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    How to join a cricket academy?

    Interested in making a career in cricket? Searching for information about the maximum age for entry into this profession? Check out this page for guidance from experts.

    I am from from Bhilwara, Rajasthan. I want to join cricket academy for playing cricket. I am a former state player. After very long time I want to attend/join any academy for playing. I want to play for India in future but there some issues. My current age is 33 years and I feel shy to attend or join any club or academy. Can you provide guidance and tell me how it is possible?
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  • You have to chose. Will you join club cricket to fulfill your ambition or feel shy and leave cricket? Geoff Boycott continued to play for England till he was 47. Bobby Simpson played for Australia at an age of 45. J. Southampton has been the record holder of oldest test cricketer. He played test cricket at an age of 49. In India, Tendulkar played for the country when he was 40. In other sports also, there are many such examples. Age is after all only a number.

    You have to cross the metal hurdle on your own and give your aspiration an honest try.

    My best wishes!

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  • As you are from Bhilwara, Rajasthan. You want to join cricket academy for playing cricket. You are a former state layer. After very long time I want to attend academy for playing and want to play for India in future. Your current age is 33 years and you need not to worry about your age. Just focus on your fitness level and your game.You have to join a club or coaching institute for learning the tricks of the cricket game.As you are passionate about it.It is very good that you are focusing on the cricket and playing in local academy in Bangalore.But at the age of 29 you have to mainly concentrate about your fitness and practice.You can make a good career in cricket even in this age.Concentrate on your fitness and stamina.Focus on your game not worry about your.You will definitely play for National team just believe in yourself and focus on your game.Just you need a coach and better cricket academy

  • If you have real aptitude for cricket and you want to excel in this game you should be determined and should leave no stone unturned in this path where you want to establish your career.

    Hard work and strong will to achieve is the key to success. You must come out of your introvert nature as shyness will be a big hurdle in your personality development.

    Before attending or joining any cricket club or academy you try to involve yourself in local clubs and teams who are regularly playing with other teams and through this avenue you can come to the notice of club managers or team coaches who can then refer to higher places.

    Please remember that networking with concerned people is very necessary in addition to the talent or skill you possess. There is lot of competition in all the careers today and the general job condition is also not good. In such a scenario only hard work and strong zeal can help one to get success in the line of his passion.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Whether it is studying or sports aptitude is one of the most important thing in career making. You must find out whether you have the requisite aptitude for this game. If yes then be prepared to face any difficulties and hurdles in your life but you have to get success in this line as an career.
    Cricket is very popular in our country and many people want to reach on the top of this sport. One has to come out from his private and secluded life and face the audience, opposite players and team managers eye on a daily basis and carve a path for oneself.
    Many towns in our country have cricket clubs and they play matches with other teams on a regular basis. You have to get in one such club to start your career and try to perform the best.
    Keeping a good health and fit body is the prerequisite for any sport and cricket is no exception. Regular exercises, healthy foods, no smoking and no drinking are some life styles which a sportsman must follow and adhere stringently. A large part of your success will be attributable to these parameters.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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