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    Daily use of soya chunks are good or bad?

    Intersted in high protein foods? Searching for suggestions? Check out this page and get responses from experts to know about the harmful effect of soya and suggestions for other high protein foods.

    I am a vegetarian and doing Jgym every day. I have confusion about usage of soya products. I have heard that daily use of protein can create hormonal problems. I use daily 50gm of soya chunks. Will it really affect my hormones? Can you also suggest some high protein foods that are vegetarian?
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  • Soya is considered to be a good food for vegetarians. They will contain all essential amino acids which are not produced in our body. They also contain full range of proteins This will help you in decreasing your cholesterol and make you healthy. Soya proteins will be available in powder forum, soya milk is a beverage and soya contain some soluble and insoluble fibre also. They contain some vitamins and carbohydrates also. These are useful to reduce blood sugar, digestion and prevent cancer. It is safe to use up to 6 months is safe as per the available literature.
    The soya is having some side effects like constipation,bloating and nausea. To some people it may give some reaction and cause rashes and itching sensation.
    Mushrooms is also a good food for vegetarians with high protein value.

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  • Soya chunks are good source if protein for vegetarian guys. It provides us with ample amount of protein. It contains protein around 30 gm/100 gms .You take 50 gms soya chunks daily means 15gm protein only from soya chunks only.Soybeans contain phytoestrogens which mimic the body's natural estrogen hormones. For men more soya chunksis can lead to a testosterone imbalance, infertility, low sperm count, and increased risk of cancers. For women more soya chunks can cause estrogen dominance, which has been linked to infertility, menstrual troubles and cancer.Soya chunks also contains protease inhibitors which can block the enzymes that are necessary for the digestion of certain proteins.

  • There is no problem of taking small amount of soya in the food as it is a healthy source of various proteins.
    In some ailments related to kidneys and metabolic disorders protein intake is to be restricted. In such situation it is advisable to take soya chunks occasionally.
    As food intake should be a balanced one in respect of protein, carbohydrate and sugar so naturally excess of any thing in large quantity for a prolonged period will adversely affect the health. In that context soya is equally harmful.

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  • Soya is a good source of protein and other minerals and it is being taken in variety of food items. It is considered as a good option for health foods. As it is a protein rich food it is ideal for those having deficiencies of protein or those who do not like the taste of pulse preparations. It is a good substitute for pulses.

    There is no harm in taking a limited quantity of soya chunks in food regularly as it will provide the necessary protein and other minerals.

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  • Each one of us have different bio feedback for the soya foods. Families who are only into vegetarian food tend to respond well to the soya. However, those who eat both non veg and veg, tend to have issues with soya food in liquid or in paste form. Some of the people have had issues with soya's capacity to increase blood pressure and affect other health ailments.

    Soya has a good source of protein and also has other nutritional value. But soya is not good for those who are suffering from diabetes, kidney stone and gout.

    Those who don't eat non veg can find the soya as a good source of protein. So that deficiency can be managed properly.

    Some people can manage soya food every alternative days. But it's not good for many to consume soya on daily basis. That's something you may have to understand as well.

  • Soya is an important source of protein for the vegetarians. Soya contains 3 gm of protein per 10 grams. It contains all essential amino acids which are not produced in human body. Soya also contains full range of proteins. As a result it also helps to contain bad cholesterol.

    I think all vegetarian people can take soya food and soya milk regularly (unless they suffer from kidney disorder). In addition, the vegetarians can take lentils and milk products for adequate protein intake in the body.

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