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    Lime and cloves mosquito repellent does it work?

    Trying for a natural remedy to work as a mosquito repellent? Then find out from our experts here to know about the best options.

    The fear of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes is increasing more, malaria, dengue Fever, yellow fever are becoming deadly diseases. My friend suggested me to use lime and cloves as natural mosquito repellent. I want to know, do actually mosquitoes fly away in the presence of lemon and cloves ? what are the other natural ways of keeping mosquitoes away?
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  • There are many popular natural methods to repel the mosquitoes and lemon and cloves is one of them. In this method cloves are half inserted in half cut lemon and lemon is kept on a table.

    Other are -
    1. A few camphor tabs in half a glass water and keep it in open place.
    2. Eat garlic in foods, it will help you to repel them from you.
    3. Spray of basil leaves, water and little alcohol boiled and cooled down.

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  • Some of the natural mosquito repellants are mentioned below:-

    (a) Cinnamon oil: Cinnamon oil can kill off mosquito eggs. It can also act as a repellent against adult mosquitoes.
    (b) Lavender: Crushed lavender flowers produce a fragrance and oil which repel mosquitoes.
    (c) Lemon and Eucalyptus oil: Lemon and eucalyptus oils are well-known natural mosquito repellents.
    (d) Neem oil: Apply neem oil to the skin which keeps mosquitoes away.

    However, lime and clove based repellants may not be very effective.

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  • Yes Lime and cloves mosquito repellent works. There are few natural ways to repellent mosquitoes are :-
    1. neem oil as it acts as a great indoor mosquito-repellent.
    2. the mixture of lemon oil and eucalyptus oil is extremely effective in repelling mosquitoes
    3. Light camphor in a room it will effective in repelling mosquitoes
    4. Tulsi also acts as a great indoor mosquito-repellent.
    5. Garlic prevent numerous diseases caused by these parasites.
    6. Tea tree oil is very powerful antibacterial and anti fungal agent
    7. mint oil and the mint extract is as effective as any other indoor mosquito repellent.
    8. Lavender smell also effective in mosquito repellent.
    9. Citronella oil also prevent mosquito

  • There are many natural remedies which are claimed to be repellent for mosquitoes. People use them left and right though they are not scientifically proved or authenticated. They are based on observation by some people at times not by all people at all times.

    Anyway as per data available at various sources there are certain materials which may be not congenial to the mosquitoes.

    Some of these materials are camphor, basil, garlic, cloves, citrus materials, lemongrass oil, citronella oil, witch hazel, catnip herb, lavender, been oil etc which when used as an ingredient for mosquito repellent may work. There are many combination of above and different products are marketed by companies.

    Some of the companies mix the real chemical to these natural formulations which is responsible for repellent action and in that case it is not a natural remedy.

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  • Lime and clove can be used as mosquito repellents.

    Mosquitoes reach us by our body odour. If we can prevent our body odour reaching mosquitoes, then w can be free of mosquito bites. The best way is to mask our natural body odour by using some other scent which will mask our natural odour. This can be done by directly applying a perfume,scent on our body or keeping such aromatic substances and enabling that smell to fill the room either by evaporation or fumigation. We were all using such natural methods by hanging a bunch of aromatic basil leaves at the door entrance, by fumigating the rooms using the natural substance which we use for our pooja and other rituals.(Camphor, agar bathi etc).

    Modern mosquito repellents use these basic principle and additionally add a chemical that is disliked or harmful to the mosquitoes. Those chemicals are administered in smaller doses which will be sufficient inactivate or drive away mosquitoes for some period, but not harmful to humans.

    As lime and clove produce aroma and can mask our body odour they serve as mosquito repellents.

    As mosquitoes are more active during the evening twilight time, the tradition of smoking the rooms by using camphor or agarbathi has come. Fumigation for sometime drives away the mosquitoes. Then closing the doors and windows will keep the room free of mosquitoes for the night. Our tradition is to close the windows and doors of all rooms except the entrance door during the twilght when we light lamps and also light agarbathi etc and do the ritual of Deepaaradhana (aarati) with different lamps and camphor. The same can be consciously followed for repelling mosquitoes .
    Keeping a few cloves of garlic crushed in the room can also repel mosquitoes, but it may be repelling to us too.

    It is effective if we clean the floors in the evenings using an aromatic floor cleaner ,( lemon grass oil can be one such natural ingredient). However the mosquitoes are not fully driven out, once the aroma or scent tapers off, the mosquitoes will do their biting duty again. It is here that the modern repellents enable a mosquito free sleep for full night, as they have steady supply of the chemicals slowly permeating and staying long.

    Once the liquid in the liquid vaporiser repellent is empty, we can use neem oil mixed with a little camphor. That will also do the same use ,in a natural way.

    Elsewhere I have mentioned that even talcum powder can be used to repel mosquitoes from biting us.(Please refer forum thread:"SOS - give me back my sleep!".

  • For mosquito repellent safe homemade method which are also tried and tested with 100% results are:-
    1. One can burn camphor in good knight machine, surely repells the mosuitoes.
    2. Mix neem oil and camphor 1:1 ratio and fill in good knight bottle and use instead of good knight refill.
    3. Apply oil on body' exposed part very well. One can use either mustard oil or coconut oil.
    4. Keep your surroundings neat and clean.

  • There are many mosquito repellents that are made from natural herbs and plants. Basically they are all essential oils. There is No FDA approval for these oils. So when you want to purchase these items please go for reputed manufacturers only. Essential oils will cause burning sensation to the skin, So pure oil with out any base oil should not be applied on skin. These items may cause irritation to some individuals. So before you apply on your body, what you should do is you have to conduct a spot test. Take a small quantity and apply on your body on a small point lightly and wait for about 30 minutes. If there is irritation. red scratch, bumpy skin or swelling, don't use that item for your body. These precautions are to be followed without fail.
    All mosquito repellent synthesised will have diethyl toluamide or picaridin. These chemicals will have some side effects on human body. So it is advisable to go for natural products by taking the precautions mentioned earlier
    Lime and clove is a good mosquito repellent. This mixture will produce a smell which will mask the smell of our body, hence it is a good repellent.
    Mosquitos will get attracted to our body because of its smell. By applying some oils to our body and mask our original smell, mosquitoes will go away from you. The following can be tried in addition to lime and clove oil.
    Lemon eucalyptus oil: You have mix 1 part of this oil with 10 parts of sunflower oil. This mixed oil can be applied on your body. It will give 90% protection from these insects.
    Similarly you can use lavender flowers oil. You can crush the flower and this oil can be applied to body. This oil is analgesic,antifungal and antiseptic. It is good to skin.
    Cinnamon oil: this will kill eggs of almost all insects. This will repel the adult mosquitoes. You can mix 1 spoon full cinnamon oil in around 500 ml water. This fluid can be sprayed on the body or in the room or around your house.
    Soybean oil : It will also provide protection from these insects. you have to mix soybean oil with lemongrass.
    Neem oil is also acts as a repellent and provide protection up to 70%.

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  • Very good query as per the recent situation around. As it is monsoon season there are chances for mosquito's to grow more in number. But along with mosquito repellent its better to prevent from mosquito's growing. Few precautionary methods
    1) Please don't allow any stagnant water near your surroundings.
    2) If there is any storage of water for your requirement then please close it with lid so that mosquito's cannot accumulate.
    3) Keep the surroundings clean.
    4) Close the windows and doors of your home between 5 PM to 7 PM, because those are the peak time where mosquito's enter your house.
    5) Keep your house clean daily especially behind curtains, below the cot.
    6) Don't allow water to stand below your pots.

    Now let me tell you about the natural repellents that works and which I am using at home.
    1) Always lit cup sambrani dhoop's especially in the evening from 5 to 7 PM.
    2) Vaporize your house with nilgiri oil i,e if you have vaporizer then add few drops of nilgiri oil to the water.
    3) Take a used empty repellent bottle fill neem oil and put some crushed few camphor tablets. Mix them well and use it in your repellent machine all 24 hours at your home.
    4) In a bowl add few camphor and keep it in a corner in your house. Due to that smell mosquito's will not come.
    5) You can apply mosquito repellent cream herbal which is available in the market.
    6) In a bowl of water if you add few drops of vinegar will also give good effect as mosquito repellent.
    7) If there is too many mosquito's then its better you use mosquito bat which is easily available in market .
    Above all the tips you can use sambrani dhoop for best effective result against mosquito's
    Regarding your query of lime and clove mosquito repellent I had read that it is effective as mosquito repellent but I have never used it practically to tell you more. These are the tips which use regularly at my home to keep mosquito's away.

  • Frankly, most of the things suggested as remedies in the posts above can be effective, but are also expensive. The essential oils mentioned above are priced high.

    Instead, I recommend some plants that actually repel mosquitoes and other insects and also purify the air.

    1. Nochi plant called 'Nirgundi' in Hindi and Vitex Negundo in English is known to repel plants. The plant is hardy and will grow anywhere. You can plant saplings in your garden, balcony or terrace and they will keep mosquitoes away. They can be grown in pots as well. In fact, a few years back the Tamil Nadu Government had planted Nochi across localities in Chennai. It is safe and does not pose any risks, further you are assured of greenery and better air in your house.
    2. Marigold – This plant is also an excellent mosquito repellent. Grow a few plants in and around your house to keep mosquitoes away.
    3. Kapooravalli – If you have a kapooravalli plant at home, just keep a few leaves lying around the house. The strong smell of the leaves will keep the mosquitoes from entering the house.
    4. Mint – Keep a few mint sprigs in a glass of water to ward off mosquitoes

    Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to mop the floor. The powerful smell will deter mosquitoes.

    Shut doors and windows just before sunset and open them only after the sun goes down, and it gets dark. That is the time these insects invade homes.

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