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    ''Savdhan India'' an educative or entertaining programme?

    Have a query about the Savdhan India program? Wondering if it is an educative or an entertainment program? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can read responses from experts.

    'Savdhan India' is a popular show on television. The episodes of 'Savdhan India' can also be watched online for free. This programme is based on real events that occur in many places all over the nation. The episodes include many topics like domestic violence, blind love, love and crime, complicated relationships, supernatural beliefs, human trafficking and the list goes on and on.

    Do you find 'Savdhan India' to be quite an educative serial apart from the entertainment that it provides? Do you think this programme updates any person who is watching the episodes? Do you watch it with your family or are you more comfortable watching it alone? I would like to know more about the advantages and also about the disadvantages (if any) of watching this programme. Do you consider 'Savdhan' India to be an educative or purely entertaining programme or both?
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  • I was watching this program, recently, I am not able to give time for this.
    Thes best points what I feel is.
    1.This program is showing the mentality behind the crime by any person and how it has come to him. If you watch it, we can try to avoid those points and we can be away from crime.
    2. I feel it is more an educative program.
    3.It gives an idea and awareness regarding avoiding criminal actions in our society.
    4.It is created basing on the actual crimes happened around India.
    5. It is showing the position of the victims of these acts, how they are going pillar to post for justice and how they are suffering. really creates understanding to public regarding behaviour of different people and their mindsets at different times.
    7. Majority of the incidents it shows are related to women exploitation only.
    8.This is based upon real facts that are happened in past so it helps us from staying away from such type of people.
    8. Majority of actors new and supporting new talent
    9.The last words at the end of episode by the anchor of the serial is very good.
    Only one negative point I had noticed unnecessarily many adult scenes are shown which are provocative. Because of this I am not able to watch these episodes with family members. I prefer seeing it alone.
    Over all a good educative programme. But not a only entertainment program.


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  • I generally don't watch this type of programme. However, it is more or less popular among a group of people who like sensational, violent crime related programmes. I got the opportunity to see parts of one or two episodes. Frankly speaking, I didn't like it. The editing and photography are poor. The acting is loud. There is nothing educational in this programme.

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  • For some people it must be an entertaining program as it is well conceived and well presented. Many people do not like this type of shows as it depicts things in an exaggerated manner.

    Anyway it differs from person to person and their tastes as far as TV shows are considered. Every show has some element of education, entertainment and thrill. We can learn some new thing for many serials though many other serials are flat in their presentation and survive solely on human emotions.

    On an average I will rate this show as entertaining and to some extent if one takes the clue educative also.

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  • I think people are not aware of the social propaganda campaigns being run on TV and internet. Often the stories about crimes are fake. And that's one reason people are asking for the sources these days. Lot of things are purely exaggerated in the TV and one can clearly see that. Lot of things are shown in such way that victim is too much gullible to fall for stuff. In reality that is not the case. United nations also run some of the social campaigns and for this they have to create such awareness content. And such TV series are platform for such content.

    Programs like Savdhan India and Crime patrol are often inspired by real events. However not all stories are real. And that disclaimer can be found at the start of the TV series. Some of the crimes shown are too brutal than the actual events happened. So they are made dramatic. And often a lot of cases are inspired from other published stories. Lot of crime writers and the authors are getting jobs due to TV series such as this.

  • Savdhan' India is hindi language crime show which comes on Life OK which is now STAR India. This show focuses on real-life crime incidents and the story of victims who struggle in order to get justice for their sufferings.'Savdhan India' is a popular show on television. The episodes of 'Savdhan India' can also be watched online for free on Star website and hotstar application.This programme is based on the reality events that occur at many places all over the nation. The episodes include many topics like domestic violence, blind love, love and crime, complicated relationships, supernatural believe, human trafficking and the list goes on and on. Do you find 'Savdhan India' to be quite an educative serial apart from the entertainment that it provides? Do you think this programme updates any person who is watching the episodes? No you can't watch it with your family.
    Advantages of watching show that you can aware of the crime and the laws. How can you protect themselves. Disadvantages of this program is that you can see every person with doubt and also there are some scenes in this episodes which we cann't see with family and this shows teaches new ways of doing crime

  • Savdhan India is a program which shows the real life incidents on television. Such programs are more educative than entertainment programs, as they make us aware about our surroundings. They show the faces and such aspects of life that we cannot even think of. Savdhan India has made the people think twice to believe on others. So, such a program is definately an educative program.

  • I think it is primarily an entertaining program. Though the issues and stories presented are something to learn in our life still they do not look as educational in respect to their contents.
    TV serials are basically made for entertainment purposes rather then educational and every director wants that his program should have highest TRP. In this race they add certain spices and masala to their serials and this serial is no exception.

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  • Savdhan India telecasts serials relating to crimes and murders and by seeing these serials, one thing appears certain that alertness of the people will certainly improve. In fact, most of the crimes happening in the society is due to our over faith and the antisocial elements are taking advantage of our humane - values.
    The different serials of Savdhan India and Crime - patrol are quite informative and encourage us to adopt a practical approach to tackle the untoward incidences.
    However, while depicting such serials, care should be taken to exclude obscenity while telecasting such episodes so that there is no negative impact on the mind of adolescent and young viewers.

  • According to my opinion, Savdhan India is an educative program. It is a program which tells us about the latest happenings in our country being a reality show. Me and my mother like to watch this show. Watching the episodes of Savdhan India one can be alert when same happenings are in front of them. I like watching this show because of the following reason:
    1. It is an educative program.
    2. It is created so that we can be aware of actual happenings.
    3. Majority of episodes are related to women's only.
    4. It tells the story of the struggle of victims to get justice.
    5. This show also telecast episode differently on crimes of different regions such as Maharashtra fights back, UP fights back, Punjab fights back.
    6. It is an inspiring show.
    It depends on person to person how they take Savdhan India, an educative one or entertaining one. For someone, it may be both educative and entertaining. For me, it's an educative show not entertaining.

  • To be specific, I do not like to watch such type of program which shows the violent, crime or love failure stories. According to me, the storyline is very good but minors learn many things from the episodes. We should not allow to watch them this type of serials. This type of show generates huge TRP. It could be inspiring or educative if it is directed in that sense otherwise viewer can learn a lot of trick for violence and crime. This is my opinion.

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    As per my view savdhaan india is both educative and entertaining...some of the episode is so meaningful because at that instant while i am watching i can't assume that it could be happening lately in our india and how shameful people are doing,and some of the episode are worth it has no sense and i can not see that particular episode with my family because in such episode vulgarity is at the extreme end.
    By the as we all know each & every individual has two aspects,like that savdhaan india has two aspects,some of the episode are so beneficial and we alert from the happenings and some of the episode are worthless which is only for entertainment.

  • In Savdhan India, most of the episodes seem to be cooked up stories except a few of them. In all the episodes they try to create drama, suspense, adultery etc to make the TV show more interesting and just to gain the audience. Better than Savdhan India, Crime Patrol is more authentic TV serial as I myself have verified certain cases shown by them did happen actually and were also reported in the daily newspapers.

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    It's educative but they are not 100% real as the stories are manipulated. Sometimes the scenes in the episodes are like one cannot watch it with the kids. I have seen many of the episodes the serials but I don't find it better than crime patrol.

    These days in reality shows they put some spice by adding some imaginary incidents to gain TRP that is what they do in Savdhan India too.


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