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    Irregular periods and mood swings.

    Have a query about being over weight, having irregular periods and mood swings? Searching for a solution on the web? On this Ask Expert page, you can get remedies to your query.

    I am twenty five years old. My weight is 65 and height is five feet. Since I joined hostel after graduation I slowly started gaining weight. Simultaneously I started loosing strength. Since a year I am experiencing irregular periods that is once in three months. Mine is not an active life style. I am preparing for exams and all day I sit at one place and read. My exercise routine is also not regular. I used to do yoga but doctor suggested to go for cardio and due to lack of time I quit gym after a month.
    My last period was in May and after that I had period this month. In April and May I had heavy periods from day three that lasted till day 7 and I am getting irritated for small things and shouted at my parents at times. I feel guilty for that.
    I am vegetarian and I am not foodie. I take junk food once in three months or so. At times I feel acute pain in my lower abdomen especially when I eat sour things, chillies and dal (red gram). Doctor said I have appendicular inflammation but they didn't suggest surgery. What could be my problem? I can't even press a mehandi cone strongly now. But I look hefty and this is just killing my confidence.
    Show me some solution. Are the irregular periods reason for heavy flow? If yes this month the flow is very well below the normal level. Will it lead to any grave complications in future?
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  • You should reduce your weight immediately. You have to do some exercises and eat some good proteins and vitamins. As per your write up what I understand is you don't have energy but hefty. This is not at all good. You should lose weight and eat strong food. Eat less rice and more vegetables. Don't eat sweets. Go for food which is rich in proteins.
    The delay in periods is mainly due to hormones imbalance. For getting this rectified you should visit a good physician preferably a lady gynecologist and take her advice. She will prescribe medicines and also some advise about your exercises and food habits. If you are not acting know immediately after marriage it may be a problem to have children.
    Do exercise, eat quality food and consult doctor. These are my advices.

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  • Your problems are temporary in nature and most of the problems being faced by you can be overcome with your life style changes such as inclusion of healthy diet containing right amount of Protiens, minerals and Vitamins and Carbohydrates. You may include Grapes, Apples, Some amount of dry fruits including Walnuts and Almonds in order to get healthy fats apart from healthy minerals like Manganese, Phosphorous, Magnesium and Phosphorous etc.
    The other important aspects in this regard would be to have regular sound sleep and management of weight.
    I would advise you to indulge in brisk walking or any other physical - exercise for at least half an hour in a day on a regular basis. Intake of warm - water half an hour after each meal to the extent of half litre would enable you to shed excess weight. In fact, your warm water consumption should be around 2.5 litre each day so as to enhance your metabolism - rate.
    Regarding the irregular period, you must consult a gynaecologist to address the problem since it may be because of hormonal - imbalance and this needs administration of right amount of medicine for a specific period of time.

  • Taking a balanced and limited diet alongwith yoga and exercise is a mandatory thing in this situation. It may appear difficult and long journey to achieve weight reduction but with determination in life everything is possible.

    Please consult a gyneachologist for check up and ultrasound etc for detection of any tumour or such problem in the uterus. Once it is excluded concentrate on exercises as well as walk which are very necessary to bring back the body from sedentary life to active life. Once it is achieved mood swings will disappear.

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  • This suggestion is given only as a general suggestion. It is best to consult a gynaecologist, so that all your issues can be attended to in one stretch Only a qualified doctor is competent to give you specific solution after necessary check up.

    Usually periods may be irregular during teenage and early youth for many girls. In most cases the periods become regular after marriage. In some girls the periods give fatigue and mood swings also. The first thing you can do is to confide with a well wishing elder like mother, elder sister etc. with whom you are close and they are reasonable experienced. They may be able to remove your doubts and may be able to suggest how to manage.

    In Ayurveda "Ashokarisht' is usually taken for bring periods regular. As that does not have any sid effects you may try that buying it from a reputed ayurvedic medicine store. You may also consult an ayurvedic doctor.

    "At times I feel acute pain in my lower abdomen especially when I eat sour things, chillies and dal (red gram).": This is due to acidity or GERD triggered by the spices and pulses you eat. You may regulate and reduce intake of such items. Include soothing items like milk and curd more in your food intake. Doctor may suggest if needed suitable medicines for this also. You may take some digestive aids from Ayurvedic medicine store to improve digestion and reduce acidity, gas etc.

    Your weakness may be related to weight and lack of physical activity.(But there can be other reasons too) You may try weight reduction in a systematic way. Do not resort to a sudden crash programme. You may have to do some physical activity and train yourself tolerance and exertion activities.

    PCOS. can also cause some of the symptoms mentioned in the question. Hence visit a doctor, to remove all doubts and get the right solution.

  • The first and foremost thing is one should visit a gynecologist and get oneself examined for any ailment causing these symptoms. Those check ups and tests could take some time and there may be a period of treatment with allopathic medicines after which only you can expect some improvement.

    Meanwhile changes in lifestyle and taking healthy foods is very essential to get over this phase of life. Lot of determination and strong will power is required to come out from a state of depression and melancholy as those things are in the hands of individual rather then a doctor.

    Regular exercises and meditation are one of the best cures to tone the body and mind for positive thinking and engaging oneself in creative and constructive activities is the ultimate objective of human life.

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  • Main reasons for Irregular periods and mood swings are :-
    >> Depression, Stress
    >> Peri-menopause
    >> Puberty, Epilepsy
    >> Bipolar disorder
    >> Hyperthyroidism
    >> Poly-cystic ovary syndrome
    >> ALS dementia
    >> Brain tumor
    >> Hypothyroidism

    Few steps that will help in Irregular periods and mood swings are :-
    >> Have a fun :- Just do fun and enjoy. Do whatever you like and give you pleasure. You can do reading, going for a walk, catching up with a friend, or playing a musical instrument.
    >> Do exercise daily. DO Aerobic exercise which helps in relieving both irregular periods and mood swings during menopause.Physical activity helps in treating cramps during heavy periods. Exercise also been found to release endorphins that boost mood.
    >> Communicate with your family, friends, and colleagues. This helps to feel the brunt of your moods and communication is key to prevent these relationships from suffering.
    >> Be prepared for irregular periods.Carry plenty of sanitary wear like tampons and sanitary towels which are effective pain relief for cramps during heavy periods.
    >> Take Phytoestrogens containing things like tofu, soymilk, nuts, and seeds. This will help increase estrogen levels and this is helpful in hormonal imbalances which is primarily cause of both irregular periods and mood swings

  • I'll not mince words, for your age and your height you are obese. That you have no time is no excuse. It is your life that you are talking about. You have to make time for yourself. Keep at least 30 minutes a day to workout. You do not have to go to the gym. Start climbing stairs, go up and down a few flights of stairs, a few times, every day. Gradually increase the number of floors you climb. Lift weights – heavy books, water bottles or a chair. Also, go for brisk walks or put on some peppy music and dance to it. Lose weight, for your own good.

    Remember, exercise is not essential just for weight loss and physical health, it also impacts the way your brain works. So, if you are preparing for competitive exams you need to get some physical exercise too, as it boosts over all health.

    Irregular periods need to be investigated. There could be a connection between your irregular periods and weight gain.

    The most common cause for irregular periods is a medical condition called PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). It is a hormonal disorder. You must see a gynaecologist for investigation. Do not take this lightly. If you suffer from PCOS your doctor will also advise you to lose weight. Losing weight will to some extent help in rectifying the hormonal abnormalities as well as the irregular periods.

    Though weight is your main problem, do not go on crash diets or skip meals to lose it. Do it the healthy way, through exercise and proper nutrition. Eat smaller meals, but eat more often. Instead of three meals, have six smaller ones. Drink a lot of water and cut down on sugar. This article will help you with improving your metabolism -

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  • Hi,
    My first suggestion is to go for Thyroid check up. Please consult a doctor and get your thyroid level checked as soon as possible. A stubborn weight gain, irregular periods, mood swings are prominent symptoms for that.
    If the result comes positive, there is no need to worry as treatment is available. If it comes negative, please work for your weight loss. It is not very hard dear and after all nothing is important that your life. There are things which you can do easily without spending extra time like do not use lift and prefer stairs, include more water and liquids in your day to fulfill your appetite and many more.
    Try to involve yourself in some house holding activities which will also consume some calories. You can walk while studying (I did this a lot when I was in hostel).

    Please remember, nothing is impossible!


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  • Irregular periods and mood swings are often common among teenage girls because of a sudden change of diet and environment but that can be fixed by intake of more and more fibrous food and fruits in your diet.
    But as it is a serious matter and irregularity is for more than 2 to three months and so you need to consult with a gynecologist as soon as possible because health care should not be taken lightly in any case especially when you are away from home.
    You can get the best advice from a gynecologist who will also suggest you a proper diet chart and medicines and do's and don'ts for proper lifestyle and mensuration periods.

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