.

    In spite of these assumptions it is always better to get the address changed by giving an application to the same place/ organisation where you have applied for job. Keep a copy of same with you and present it to the concerned police station so that they can make a note of it and there will not be any misunderstanding about the address.

    Please do not ignore this action as it will help you to avoid future complications and also unnecessary running from pillar to post.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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