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    UPSC verification of documents

    Worried about UPSC document verification? Searching for a solution to name change of University? Check out this page for resolution to your queries.

    If my university runs by the name of "XY & Z" university and registered in UGC site named as " XY and z" University: Will it be a problem?
    And recently pin code has been changed of my University. Which is obviously not changed in UGC recognition paper.
    Will these be an obstacle in my selection?
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  • University has to maintain same name always. Why hey will write one way here and another way there. That gives me an impression that your university is not recognised. If the name is changed after you pass out, there will not be any problem. Otherwise I don't understand why there should be a discrepancy. If the name on the certificate is not same as that of in the UGC registered list, your certificate in not valid. You better consult your university and get a certificate that this and that both are the names of the same university. Otherwise, your certificate will become a fake certificate. UPSC will not consider the certificate as a valid document. You will be in a problem. Act immediately. PIN CODE number may not be a issue but definitely the name will be a big issue.

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  • In your case it could be a minor mistake due to typographical error and may be it is the approved one.
    You can do one thing - go to ugc site and check the list of approved or recognised institutes. If the address of your institute or university is same and only the first line that is the name differs, as you have indicated in your query, there is nothing to worry.
    If there is a total mismatch than it is a problem and your papers will not be considered being from a unrecognised institute or university.

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  • As you have mentioned that your University runs by the name of "XY & Z" university and registered in UGC site named as " XY and z" University. Yes it will create a problem. You can check the list of UGC approved or recognized institutes on UGC website.You can take a UGC recognized certificate of your university for verification.And you also mention that recently university pin code has been changed of my University. It is not a problem sometimes the address of the university updates in UGC website as it is long paper work.

  • You have stated that your University runs by the name of "XY & Z" university and registered in UGC site named as " XY and z" University.. This cannot be taken as mistake or discrepancy. So, you won't face any problem at the time of document verification. But please ensure that in future, write the name of the University as indicated in the university official website.
    The change of PIN code also won't cause any problem.
    So, please don't bother about these and start preparation for the examination at the right earnest.

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  • This does not appear a big problem. You can check in the ugc site the name and address of the university if it is same specially the address part then minor change in name should not be a problem.

    In case your university is shifted to a new location you will have to get a letter on their printed letter head regarding the change in their address so that it can be linked properly with the university which you have mentioned in your application form.

    They should also mention in their letter that they have also intimated this change of address to UGC for changing the data in the site of UGC.

    You should take all these documents with you whenever you are called for interview or any other test. At the time of interview get this thing corrected or solved by interacting with the interview board assistants who are generally available in the office premises outside the interview room.

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