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    Cow urine for cancer treatment

    Have a query about curing cancer? Looking out for ayurvedic remedies? On this page you can check out whether cow urine can be a treatment for cancer.

    One of my friend suggested me to drink 5ml of distilled cow urine (available in ayurvedic stores) daily to prevent diseases like diabetes, allergies and even the deadly disease cancer. I immediately searched and read an articles on cow's urine in cancer treatment too.

    I am really surprised by knowing the medicinal properties of cow's urine. I need to ask the ayurvedic experts that really cow's urine treat or prevent cancer?
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  • Medical science is advancing day by day specially the surgical side and the scientist hope that cure for diseases like cancer will be soon invented.

    Till that time as per medical science there is no cure for cancer except certain type of them.

    Now coming to alternative medicine systems like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, Naturopathy etc most of which claim cure or prevention of fatal diseases like cancer.

    As far as prevention of cancer is concerned there are many claimed remedies available in different systems. Cow urine is one of them.

    The problem is there is no way to check how authentic this claim is. There is no scientific research or sample survey done on this therapy. So it becomes a matter of faith only which is beyond the realm of scientific investigation.

    It is believed that a combination of good exercise and eating healthy food leads to a healthy life and one can avoid diseases like cancer. It appears logically correct to think so. Though it is also not a guarantee that such a person will not get cancer.

    Similarly there are many other things which can be claimed to prevent cancer and in absence of their authenticity on scientific grounds or unavailability of past results on a big sample basis it is not possible to make an affirmative comment on the efficacy of such medicines.

    Anyway cow urine is believed to be full of medicinal values and people take it for a long time also. There are many natural things which are also conducive for good health and people take them. To that extent only cow urine is useful.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Cow urine corrects liver functioning. Cow urine stops aging process.Cow urine contains many minerals which will protect our body from various diseases.
    Ayurveda proved that Cow urine is poison destroyer.It is also proved that extremely dangerous chemicals are purified by cow urine. As per Ayurveda cow urine is having multiple advantages and very good to maintain a better health. It is useful in treating many diseases. Leprosy and Cancer can also be cured by cow urine. Peptic ulcer and certain types of cancers can be cured by cow urine.
    Cancer healed by natural and safe Ayurveda cow urine therapy is patented. It is also proved scientifically.
    If you are interested you can refer the US patents having the numbers 6896907 and 7235262.

    always confident

  • As per Ayurvedic system of medicines cow urine is supposed to be a valuable medicine for various type of ailments in humans. It contains many minerals which are very effective in increasing the human immune system against attack of diseases.
    Cow urine is also believed to be strengthening the digestive and liver functions.
    In Ayurveda, cow urine is also mentioned as the preventive supplement for making body powerfuly sufficient not to catch any fatal disease like cancer.
    As per Ayurvedic system one can go for it for a long time to avail the real benefits.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • Cow - urine therapy is being practiced in our country since a long time and its effectiveness has been proved when used by the patients. Actually, we fall in the grip of disease when our immunity drops considerably. It has been seen that a minute consumption of around 5ml on daily basis would strengthen our immunity system thereby restoring our liver and kidney function. Diabetes,too, is the result of our weak immunity and because of presence of many valuable minerals in the cow - urine, it has soothing effects on our pancreas resulting in proper segregation of insuline.
    Its continious use has benificial - effects on our system but for cancer, it would not be a practical approach to resort to this therapy when our medical science is so advanced to tackle the disease in the initial condition with the use of Chemotherapy and other Nuclear medicines. You may approach a renowned Oncologist and his suggestion is to be followed religiously in order to tackle Cancer.

  • Yes Cow urine is used for cancer treatment due to medicinal properties.Cow urine is used in many medicines specially in Arurveda medicines.The major constituents of cow's urine are water, urea and minerals. Cow Urea is an exceptional antidote for numerous skin diseases.Cow urine is filtered by kidney so it is sterile in nature and devoid of any harmful bacteria or viruses. It is so safe that it can be used to clean an open wound. cow urine consist of Urokinase. This is an essential ingredient in some anti-cancer drugs.Drinking cow's urine once a week will help thwart cancerous cell growth. Cow Urine in a specific amount is scientifically proven to enhance the anti-microbial effects of antibiotic and antifungal agents.

    Jain's Cow Urine Therapy Health Clinic like many institutes that offer to cure cancer with cow urine in India.

  • Cancer is a modern day health problem and is a growing killer. The modern health research and medical sector has not been able to pinpoint the cause and still are giving any number of causes. The inference and conclusion we can make is that cancer is a contribution or nemesis of human actions destroying nature and living artificially. and other living things and artificially living.

    Hence ancient Ayurveda texts cannot have a direct reference to Cancer in any of their authoritative books and treatise, written by ancient Rishis. Ayurveda stresses a life of strict discipline and as close to nature as possible. Various plants and herbs; things of animal sources and materials found in nature, - all which are used by humans in their daily life are also medicines in Ayurveda for different situations.

    Cow was one of the most domesticated and pet animal our ancestors were keeping with them ( even till a few decades ago). Cow milk and derivatives were used as food suitable to even infants and sick. Cow's excretions also had many uses. Cow's urine and dung was used as manure. The dried 'cow dung cake' was used as fuel in kitchen hearths. Fresh cow dung was smeared to coat floors and walls to give cooling effect in hot weather and also to ward of harmful insects as fresh cow dung functioned as a sort of floor sanitiser. 'Panchagavya' which had five ingredients originated or derived from cow-including fresh cow urine- was prepared in temples and at certain poojas as offering to the devotees. Hence we can make out that fresh cow urine in micro quantities were understood t have some medicinal values . Moreover some ayurvedic medicinal tablets were known to be prescribed to be used by mixing with a little of fresh cow urine.

    Hence we can presume that fresh cow urine had some medicinal uses as known to Ayurvedic practitioners and our ancestors used it.

    But I do not feel that 'distilled cow urine' is correct. Distillation will disintegrate the ingredients and only the water may be retrieved. Distilled water is not used for normal uses. Cow's urine is used only because of the various ingredients present in it and not in isolation or segregation. So I believe that claim 'distilled cow urine' as fake marketing to exploit the innocent people.

    To prove that cow urine is useful against cancer may need a committed research with convincing solid data arrived after conducting research under strict parameters. Until then if someone gets cured of cancer with use of cow urine, we can take them as coincidence, luck or chance or faith healing.

  • Urine of mammals have a composition of water,urea,salts and pigments. But apart from this, few properties of urine change because of the diet we follow. Because cow is a herbivore mammals and it has four stomach compartments, it 's obvious that it's urine comes out refined. Most essential salts and proteins have been absorbed by the time it comes out. But that still doesn't explain what's so special about cow urine.
    There are a multiple reasons why cancer occurs. And there's not one to suggest that consuming cows urine would help you get rid of it.
    Actually the idea sprang out of a book called "Holy cancer". Some argue that cancer was well known to Hindus from the dawn of the civilization and tell that a mixture of turmeric and cow urine can kill cancer cells.
    Well, though microbes are one of the causes of cancer cells, they're not the only cause. So usage of these primitive remedies are out of question.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

  • My answer will be different from previous answers. Till now the anti-cancer properties of cow urine have not been clinically established. Even the famous Ayrvedic practitioners don't give unequivocal support to this theory/concept. So, we should not take cow urine for prevention of cancer.
    Furthermore, cow is a herbivorous mammal. If cow urine has medicinal properties, then other herbivorous mammals' urine must also have this property, isn't it?
    I strongly urge people not to believe such theory unless it is conclusively proved. No doubt cow-milk has many benefits, but I have doubt about utility of cow urine.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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