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    Change in career with B.Tech in E&C and IT experience

    Want to switch careers from an IT job in the private sector to the government sector or to a teaching career? Know from experts whether you should go in for a PG course to make the switch and the other options you have.

    I have done B.Tech in Electronics & Communications in 2007 and since then am working in IT sector with top Indian IT industries in data warehousing domain. It's been almost 10 years in IT sector now.

    I want to change my current career path either to teaching line or getting some good job in he Govt. sector, maybe in IT line only. Is is possible now?

    If I must go for a post graduation course, then which stream and course to choose? I am confused now for my future.

    Please provide guidance.
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  • As per your query is concerned you have to good experience in your career because you have mentioned that you are working in top IT Industries. I suggest you to continue there only for your better future. Suppose if your willing to change then to teaching career keep some points in mind-
    1) Decide the subject you wish to teach.
    2) Learn the depth of the particular subject that you wish to teach.
    3) Search for teaching job vacancy for your particular subject.
    4) To have an experience in teaching first join small institutes for teaching your preferred subjects.
    Now about your post graduation and changing the line.
    I think its better for you to continue in your same line which your right know i,e IT. This has a lot of scope in IT field.You can even do post graduation in the same line and also apply for teaching job's in IT institutes. Finally to have a government job there is a age limit and certain qualification are required to apply a job. Suppose if your interested in other line which is helpful to have govt job then do a detail research of that post and the line which you want to shift.
    For any job we need a dedication and hard work to have success.

  • For a career in teaching you should have a post graduation. Then only you will become eligible to get UGC scales and full payment. Some private colleges offer teaching assts to graduates with very less salary. So if you want to ho for teaching you should complete your post graduation. You can do your post graduation in computer science and can become a lecturer in college. Chances of getting post in government colleges is difficult. But you will definitely get in private colleges. While working you can go for your Ph.D., so that you will improve your chances for promotions.
    If you don't want to go for PG and still you want to go for teaching, there is another way also. You have to get admitted to B.Ed course. Once you complete this course you will be eligible for a teacher post in all government and private schools. You can opt for Mathematics in B.Ed so that you will become a maths teacher in government schools. You can earn extra money also by taking classes at home to students.
    But the financials you have to work. As a computer professional with more than 10 years in a top Indian IT you may be getting a very good remuneration. It will not get compensated in any of these two professions as far as my knowledge goes. If I have to take a call, I will continue in the same line but shift company.
    All the best to you.

    always confident

  • Considering your length of experience in the IT service which you have accumulated so far, any shift from the present assignment will spoil your career and in this competitive world, you have to face a lot of inconvenience to show your skills and potentials in the area which you are likely to choose.
    Assuming that you are likely join as a lecturer in an Engineering - college on the strength of your qualification, you have to meet the Principals of some private Engineering - colleges and then you have to submit your resume furnishing all your particulars and since you have zero experience in the teaching field, your emoluments would not be attractive. You have to acquire M.Tech with a minimum percentage of 55 so that you may face NET - a test essential to be selected as a lecturer in a Goverment - engineering college. With the passage of time, Ph.D degree has to be secured in order to achieve faster promotion in the teaching line.
    The other alternative could be to join a coaching institute to impart coaching to the aspirants intending to clear engineering competitive tests. You need to show your subject command in any one of the subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. After satisfying the interview- board, you may start as a coaching teacher with some respectable emoluments though it may not be higher which you are drawing currently. Again with your consistent performance in your related area, you may get a substantial hike in your pay in future.
    Whatever area you choose, you have to make consistent effort to retain your image and hence think of betterment in your present area- by undergoing some advanced training in your area or accept the sponsor - programme provided by the management and in that way, you would have a better openings of promotional - channels in the IT field.

  • Thanks all for your valuable inputs. They mean a lot to me.
    I understand that its not easy to go into teaching line with my current experience and qualification since I will have to start from scratch to change the career path now.
    Will it be possible to go for any correspondence course in B.Ed. (may be in Mathematics) or any other correspondence PG course in computer/IT so that I don't have to leave my current job.
    Once course in complete then I may look for options in teaching. If I get a decent job in teaching line then only I will leave my current company.
    Or else I can start looking for options in my current company to change career path inside the organisation.

    Thanks in advance.

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