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    Upload a video on YouTube but how to monetized (money) and google AdSense create website

    How to upload a video on YouTube and get the monetary benefits? Here are the few tips suggested by our experts and check from this page.

    I need help,I upload a video in you tube but monetization not eligible is shown and also create a account of google ad scene but not show in payment address submit button.

    So how to upload a video in YouTube and how to monetized with all correct procedure any one help me and let me know the Step by step procedure.
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  • YouTube requires original content that you own or creative commons video content. This content can be uploaded through YouTube uploader. The content needs to have around 10k views in order to be monetized for entire account. So once monetization is enabled, your video views and the ad clicks will earn you adsense money. This adsense money will be shown in adsense account.

    Follow these steps:
    1. If you are yet to create adsense account, I suggest opening YouTube account first instead.
    2. Start posting your videos on the channel. Make sure channel has attractive names.
    3. Don't copy video content from other channels, that' eventually gets your YouTube account banned.
    4. After you make youtube channel, upload the videos. And make sure you get total 10K views for entire channel. This way you can be eligible for the monetization.
    5. After monetization requirement reached, youtube sends invite for adsense monetization.
    6. Sign for adsense account and then connect the account to youtube after approval.
    7. If your youtube earnings cross 100$ a month, you'd be able to get paid through NEFT in your bank account.

    Hope this helps start with the YouTube and monetization.

  • Upload video in you tube is very simple the steps are mentioned when you upload a video it self. But uploading a video in you tube will suddenly not pay you. You have to wait for your tariff to increase and then only you can see your payments. To have good tariff you must post the video in many advertising sites. To earn in youtube is not a easy task.
    Steps to upload a video in you tube
    1) Create a google ad sense account.
    2) Open in browser page and even create a account there also.
    3) Click upload at the top of the page.
    4) Before uploading be sure that your video is not copied or not illegal advertising any product . Please read the terms and conditions.
    5) Select the video which you would like to upload.
    6) When your uploading you will also have an opportunity to change the effects or any editing to your video.
    7) Click publish to finish uploading and select public so that your video is easily available in internet.
    8) To have better tariff you can share your video in any social media which you like.
    9) If you don't click publish your video will not be available.
    10) The steps of uploading will take you to monetize page and you can monetize you video with google adsense.

  • After entering in YouTube channel with your email account, there is an option to monetize the YouTube videos. For that AdSense account is must to associate with YouTube account.

    It is very easy to get AdSense approved with aid of ISC. For a blog to get AdSense approved it takes more than six months. After getting AdSense account, we can monetize YouTube and revenue sharing websites using AdSense account.

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