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    I am Worried about my career option.

    Do you need suggestion for good career after pursuing B Sc (IT) and not comfortable with the present private job? Then check here to know what our experts say about it.

    I am working as a private teacher. Is it a good career? I work in a affiliated school and earn approx 20000 pm after working for 12 to 13 hrs daily. Should I continue with same profession or think about to change? I did my graduation in B.Sc IT.
    Please suggest me the best option for my bright future.
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  • As you are working as a private teacher. Yes it is a good career.You work in a affiliated school and earn approx 20000 pm after working for 12 to 13 hrs daily. Yes you can continue with same profession or you can change also depends upon you to work in school or in college. if you want to go to college the you can try postgraduate in part time or distance education, You can also give exams for government jobs like banking jobs, government jobs, IAS, you can also give GATE exam etc

  • After graduation all sort of competitive examinations are open to you like state administrative services, entry level posts in PSUs, bank examinations and many more like that.

    If you can acquire a distance learning masters degree while continuing in present job then you can think of switching to other line also.

    Is teaching your line of interest, if yes you can pursue your masters and then try for lectureship in some college.

    Do not leave your present job in anticipation of another because this is giving you an opportunity to read and learn while teaching and this is a good thing if you want to appear in competitive exams.

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  • Hi,
    As per my knowledge, B.Sc IT is considered as a professional course but that is in IT field or I can say in IT based companies. So I would like to ask you whether you are interested in teaching or doing the same due t some personal reasons?
    If you are interested in the same, you ca continue the same job and pursue B.Ed through distance learning. This will allow getting some better government teaching jobs with higher salary.
    Another option is to pursue post graduation that you can do in Education or M.Ed, or any other equivalent course. After post graduation, you can excellent teaching jobs in colleges that too with very good salary.
    If you are not interested in teaching job, I would suggest you to pursue the post graduation in your own field and then try to get a job in IT sector itself. If you will secure grades, you will definitely get a good paying job. There are many institutes providing job placement services after completion of the course.
    If you have a money or time constraint, you ca join some short term course just to brush up your IT skills. These institutes also have patch up with IT companies and can assist you in getting a good job.


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  • You have completed your graduation and working as teacher in a private school and earning up to Rs.20,000/-. Teaching a good profession. My sincere suggestion to you is complete B.Ed. You can do B.Ed by correspondence course also. I think some universities are providing this facility of correspondence course. If it is not possible, join in a college and complete B.Ed. Once you complete this, chances are very bright to get teacher post in government schools or Zilla parishad schools. Pay is very good nowadays to teachers. You will have leisure time after and before school hours. You can utilise that time for giving tuitions to students and that will add additional income to you. If it is possible you can run small computer center in your place also.
    The other option is to try for a IT job. But with B.Sc IT options will be less and you may have to go for MCA to get a good job. These days IT jobs are not very high and working hours will be more.
    Another option is to go for competitive examinations and join in banks or other institutions.
    If I have to take a call , I will opt for B.Ed.

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  • Your career selection now is a relevant one and there is nothing wrong in it. The question is can there be better opportunities.

    Having joined a job, you have now two options in front of you.

    1. To continue in the same career, update and enhance knowledge and qualification and progress up in the same career.(but changing employer f needed)

    2. To apply for other open job options for which graduation is the basic eligibility.

    If you select to continue in the teaching job, you may also try to apply and join a government institution or an established and reputed institution, where the job is permanent and more stable and good chance for career growth and steadily increasing compensation .

    Even while continuing in the present job try to get post graduate qualifications which can help get promotion and higher salary. That may also help getting job in colleges.

    Of course tings also depend on your age, your own interest and family circumstances.If you have not passed the highest age limit for other open jobs, then you may try those options also and leave only when you get a better job.

  • Since you are already in the teaching job and have accumulated experience in the same line and therefore I advise you to acquire a degree in B.Ed which will ultimately widen your career in the teaching line. In case, you feel the paucity of time, you may consider the option of under taking the same through distance mode from IGNOU. Quality - content of the course and recognition of the degree are at par with any other universities prevailing in our country. Moreover, there are a lot of demand of such teachers having specialised qualification such as B.Ed to their credit. Emolumements, too, would be attractive on joining a Government High School after having acquired B. Ed qualification.
    As far as your consideration of B.SC in IT is concerned, this qualification alone would not be sufficient to grab an attractive job in IT field. It must be backed by a post - graduate qualification such as MCA from a renowned Institute in order to get a job in IT field. At present recession is going on in IT field and hence even after devoting substantial time to acquire B.Sc in IT and MCA, you will have to struggle a lot to get a prestigious job in the IT field.
    You need to analyse the issues in a rational way prior to taking a final decision with respect to choice of your career.

  • If you are really interested in teaching line then there are two options for you one is you do BEd through correspondence course in which case you can get a regular teaching job in a good college. The other option is to go for Masters in some subject of your interest and then try to get a job of lecturer in a university or college.

    There is another thing which you can consider for your career. That is to go for some good technical course in computers and then try for a job in computer industry. There are many areas like animation, web design, enterprise resource planning, android systems etc in which one can try for job in the industry.

    As you are already in job you will have to put extra efforts for any course part time or through correspondence.

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  • What is your top priority, money or profession? I don't think you are earning less money. You are a newbie and you are not earning that bad. Once you gain teaching experience of few years your salary can be double.
    But if you are not satisfied with your job and want to switch to some other sector then you can but I don't know what should I suggest you.
    You have no told even a single word about your area of interest. There are tons of career options after graduation.
    You should have specified in which sector you are looking for career option.

  • It depends on what you want to do. It is always better to pursue a career that you like because you will be doing it for the rest of your life.

    As I see it, you have a basic degree in the IT field, but you have not utilised it to the fullest, by not entering the IT sector. The IT sector is in any case showing a dip. Jobs are few, people are being sent home. And with automation taking over, there is a lot of uncertainty revolving around the IT sector. Teaching is a good profession and salaries in reputed schools can be higher.

    You have a basic degree in IT and have been working as a teacher. Making a transition into a different field will require a lot of effort and it could be difficult to secure a job in a field of choice. My suggestion is that you learn new skills, depending on what you want to do. If you prefer to remain in the teaching profession it would make sense to get a B. Ed degree. With the work experience you have and a professional degree in hand you will improve your chances of landing a teaching job that pays better.

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  • You have to go with your passion. If you are really interested to work as a teacher and your income is manageable, you can continue with your teacher job. Otherwise you can apply for any I.T job in companies. It requires lot of skill-set and also you have to update your knowledge as per industry expectations.

    You need to be well versed in any programming language and also in logical thinking. You should understand that you have to adapt as per the industry expectations on frequent intervals. So, if you are ready with the above skill-set, you can apply for I.T job.

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