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    Management Courses to start own pre-school in India

    Eager to start your own pre-school venture? Know from experts if there are any management courses offered in Indian institutes to learn how to start and develop such a venture.

    I wish to start my own pre-school in India. Are there courses that I can pursue before getting into the business? What else should I keep in mind in terms of operations and academics?

    Please advice.
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  • To start a preschool in India, you should know the psychology of children more. The age of the children joining in these schools will be around 2 to 4. They don't even know completely talk also. You should have an aptitude of understanding the mentalities of different children and how to deal with them. They just start coming out. Many children don't even sit. They go one walking and doing some or other action. You should have the patience to deal with those children.
    Second point is you should have at least one or two ladies who will take care of the needs of these children during their stay in the school. It is more a service like activity to them than an employment. You should get such kind of people who are ready to handle all situations with children.
    You should have a vehicle preferably four wheeler as an emergency. When these children are playing some emergency may develop and you may have to rush them to hospital or for medical aid. For that you should have a vehicle with at least one employee who can drive the vehicle. Here the important point you should understand is parents will not tolerate if you have not taken proper action in those situations
    You should also have a good looking place with a shelter on top and some place to the kids for playing. You should have a toilet and bath room in that area.
    If you can afford you can have a trained graduate also to assist you in your activities.

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  • For a pre school a good accommodation in a good locality will be required. The location is a crucial thing as parents will like that their tiny tots should go to the pre school in a good location.
    Another important thing is staff and teachers for the kids. There are various problems which are encountered with them for example some of them will cry continuously till their parents come. So experienced staff like nurse or maid are required to take care of them.
    These kids are to be tought through toys and other accessories and teacher should be proficient in that.
    You will have to estimate the financial outlay by calculating salaries of staff, rent for accommodation, initial capital for furniture and other items, playing platforms and slider etc for kids and other consumables so that you can find out the initial capital expenditure and monthly recurring expenditure. Depending on this you can take loan also from banks.
    The pre school is a place where the teachers and staff has to work patiently and coherently. There will be complaints from the parent sides and they will also ask so many facilities for their kids.
    Regarding fee structure you will have to find out the competitive fees in that region so that you can charge more or less same for your pre school.

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  • Opening a pre-school requires many considerations and if one is not experienced in this line he has to take help of some experienced person who has worked in such schools for quite some time.

    There are mainly the following requirements to be worked out for opening and running a pre-school :
    1. Sources of finance.
    2. Location and suitable accommodation.
    3. Teachers/ staff/ maids on a regular basis.
    4. Arrangement of furniture and fixtures specially designed for kids.
    5. Safe and proper transport facility for children from their house to pre-school.

    Sources of finance could be ones own fund or loan from bank. If it is loan from bank they will ask you to submit a detailed description with suppporting documents along with the bank's application form duly filled in and signed by witnesses also by the proprietors of pre-school.

    Location and accommodation is of prime importance as the people will like to send their children to a pre-school situated in a good location. However this is to be seen in view of the available locations in your area and selecting one which is the best out of them.

    Depending upon how many kids you want to admit in your pre-school for a session, the requirement of teachers and staff is to be worked out. If it is a small set up 2 teachers and 2 maids are sufficient to begin with.

    Furniture and fixtures is also an important area and now a days in market lot of plastic and soft rubber items are available for small kids and that can be purchased for the pre-school on need basis.

    The transportation arrangement is a costly affair but it will make the reputation of the pre-school high if it is provided. Otherwise parents or servants will be leaving the kids in pre-school and collecting them at the closing time.

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  • There are few steps that you need to know before opening preschool in India are :-
    1. Officials permissions needed to start a preschool :- There are some state laws exist such the 'Private School Education Acts' in start pre school in India.Some states have letters issued by the State Government regarding the starting and running of a preschool.
    2. Name of School :- Before opening the school decide your school name as name holds a lot of significance.
    3. Estimate Budget :- Before opening the preschool you should know your budget. As you need to invest on many things like business research, project know hows, rental advance, toys and equipment, furniture, colours and paints, some changes in the rooms etc for opening the preschool.
    4. Select Location :- Location is very must for the school.The school location for preschool is enough and safe so that every kid reaches it easily.

  • There are numerous parents interested to admit their wards in the best pre - nursery school so that so that their personalities are groomed in the balanced ways apart from the basics of essential learning and hence you would require to ponder over a few things prior to starting a pre- nursery school.
    1) Location - Location should be the prime consideration in view of attracting the parents of the kids. The place should be located in such a destination from where transportation does not take considerable time to reach the place.
    2) Selection of dedicated staffs and teachers- The ages of the kids would be between two and four years and these kids need personnel attention to mould them for doing some constructional activities.
    3) The initial fee charged by you should be somewhat lesser than the other existing pre- schools but there should not be any compromise with respect to quality of personnel attention and teaching. You need to create confidence level of the guardians.
    4) Sufficient toys and beds- Allow the kids to play independently with the toys and these should be abundant in numbers and also care has to be taken for their food and allocating sufficient time for their rest so that kids remain active throughout the session.
    5) Courteous and responsive - The guardians may have different queries and the problems of each and every one should be sorted out amicably.
    6) Installation of cameras for the visibilities of the activities going inside the school - premises is important to regain the confidence of the guardians.

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