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    Which technology is better to learn for the future?

    Confused about the future of upcoming technologies? Looking out for directions in this regard? Here, on this page find advice from experts.

    Actually I am having 2 years of experience in MS.Net in 2012-to-2014. Due to personal problems I didn't work anywhere. Is it good to learn MS.Net related technology or any other? I am thinking of learning Azure, Cloud, Sales Force or can I go with other platforms like Android?
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  • As already you have studied and you have experience in that line, it is better to acquire additional qualifications and knowledge in the same line That will be useful for you to get a job in similar line. Basing on the work you have done you can choose a course which will be better for your career in coming times. you . If you are not working any where, I understand cloud computing technology is receiving a good attention and Analytics is also a good course to study. If you want to go for management works go for MBA in a good institute.

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  • Until unless you put your education for practical use in any company or organisation you will not be able to gain experience which is the crucial qualification for getting another job which has better prospects.
    There is still time and you try to get a job in computer industry and do not bother even if the job is small. While in job you can pursue courses in Enterprise Resource Planning or Animation & 3D or Android platform depending on your interest and aptitude.
    Please keep in touch with the job postings in sites like ISC from which you will get a trend of job market today.
    Though computer industry appears to be saturated at the present juncture but seeing the fast pace of digitization and computerisation of all the financial and logistic activities it can be said that more jobs will be generated for system maintenance and upgradation issues where technical people having computer background will be required.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • No technology has security meant for the future. There is no guarantee for any language. So never believe in doomsday prediction of any skills in the IT. Just pay attention to how the MNCs phase out any tool or the language for their work. That's what affect the work.

    In 2002, they said .NET will replace Java, but in 2017, we still have companies making money off Java. Many magazines and the leaders said python, ruby and JavaScript will replace the languages like php, and java. But in reality that never happened.

    Companies that work in some specific technology continue to evolve with the language. Few things you do have to be careful with though.

    1. PHP is low paid language compared to .Net and Java stack. Yes, that's true so unless you're desperate for immediate job, avoid going into PHP stack.

    2. Data science is fad. It is highly paid skill now but it won't be in future. Jobs will still be there. However considering math involved and only MNC affording Data science jobs, you can't think of using this skill for small scale companies.

    3. Tools come and go. So make sure don't bet your career on it. However do note that some tools like Excel, Quickbooks, QTP etc remain in market as they evolve. So you get the idea never to rely on the tool but just use them as you evolve.

    I suggest finding out the demanding skills in MNC and then taking the skills for your career. That's how you should plan. And be ready to switch the language and tools as necessary. Be flexible. As being flexible keeps you employed the most.

  • It is difficult to predict today the future technologies and their scope but we can talk about present careers and disciplines where job opportunities exists.

    There is no harm in joining a job even if it is small because it will create a lot of confidence in you as well as enrich you with the most important thing that is experience.

    You can meanwhile increase your knowledge in some computer area of your interest and aptitude so that you can try to get the job in that line.

    Some of the prospective areas are 3D animation, enterprise resource planning, Android, web design and hosting etc.

    Knowledge is power.

  • You need to confused about the future of upcoming technologies.As you have said you are having 2 years of experience in MS.Net in 2012-to-2014. Due to some personal problems you didn't work anywhere. Yes it is good to learn MS.Net related technology as you have experience in this. You can learn Azure, Cloud, Sales Force or can I go with other platforms like Android whatever you like. No one can say which technology works in future. In IT field you have to learn new and new technology which time. As you have MS.Net plate form background so go with it you can learn new technology side by side

  • Hi,
    I would like to know whether you are willing to have a job now or just want to learn some thing.
    If you want to start with your professional life once again, I will suggest you to go with and related things. It is because you have already learnt the same and even have experience in this field. This will help you to learn faster and will make you able to perform well.
    In IT companies, you can get a job after refreshment course and then you ca learn new technologies as per the requirement of your job. I have seen many IT field professionals from my friend circle pursuing part time courses to learn new technologies because of their new projects. So this happens and you can also do that when ever it will be required.
    Currently you should focus on getting a good job and for that, your experience can help you out.
    As you know, technologies never remain same and you have to learn new things regularly to keep yourself updated, we cannot make sure about any technology and its future aspects.


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  • Technology is the greatest of the armor. Science is the deadliest of weapon. Without science and technology our current civilization would become obsolete.

    Whether others believe or not, we as a Geek, we believe in the Nexus of Possibility. With the advance in technology, one should learn programming languages and become proficient for the same.

    Hackers never learns but always wins!

  • As far as your interest is concerned, you may choose of the IT languages such as Java, Oracle, SAP and with your dedication you can learn the intricacies of these languages. To be familiar with such languages, there is no guarantee that you will get a job.
    However, there is no end of learning and you enter into a language - plateform you can realise the vastness of that language.
    However, the cloud and computing - technology have bright future and your attention in this area, will land you into a promising job in IT.

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