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    Are videos and movies made without the consent of the actors?

    Wondering whether it is possible to make a video or film without the consent of those performing in it? Find out from this Ask Expert page how this is possible to do so.

    Nowadays many videos are being posted on YouTube and many of us are watching them. Similarly many movies also we watch. However, we come across many unethical and vulgar language and actions in some of them. All these are clearly being done with the consent of the participants only. Probably the participants with their urge for money are accepting and performing these actions.

    Is it possible to make a movie or video without enacting by participants and without their consent?
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  • Yes it's possible to get the video of the participants usually without their consent. This case however applies to the celebrities and the person has to identify as paparazi. This concept is common in US and few other countries. In case of india there are some privacy laws. And so he can't be charged under copyright law. However the person whose footage is captured is liable to sue the person who records video or takes images. In case if you choose to release the footage from the existing videos such as movies or TV series without the consent of the studio and the participants, then the legal case can be filed on you. So usually in such case you should avoid that.

  • No one has the right to capture anyone's identity without his or her consent. Even if it was done without the consent, he or she has no right over the content to use in any manner and may attract penal action. We come across many videos that are being done without the prior consent of the persons involved in the video. These are generally published only after taking their valid consent what ever might be reason to accept (void if they were threatened). But if the person choose not to accept, it may be problematic even if it wasn't published. Because, some persons may consider it too serious. There may be some exceptions (e.g. News related, persons in public domains) only upto certain extent. You can't use as u like.

  • Yes it is possible to make a video or film without the consent of those performing in it.i don't think legality would be a major issue with this, unless it ends up with him suing you for defamation of character or something crazy like that. If a video you've recorded features people who are readily identifiable and who haven't consented to being filmed, there's a chance they'll file a privacy complaint seeking its removal.Chances are those people will file another privacy complaint or report you for harassment.Technology make it possible to make video or film without the consent of those performing in it.For this they need video editor and many other software's are coming in market that do it.

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