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    About PCOD problem and pregnancy

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    I am having PCOD problem at the age of 17 itself .
    After consulting so many doctors they all told to me after marriage the problem will be I am at a the age of 22. Now I am married before four months. And !y periods was irregular my last period date was on July 4 . now it has become 2 months I am not having periods. But normally on this we had an physical contact. Now my husband and I am confused that is it I am carrying or not? Can you suggest a solution?
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  • First you have to get confirmation about PCOD. Poly cystic ovarian disease will cause infertility in female. This can be confirmed by scanning . Before going to scanning you have to consult a gynaecologist. She will advise you on the scanning. If you still have PCOD problem it is difficult to get pregnancy. PCOD will make you not to release matured eggs. Some people may Occasionally release matured eggs. but others never . But there are fertility treatments where in definitely you will get pregnancy. The irregular periods are also some times because of this PCOD only. There are many other reasons are also there for this problem. The first step is that you have to consult a doctor. Confirm whether you are come out of PCOD problem. Then they will treat you to get periods regularly. So doctor consultation is a must. There are ways and means to get our of the problem and get pregnancy.

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  • You have not to worry PCOS is a condition in which women with polycystic ovaries can have other symptoms including irregular or missed periods, extra hair growth on the face and tummy, weight gain, acne and problems getting pregnant.Generally this is solved after marriage.PCOS can cause some problems during pregnancy.Consult the lady doctor you can use pregnancy kit to check whether you are pregnant or not.After marriage there are hamonal changes in female body.Consult the lady doctor don't be afraid it is a simple problem

  • The immediate course of action would be to consult a gyneachologist and get the basic tests done for knowing the exact status of condition of ovaries, fellopian tubes and the uterus.

    There are some scanning tests and some basic test procedures after which the doctor will ascertain the exact condition of the reproductive organs and its effect on fertility.

    Women having problem of PCOD (Poly cystic ovarian disease ) may have certain problems in their frequency of periods and conceiving but in many cases it will not cause infertility. So there is nothing to worry and follow the treatment as advised by the doctor.

    Regarding your doubt whether you are carrying or not - this will also be resolved after the medical check up.

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  • PCOD is a condition of uterus where due to formation of cyst and other complications the usual periods are affected and delay in periods is common thing.
    Delay in periods and associated problems are not the cause of infertility. These things are easily managed with the help and advice of a gyneachologist.
    I will advise you to take the opinion and complete the advised treatment for this condition.

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