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    Ph D from Sharada University worth it or not?

    Having a doubt about the validity of Ph D from Private Universities. Just go though the suggestions posted by our experts here.

    I want to pursue Ph D in Environmental Science either from Amity Noida or Sharada University. But I am confused is it worth of spending 3 to 4 years of Ph D in Sharda or Amity? I saw many have posted that Ph D from any Private Institute has no weightage whether it is a recognised from UGC or not. Sharada is a UGC recognised university.
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  • Sharada University is a private university in Noida. It has UGC recognition and other institutes also. It is a well known university. I heard they have branches in other countries also. They offer different courses in various streams. They have engineering and science courses in Graduate level, post graduate level and doctorate level also. As the university is recognised by UGC and it is having all required recognition and also have good infra structure and facilities there is no problem in pursuing your Ph.D from this University. Amity University is also a good university.

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  • My answers are as under:-

    (a) Both Sharada University and Amity University are UGC-recognised university. But both universities are private universities.
    (b) After completion of PhD in Environmental Science, you will get exemption from appearing in NET for lectureship, just like PhD degree holders from any other recognised university.
    (c) You would get equal opportunity like any other PhD degree-holder in the same subject (i.e., Environmental Science) in any specialised job in the same field.
    (d) Like other PhD degree holders, no special benefit/weightage would be given to you in case you appear in Indian Civil Services or any other examination conducted by various recruitment agencies of the Government.

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  • It is not very clear from your question what you want to pursue after doing PhD. Anyway as these universities are recognised from UGC there is no problem in taking up a PhD pursuit from there.
    If you are interested in lecturer job in a Govt or private college this will be very helpful to you as PhD persons get the advantage of higher qualification. Further, after getting some experience they can guide the students for research projects.
    There is one more possibility that there are many departments or private organisation where people having degree or doctoral qualification in environmental science are absorbed in various capacities. You can consider this aspect also for your job planning.

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  • Sharda university located in Noida is a private university. However the infrastructure is excellent and as a result of this, you would get conducive environment to sustain your Ph.D. activities in the Environmental - engineering. You would get competent and able professors to guide you in your project. In that way, you can save your precious time which you would have devoted otherwise in different activities - searching different journals to get inputs of your subject or giving considerable time in the library in order to get valuable inputs in the subject. Hence it is always a boon to get conducive environment and reputed professors for the accomplishment of Ph.D.
    Recognition of an university through UGC is an essential condition so that your Ph.D degree gets acceptance for all practical purposes. Wipe out your confusion and carry on your research - work in the same university for your future - prospects.

  • It all depends on your basic qualification. Don't try to judge the book by its cover. You have not mentioned about your Graduation and Post-graduation details such as the college and the stream. Pursuing PhD would be a value addition to your basic course which matters.

    Coming to the point of doubt about how good it would be to do your PhD either in Sharada University or Amity University. Both are reputed institutes in India and UGC recognised. It's your choice to select the best one that suits you. To pursue PhD, you have to select a suitable Guide and a good topic for research and finally the University that awards PhD comes into picture. Since you have asked a specific question, I would say it would be better if you could secure a seat in JNU.


  • You must have some plan for job or some profession after doing this particular PhD. This has been not seen clearly in your question. Anyway regarding doing PhD from a recognized institute is a good proposition and the discipline is also very contemporary. Only thing is if you get a good subject for your thesis and of course a good and reputed guide you can complete it with flying colours.

    After completing the thesis and its award you can look forward to teaching line in general and joining an organisation which requires that type of specialization in particular.

    There are particular type of job opportunities for this type of qualification and some of them are -
    Environmental manager, Environmental consultant, Nature conservation officer, Water quality scientist, Recycling executive, Sustainability consultant, Nature conservation officer, Waste management executive and Environmental education officer.

    Those are some areas of interest and if you have plans to start your own consulting or join some existing entrepreneurship entity then that is fine.

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  • Both Sharada University and Amity University are UGC-recognised private universities. Ph.D in Environmental Science course is aimed to create high quality research professionals with experience in handling instruments, research data, and techniques, apply statistical analysis and produce research outcomes in terms of national and international publications.AMITY University is the no 1 private university founded by Dr ashok chauhan.The university follows UG regulations which is excellent in academic programs such as Study abroad program in which any student can take part.Amity has higher and secure administration.After completion of PhD in Environmental Science from any university you will get exemption from appearing in NET for lectureship.Amity University is best for doing Phd

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