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    Regarding NOC or Relieving letter

    Have a query regarding NOC for a government job? Wondering if NOC is a must if you have already left government job? Here, on this Ask Expert page find advice from experts.

    I was working in a Central govt job and have now applied for state govt job recently. I have no NOC from the Central govt. Since now I have resigned the Central govt job is it necessary to take NOC or the relieving letter from the main organisation?
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  • You have already applied for a state government job. But generally government will ask the applicants who are working in other government departments, state or central government jobs, the applications should go through proper channel. Otherwise they will not approve your application. Have you received any acknowledgement for your application from state government or have you received any query regarding your application from them? Do you have any proof of acceptance of your application. Otherwise you can't say that your application is accepted.
    However I consider your application is accepted.
    Once it is accepted if you got selected you have to get a relieving certificate and NOC from the department you are working. But as per the question What I understand is you have already resigned? Have you received their acceptance. If so you get relieving certificate and pay particulars and no dues certificate from the central government department. Then you don't require any further documents.

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  • I feel that relieving letter is only relevant now.
    As you have resigned from a government job, you would have been given a relieving letter when you were relieved. If you are yet to be relived, then ensure that you get the relieving letter on getting relieved. That is to be shown or referred at the new employment .

    There would have been a specification in the application guidelines that those who were already in employment should produce a relieving letter from the previous employer.Or they would have asked for listing your previous experience and employment. So if you had mentioned your previous job then you may be asked to produce the relevant relieving letters. Even if you had not mentioned it, there can be question what you were doing all this time till you applied for this job. So you have to disclose and hence you may be compelled to show the relieving letter.

    If you have not yet received the relieving letter get it now; if not relieved yet, please get the relieving letter on being relieved.

    NOC: NOC is needed when you apply to another job when you are already in a job specially a government job. It appears that when you applied either you were not on a job or you would not have mentioned about the job. However as you have now resigned from the previous government job, NOC is now irrelevant, but relieving letter is relevant and may be a must also.

  • NOC is a mandatory requirement in such cases. If you have directly applied without mentioning the present job then at the time of interview this will go against you as you will be showing as you are not doing any job since then. If you disclose the present job to them they will invariably ask for NOC from previous employer.

    What you can do is give an apication in your present office that due to urgency you could not send the application through proper channel and now requesting them to provide you a NOC.

    If this does not work you will have to go there as a fresher with your earlier NOC or college leaving certificate.

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  • You should have applied for NoC at the time of applying for the State Government job. Now, you can't apply for the same. You have to tender proper resignation and join the State Government service. I strongly advise you not to abscond from your present job, which many people would advise under the present circumstances.

    You should submit a detailed application explaining the position to your present office and should state about your ignorance of procedure. Stating the circumstances, you should apply for technical resignation. If the organisation allows your application for technical resignation, your present service will be counted with your next service in State Government for the purpose of counting service for pension. You will get some other minor benefits also.

    If your present office does not accept your application for technical resignation, then you can tender your resignation and join the State Government. In that case, your present service will not be counted with your future service, but you will not be treated as an absconder.

    I reiterate not to abscond from your present post and advise you to submit application for technical resignation.

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  • The question of NOC comes into picture when you apply for the post through proper channel and made a mention that you are presently serving in a Central Government office. Thus you could have got a chance to get your service counted which was rendered in the previous job and this would have helped you for pensionary and other benefits at the time of retirement.

    Now in the present scenario, you have resigned from the job and the letter of acceptance would simply suffice. It would not be considered as a technical resignation as you have not applied the job through departmental channels.


  • Is it enough to produce a resignation acceptance letter mentioning the date of relieving at the time of interview case NOC being rejected by the current employer


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