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    Nutrition and lifestyle change for cardiac patients.

    Searching for nutrition tips for cardiac patients? Want details of diet chart, names of edible oils and even dieticians? You can read the suggestions from experts on this page and get all the answers you are looking for.

    Heart problems are very common these days. High cholesterol and triglyceride found in the Lipid function test (LFT) is the root cause of it. The specialists prescribe medicines. They also suggest diet control, daily exercise & lifestyle change. Some patients are lucky enough to bring a lifestyle change but there are many who fail to do so and proceed to complications.

    I would like to know the type of lifestyle change that requires to be brought and the type of diet that has to be followed. Clearly suggest the edible oils which can be consumed. Do make a diet chart with at least three meals, breakfast, lunch & dinner that is beneficial for any cardiac patient. If possible give the names of the ''Nutritionists'' who can be contacted online.
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  • You have walk minimum 3 to 4 kilometers a day early in the morning or in the evening. This is the best physical exercise for all.
    Don't eat anything from 3 hours before you sleep. Avoid late night sittings. Eat more number of times. But less quantity at any one time. Always keep stomach a little empty. Don't sleep immediately after eating.
    There is an app called MyDIETist. This app gives a chance to you to talk to dieticians online face to face. They will design your food basing on their interaction with them.
    Food Habits:
    Salads are suggested. It is a healthy choice.
    Dressing,bacon bits and shredded cheese are to be avoided. They add fat and calories.
    Salads with lettuce and vegetables are recommended.
    Don't consume sugar. Better to avoid or use very little.
    Take foods which are sweetish also,
    Fruits, nuts, pretzels, low fat yogurt and vegetable dishes can be taken.
    Little quantity of rice or limited chapatis ( Max 2). can be taken.
    Fish can also be tried.
    Olive oil,canola oil and peanut oil are good without fat. But use minimum possible quantity only. Grains also can be taken. But very limited quantity only.
    Soya is good.
    Avoid fries , snacks made of oil and oily foods are to be completely avoided.
    Eat less at any time and take more times.

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  • For a person having heart problem diet control, exercises and lifestyle change are mandatory requirements for controlling the ailment and improving the test parameters as taken by specific medical tests.

    For controlling the colestrol and lipid levels one has to voluntarily switch to simple boiled foods having minimum amount of fats, carbohydrates and sugar as these are the main culprits.

    Low fat oils like olive and non-hydrogenated oils are to be taken in small quantity if can not be stopped. Sugar is to be restricted in the diet as far as possible.

    Vegetables, fruits which are not very ripe and sweet, salads, whole wheat breads etc can be taken in limited quantity. Water intake is to be maintained in sufficient quantities.

    For heart patients the best exercise is slow walks without much exertion. Gym exercises which do not call for exertion can also be attempted. If the person is old he should invariably be accompanied by a companion during long walks.

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  • In your case, the following tips would be useful to regulate lipid - profile and should also guard heart - ailment.
    1) Gooseberry also popularly known as Amlaki is an excellent herb to take care of high cholesterol and triglyceride if the same is taken around 20 ml twice a day in empty stomach.
    2) Apple - cider - vinegar also produces positive result if the same is taken two table - spoons mixed with 50 ml of hot water prior to retirement of bed.
    3) Take care of your diet. Avoid excess oil and spice in the preparation of your food rather boiled foods without the addition of any oil would be benificial. You may add slight amount of olive - oil in your vegetable.
    4) Take plenty of Salads containing Cucumber, Tomatoes and Onions in your meals. This will take care of your cholesterol and high triglyceride - level.
    5) Continue morning - walk for at least half an hour in the morning and evening.
    6) Apples, Grapes, Rasins and a little amount of dry - nuts like Walnuts, Almonds should be included in your breakfast.
    7) BP should be managed in the accepted level and get lipid - profile tests be checked at least twice in a year.

  • As you already know Heart problems are very common these days. High cholesterol and triglyceride found in the Lipid function test (LFT) is the root cause of it. The specialists prescribe medicines. They also suggest diet control, daily exercise & lifestyle change. Some patients are lucky enough to bring a lifestyle change but there are many who fail to do so and proceed to complications. From proper diet you can overcome with cardiac disease.Follow the following steps in the diet :-
    1. Serve more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes in your diet.
    2. Limit saturated fat and avoid artificial trans fats in your diet. Choose monounsaturated fat or polyunsaturated fat oils in cooking.
    3.Serve a variety of protein rich foods like soyabean.
    4. Use less cholesterol containg food items or oils in your diet as these raise cholesterol level in blood which is not good for heart patients
    5. Serve fiber containing food items in your diet like oatmeal, brown rice etc. That helps to control blood sugar
    6. Use less salt as salt is not for blood pressure

  • A person with heart problem, high cholestrol has to have a low fat diet. All things that i am going to share are being taken by my family members also as such problems are now getting common these days.
    1. Avoid fats, oil. One has to minimise the use of fats in diet. Mustard oil is the healthy and best option.
    2. Walk or we can say exercises are good.
    3. Drink plenty of water.
    4. Take fruits daily.
    5. Never keep stomach empty for more than 2-3 hours.
    6. One has to avoid cookies as they are full of fat, instead one can have roasted chana, murmura.
    7. Reduce the quantity of potatoes in your diet.
    Above are some ways that a person can follow very easily in daily life, but the important of all is to be happy. So always try to be Happy to stay fit.

  • Cardiac patient should avoid exertion but at the same time should have regular light exercises like walking and yoga.
    The lifestyle management for heart patients is very challenging as it requires to quit smoking, drinking and other such addictions.
    Food and diet is also one of the important area and there are restriction on many food types like oily foods or snacks, carbohydrate rich foods, foods rich with sugar etc.
    Overall the heart patients have to undergo a tremendous change in their lifestyle and food intake.

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  • A cardiac patient should follow the guidelines mentioned below:-

    1. Early to bed, early to rise A cardiac patient must wake up early. He/She must go to bed early.
    2. The patient must take low-fat food. The cholesterol must be avoided at all cost.
    3. To avoid cholesterol, he/she must stop wine, alcohol, soft drinks, red meat and ghee/butter.
    4. Such patients must also avoid spicy, hot and oily food.
    5. Cardiac patients must not take sugar or salt in a large quantity.
    6. They must avoid taking food to their heart's content. They should take food in limited quantity.
    7. Morning walk and evening walk are must for cardiac patients. They should not go to bed immediately after taking dinner.
    8. They should not over-exert themselves. Cardiac patients should not lift heavy objects under any circumstances.

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