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    Career path guidance after B.Tech.

    Not happy with your current job and need guidance for a better career having graduated in B.Tech.? Check out the expert suggestions provided below to getting on to the right career path.

    I completed my B.Tech. in 2015. Thereafter I got a job in MNC BPO. I wasn't aware what a BPO is before joining. After knowing, I quit my job and planned for MS which I failed and I have wasted about a year in the process. Now I joined another company for very less salary. It is a non technical and not a BPO job. I tried for technical jobs but failed in all attempts. I hate my job now and don't know what to do with my career. Please suggest what to do with my career.
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  • You have already done your BTech and trying for a technical job.
    Please try to find out what is your aptitude and what is exactly meant by a technical job. Only reparing machineries or designing new technical items or operating scientific equipment etc is not a technical job. There is a wrong concept that until unless someone is not directly involved with scientific or technical machineries or equipment it is not a technical job.
    If you exactly pin point your aptitude then only you will be able to search a suiting one.
    If you have aptitude for teaching line you can very well try that and if not in Govt sector you can search in private one. If you are much inclined for operating machineries and equipment you have to search in manufacturing or maintenance companies.
    On the other hand if you have interest in computer networking or software side you can increase your knowledge by completing a suitable course or diploma in web designing, data base, ERP related course, animation etc.
    These are some avenues where you can concentrate.
    No job is small or big. It is only the opportunity which will land you a good job. Even a small job is good for experience gain. You can increase your computer expertise by offering your know-how to your small organisation.
    Stick to a job for some time otherwise you will lose the experience which comes with it.
    If a job has enlarge elements of work that is multifarious activities take it and do not bother for salary.
    Please remember that until unless we increase our skills it will difficult to do a job successfully.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • You have not mentioned the branch in which you have completed your B.Tech. In the absence of that information, it will be difficult to advise you on the subject.
    BPO jobs are not good for generally technical graduates. You better try for a job in your core field. Generally after completing B.Tech many students try for jobs in IT companies either in programming or in testing or in maintenance. The jobs are good and payment is also good. You can try fro these jobs in good companies like Infosys. TCS etc. But they take more fresh candidates. But you have some experience show your experience and apply. You will stand a chance.
    Many manufacturing Industries also employ many Engineers. They take more Electrical, Mechanical or Electronics graduates. Basing on your specialisation you can apply and try.
    Some manufacturing industries take IT people also. You can try for it.
    Immediately post your resume in job portals like or etc. Look around for advertisements in all new papers.
    All the best to you

    always confident

  • As you have completed my B.Tech. in 2015 and after thatyou got a job in MNC BPO.After quitting BPO job you joined another company for very less salary. It is a non technical and not a BPO job. You didn't like your job and you need Career path guidance after B.Tech.You can do master degree after B.Tech.

    Courses available after doing B.Tech are :-

    >> M.Tech
    >> MBA
    >> MCA
    >> M.Phill
    >> B.ed
    >> M.Sc
    >> GATE

    You can also look for government and banking jobs.You can start preparing for government jobs, banking jobs, ssc jobs. students have a great chance and good scope in these jobs

  • I am not sure whether the second company you have joined has a technical department. As you are in a non technical role currently, if your company has a technical area try to move into that with the help of company contacts. The other option available to you is to analyze the scope of your current role. There are many non technical job roles today which may have good future or there can be few diversions which will help you to achieve a good level. So analyse your current role as well for other challenging positions. Also, do not stop attending interviews for technical companies. I am pretty sure you will find your interested area if you are following any of the above techniques.


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