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    Writing a Good Blog: The Essential Requirements

    Do you want to know the requirement for a good blog? Then check here to know from our ISC experts.

    In this question, I want to get my doubts cleared about the blogs. How do http and https affect the blog's visitors or blog creators? How to create the blog more popular, and finally the qualities and the writing methods using keywords and also what does the word 'Label' mean for blogs? etc.
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  • Creating a blog is not very difficult. But attracting more traffic to the blob is difficult. I feel that the following points are to be taken care for a good blog.
    1.The topic you place in the blog should be a new topic or a old topic which is written in a different way.
    2. The topics you write for the blog should be from the subject in which you have lot of expertise and in depth knowledge. If somebody says the matter is not correct, you should be able prove your point.
    3. If the topic you choose is about a topic useful to many you will have more traffic to your blog.
    4.You should spend more time in collecting the information require for the topic and you should be able to understand the subject fully. Then you can make a write up on that subject. can write different topics and ideas but maintain a specific style of writing for all the topics, so that people can identify you.
    6,Circulate your blog more and more using various social media and apps.
    7.If readers are placing any questions make a habit of answering the questions. Try to have more interaction with the readers through social media or chatting.
    8. Be observing the trend of visitors. If the visitors are increasing it will be good. Otherwise see how to make it more attractive.
    9. Important point is to select good key words so that your topic will become search engine friendly.
    By following the above points you can try to improve your blog.

    always confident

  • Let's answer your questions one by one.

    1 . The requirement for the HTTPS was forced by Google Chrome browser on the websites. They want to accept clean websites with HTTPS. This way they want to avoid the users accessing malicious websites who spy on the user forms and data. That's one reason they want every normal and commercial website and blogs to have HTTPS as this helps keeps the form data secure. In 2019 onwards Google would be giving warnings on page for not having HTTPS and may restrict users from getting registered on such sites.

    2. Blog popularity depends on niche and the promotion. You have to promote your blog in niche forums and other niche places. This way you'd be able to get the content to the right set of people.

    3. Increase the number of shares as that helps reaching more people to the content. You can promote your content to blogs, forums and the social media.

    4. Writing style is something you have to work on slowly. You can't have it overnight. For this to improve you have to read a lot and experiment a lot. That's the way this can be learned. Make sure to practice your style slowly in each post.

    5. If you are writing for American users pay attention to Newyork journalism manual style. And if you're writing for other english users who make use of British english, then make use of relevant english style. The difference would be noticeable to each audience.

    As you can see these are some of the points you should keep in mind while having blog and content out on the web.

  • This is a question which many new bloggers as well as some old bloggers who are not successful in attracting traffic often ask and answering this requires a thorough analysis.

    HTTP and HTTPS are basically for same path the only difference is HTTPS is secured and allows security in visiting these pages. All pages will in near future will be starting with HTTPS to follow the secured protocol.

    Coming to the blog issue there are many things which are required to be understood and implemented to popularise a blog. People visit internet for specific informations and if some of them are provided in your blog in the best possible way they will repeatedly visit your blog.

    Other important thing is the subjects which you are covering in your blog. There are many bloggers depicting same thing in their blogs and therefore there is enormous multiplicity of content in internet.

    In such a situation it becomes really a difficult task for a newcomer to increase traffic to his blog.

    Inspite of this there are various techniques and guidelines which can be adhered to make ones blog more prominent than others. Some of them are -
    1. Consistency of subjects and issues:
    A blog should not jump from one thing to another in a haphazard fashion. It should stick to the topics and subjects for which it was intended and to which it's name indicates.
    2. Quality of content: It is expected that the blog should not only be high quality in its language and syntex but also the content of the blog should be of superior quality. This is one of the utmost important point.
    3. Proper advertising links: A blog having links to various advertising platforms like Google Adsense, Info links etc will have better revenue generation capability. Other non revenue links like Google+, facebook etc are also beneficial for increasing the traffic.
    4. Continuous feeding of data, information and articles: One has to continuously give new articles and information in the blog because the visitors will be expecting new material and that will be a point of attraction for them.

    Making a blog popular is similar to running your new shop successfully in a crowded market place where already a large number of shops are operating.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Writing a blog is no way different from writing for a magazine. When many people send their writings for publication in a magazine the editor selects the best of lot and they are published and circulated and read by so many readers.
    Same thing is happening in the world of blogging. It is a virtual world where we are submitting our writings through our blog and depending upon the visits to it some people will read it. If it is very good, people will come again and again and more people will join the fray.
    So basically a blog requires two main things for its success - presentation and content.
    The presentation part consists of language, sequencing, placement of articles in their proper places, place for comments and feedback etc.
    Content is more important as it is the main attraction force. People come to net only for two reasons either to entertain with idle surfing or to search a requisite data. If they get their item of choice they will remember your blog for a long time and will keep it in their favourute list.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • To write a good blog you must do following steps :-

    >> First you must understand your audience that you want to focus
    >> Start blog with a topic and working title
    >> Write a short summary about the blog
    >> Organize your content
    >> Use features images and videos to make your blog more impressive
    >> Visual Appearance of the blog must be impressing
    >> Insert a call-to-action (CTA) at the end
    >> Optimize your blog on-page SEO
    >> Pick a catchy title for blog hat will grab the attention of your readers

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