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    How to give up BSNL broadband connection

    Fed up with poor services of BSNL for broadband connection? Know how to surrender it and get expert advice on which is the best Net connectivity provider with reasonable charges.

    For the past 3 months or more I am getting fed up with the BSNL broadband service. I have been paying net charges and rent every month without any service. Most of the time there is no net connectivity and I can't do any network related work, e.g., bill payment or content writing in any website like etc. That's why I have decided to give up BSNL connection. How to do so? Also, which net connection will be suitable for me so that I can get unlimited download at a very reasonable charge and can also get uninterrupted service.
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  • The market in respect of broad - band connection has been very competitive because of activities of a number of players such as Air - tel, Vodaphone, Ideaa, Aircel, BSNL etc. Of late, we have witnessed aggressive roles played by Reliance and there is swelling of large number of customers in the Reliance Net - work.
    Now in order to disconnect the BSNL broadband including the phone provided by this organisation, you have to approach the concerned official along with a written application followed by the hand - set of the phone to be submitted to the appropriate authority. In your application there should be clear mention of the disclosure of the broadband. Procure a copy from the concerned official indicating your submission of the phone - set. Then you need to meet other official where you have to submit the Demand - note earlier provided to you indicating the amount you submitted as a caution money and along with the original demand note, you are required to furnish a cancelled cheque. These two documents are submitted along with a permanent closure application. You would finally get an acknowledgment - slip from their end.
    The entire process would take a day or two. However, in case of misplacement of original demand note, you will be asked to submit an affidavit provided by the magistrate of the Civil - court. In that event, there is possibility of some delay for a couple of days.
    Choose the best player from the market ie Reliance Broad Band and there would not be any problem relating to connectivity. Jio - service for eighty - four days for Rs 399 is the best solution for uninterrupted service of connectivity.

  • Recently I have surrendered my BSNL broadband with phone. First you have to approach your BSNL office in your area and give them a requisition asking them to disconnect the phone service and broadband service. In that letter you can mention about the reasons for your request also. Once you have submitted they will ask you to pay whatever dues are there. Once you have paid the dues they will disconnect the phone from their exchange. Then you have to handover the handset and broadband equipment to them if it is provided by them. In my case both the phone set and broad band unit were purchased by me , I have not surrendered the same. Once it is surrendered they will give you a receipt for the payment you have made. You may have to make 2 or 3 trips to BSNL office for completing this work.

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  • As you are getting fed up with the BSNL broadband service and you have been paying net charges and rent every month without any service.You want to give up BSNL broadband connection then you must do following steps :-

    1.Visit the official BSNL self-care portal.
    2.Register yourself and sign in in BSNL portal
    3. After signing in you will be redirected to BSNL customer care portal.
    4. Then click on 'Service button located at the top left corner of your screen.
    5. After clicking the service button you will be redirected to a new page where you will see "Submit a Service Request." Click on that button.
    6. After that you wiasked for the Service ID and Request type (in this case disconnection) along with other basic information. Fill the details accordingly and click on submit to disconnect. Your request for disconnecting broadband will be registered and you get the message regarding it.

  • There is a simple procedure for surrendering your BSNL broadband connection. You have to apply in prescribed format or handwritten application for intimating BSNL that you are surrendering your broadband connection. The details and original receipt for security deposit will be required as supporting document for your claim for refund of security deposit. You can mention some reason also for surrendering it like you are not satisfied with their services or you are getting cheaper services else where etc. In the application form please write your bank details also for direct credit of your refund to your bank account.

    Now a days online facility is also available for submitting this application in BSNL site. Once you submit your application they will check it and issue an acknowledgement. It takes some time in processing of the application and in about 10 days time the money should come to your bank account. If there is any payment due on you they may adjust it from your security deposit.

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