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    Switching career from computer engineering to career counselling or psychology

    Aspiring to become a career counsellor? Confused About which Master's course to opt for? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can check out the major differences between MA Career Guidance, Psychology or MSW.

    I am a computer science engineering graduate and have pursued the same due to my parents suggestion. I realized this is not the right career for me. I feel psychology is the interesting option specifically in career counselling. I have a confusion regarding which Masters degree to choose: either to pursue M.A Career Guidance or M.A Psychology or MSW. Can you clarify the difference between these three courses and which is more beneficial?
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  • MSW is mainly focuses on social works and deals in detail about that subject. M.A. Psychology deals with human psychology and how to deal with different people basing on their mentality and psychology . In this course you may learn some thing about career guidance and counselling also. but major thrust will be on behavioural modes and trends of people. M.A career guidance will tell you in detail about the subject of career counselling. It will also deal with psychology and social work to an extent that is required for a Guide who is guiding different people and giving them the advises. So I recommend you to go for MA Career Guidance which will suit your exact requirement and wish.

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  • You are a computer science engineering graduate and you feel psychology is the interesting option specifically in career counseling. A Master of Counseling degree prepares you to obtain a license from your state to practice as a counselor. A clinical Master of Social Work degree prepares you to seek a license and practice in your state. Students must pursue an MSW program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education to be eligible for license. Clinical MSW programs combine coursework and field practicums, and students.A person with an MSW may play the role of a counselor, therapist, or researcher, and may perform assessments in a clinical setting, but they are not limited to these areas. an specialize in particular areas of social work. a master-level professional counselor and therapist can only call himself or herself a licensed professional counselor or therapist. He or she cannot call himself or herself a licensed psychologist or a psychologist.

  • You have done your graduation with computer science. Now you are thinking to make your career in a totally different line either social education related or psychological counselling.
    It all depends on the aptitude of a person deciding that in which line he can perform well.
    MSW covers a wide area of activities and for a career making point of view this appears to be a better option.
    As far as psychological counselling is considered it is a very interesting line but as far as the career is considered there are limited avenues in that line. Though one can also start his own counseling practice.

    So depending on your aptitude and interest you can very well select one of those lines by pursuing the MSW or MA in psychology.
    In case you opt for psychology then after doing your post graduation there are options for specialised diploma courses in clinical psychology and others related subjects. That will enrich you for the counselling matters.

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  • It is really interesting to hear from a computer engineer that he is aspiring for a different area than the one in which his core competancy lies.

    It is basically a matter of your interest or aptitude or your concern for job opportunity that you are thinking now in those lines.

    Masters degree in social work is a qualification which will give you an opportunity in trying to get job in various private and Govt sector departments related to social upliftment, social justice and social equality issues and related tasks.

    MA in career guidance is another area which has emerged as one of the most active and proliferating one and has good potential for growth. One can try to get job in various agencies and organisations engaged in career counselling.

    MA Psychology is another area which is basically for acquiring qualification for personal counselling. This may need some experience in the line before taking up real life counselling in a big way. It is suitable mainly for those people who want to work as self employed rather than work for others. There is also opportunity of online counselling in this particular area.

    Now you have to decide as per your aptitude what is the best line which suits to your temperament. Your computer education will not be a waste as you can do your job much more conveniently with your computer background and will not be bogged down with preparing of presentations and handling of data sheets in computer where ever you work.

    Best of luck.

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  • You have completed your education in Computer Science Engineering and after completing your course you are now trying to shift to Psychology. It can be assumed that you have not studied Psychology at any level. So, at the first instance, you have to take admission in B.Sc./BA in Psychology and then go for Post-Graduation in the same subject. It would take another five years. Only then you can chose Psychology as a career option. Are your ready for it?

    So far as career counselling is concerned, thankfully no formal degree is required to enter this field. But a person interested in career counselling must be fully aware of the careers/opportunities available in diverse fields in our country as well as in abroad. Knowledge and updated information are the keys to become a successful career counsellor. I suggest you to start your own blog on career counselling. If your blog is successful, then think about making career counselling as a full-time profession.

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  • To become a career counselor, you need not do any Master's degree. It depends on your zeal and depth of knowledge in various areas which you feel confident of guiding the people and it is a different issue. It is quite interesting that a Graduate in Computer Science Engineering wants t pursue Master's degree in Psychology. It should be noted that interest in a subject and settlement of career are two different aspects and need to be tuned with cohesiveness. I can suggest you to go for the Master's degree in Psychology and the Universities which offer you the courses via Distant mode or on regular basis but just think of the scenario, if a B Tech student goes for a course in MA/M Com. Does it look sound?

    You need to settle well and of course you got your Engineering Degree in a popular discipline. Think how to better yourself in further academics. Think of doing M Tech through a good scoring rate in GATE or do MBA through CAT. It would help you. I am not discouraging you, still you want to go for MA Psychology, it is up to you to decide. Any graduate in any discipline can go for such courses via distant mode or regular basis.


  • Psychology and Counselling are two definitely good career path. And they are more dedicated degrees on their own. Depending on how you choose to approach them the time will vary.

    For example some universities have 1 year degree course for postgraduate in the career counselling. And in case of the psychology you'd have to spend 2 year degree course on the psychology. Here you get to choose for the specialization on the behavioral psychology, child psychology and few other options. Each one of the specialization are specific to the industry which you may have to try that.

    You're in computer science which is very well established. Unless you're completely unhappy and not financially compensated. I don't see the reason for the switching. The money is lot better in the computer science jobs than the psychologist or career counselor job.

    If you have decided to make a switch to psychology and counselling career here onwards. I suggest checking out with other in the industry. And then find out things that you can do and find out what are some of the things have to learn and how to get yourself either self employed or employed by some other firm in this industry.

  • This is a radical change, if I may call it from being a computer engineer to Psychology or counseling. It may be that given your situation, the other option looks very inviting. It's not an easy world out there, especially for beginners.
    There is a difference between having the passion and having the aptitude for counseling or Psychology. I would suggest a couple of weeks of 'shadowing' or working with a counselor or psychologist to have a practical insight into the real world. Once you are sure that, yes it's my cup of tea then choose you the options. Counselling courses are plenty ( diploma in counseling skills, parent & child counseling, counseling for school, nicotine and substance addiction etc). Medico social worker course is also good if you can focus on building your skills to be a financial counselor or a transplant coordinator, as plenty of corporate hospitals are around where in health care is expensive and organ transplant has expanded tremendously. You can find yourself being a key person in a large team bridging the gap between patient families and medical teams.

    Psychology opens doors for an individual practice, academic jobs in large teaching colleges or even paving the way for highly specialized sub-divisions ( Forensic Psychology ). I would suggest a short attachment with a counselor or a psychologist or a center in the above will go a long way in you choosing what would be the best.

    Most importantly you will get a feedback from the teams in the professional as to whether you have an aptitude and yes you can have a future as a counselor or a psychologist. This is thinking is key before you take the jump

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