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    How to join in Table Tennis Opens?

    Interested in playing Table Tennis Opens? Looking out for the detailed information and how to join Opens? Here, you can read suggestions and advice from experts.

    I play Table Tennis well. I and my brother want to join any Table Tennis tournament. I find information about Opens in December. So I want to know their rules and want to know how to join Opens.
    Can you information and rules of Table Tennis Open?
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  • If you are interested to play table tennis in a professional way and want to make it your career then you have to join some local club and try to enrol for district level matches. This requires coaching also if you want to understand the various subtlities of this game. If you can get a good coach who is well known for coaching of state level players then you can approach him.

    Meanwhile try to improve your game by playing with better players than you so that you can pick up their techniques.

    Once you are performing nicely at district level matches you can try for state level matches by registering from them as and when they are announced. You can keep a tab on online information regarding future state level or national level tournaments which are scheduled for next 6 months or sometimes one year. By seeing these informations you can decide where you can participate.

    Please remember that before participating in a tournament there is generally a preliminary match where only good players will be going ahead to fight with each other in the main tournament. So if you do not improve your game till that time it will be difficult to go ahead due to this screening process.

    In some districts there is a panel of experts or managers who select their good players or rather top players for participation in various state or national level matches and even sponsor them.

    Knowledge is power.

  • As I used to play tennis during my school days I wish to say some few rules which I know.
    1)The tennis ball must be kept on an open hand palm.
    2) The tennis ball must be tossed up to 6 inches and struck so that the ball will first struck the server's side and then the opposite side or opposite game person to put his shot.
    3) If the server's side is legal except and if the ball touches the net It is called let serve and these serve are reserved and they don't have any scores.
    Now joining to the open table tennis tournament it is better to consult any experienced TT coach near by you. He will be able to guide you more better and also help to enter the tournament. To enter the tournament there are few entry level's as per their norms. I am posting a link below from TTFI[ Table Tennis Federation of India], this is give the basic information and guidelines to how to enter table tennis open tornament.

  • There is no formal route for becoming a good table tennis player and play in a tournament. What is basically required is proficiency in the game.
    If one is having a good grip of the game and can challenge the senior players who have appeared in tournaments then he can very well register for district level or state level matches which are scheduled time to time and are well publicised in the media.
    What I will suggest is join some local sports club where table tennis is a prominent activity and start playing in local matches. Once your are doing well you will be in the eyes of the managers or president of tennis players association and they may suggest and help you in participating in higher level matches.
    Please remember the quality and level of the game will decide whether you will be able to niche a career in this line or not.
    If your game develops to a very good level there will be immense opportunities to register in state level or national level tournaments where after qualifying rounds you can play the real matches.
    Best of luck.

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  • First of all, you need to analyse a few important considerations prior to be a successful player in the table tennis. View the tips as suggested by me-
    1) Give a wide publicity of your mission in your city/ town. You may advertise your mission and invite the like minded enthusiasts to join in a group to be formed by you where these aspirants would take active parts in the game.
    2) Secure co- operation from the Principal of the schools of your township apart from the VIP's of your areas. You may invite them to see the progress of the play when organised by you.
    3) You need to deploy an experienced coach will train and encourage the players so that they can deliver best performance.
    4) Start playing with the players of different towns and cities and earn a rapport for your distinguished shows.
    5) Encourage your players to take active roles while playing in the District - level matches. Prior to this, they would require vigiouous practice in the tennis play to show their best shots.
    6) Consistent successful demonstration would motivate your players for showing their outstanding performance in the play and in that way, they can win the matches organised for the state - level as well.

  • Nowadays, table tennis has evolved to a high technical standard. You must be able to spend hours each day mastering strokes, strategy, and especially looping. As you are good tennis player you should focus on your game.For this you need a professional coach to start. Just someone who's been playing longer and better than your current level. Coaches tend to have a lot of competitive experience that you can learn from.You must be able to compete on an international level. Start small with a local club. Then work your way to regional and national competitions.Join a good table tennis academy and start preparing. Attend all state ranking tournaments and keep improving your game until you win a couple of state tournaments and then go to national and try to make it to the Indian team.

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