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    Need previous year question paper of Bharathiar university MBA 1st year

    Studying for MBA first year? Looking out for question papers of all subjects? Check out this page for responses from experts and resolve your queries.

    I am preparing for MBA 1st year exam which will be on December 2017. Hence I request you to provide old question papers of all the subjects. So that I can learn easily. I also wanted to know, if I study the old question paper only, will I be able to secure good marks.
    Can you guide me about how Bharathiar university chooses pattern of questions. As I know the question won't be coming from each lesson. Only few lessons are taken in the exam. If I come to know the important questions from each lesson of each subject it will be easier for me.
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  • Studying questions of old question papers is one of the ways for preparing for exams. But You should go through minimum 5 to 6 years papers. Simply one or two years papers may not be sufficient. Moreover, if the questions which are essay type can be answered by reading old papers. But objective questions can't be answered by simply going through old question papers. You should have a good understanding of the subject to face the examinations. I advise you to think in that direction.
    I am providing the address of a website here for your information. All question papers are available.
    Hope this will be helpful to you.

    always confident

  • Thank you sir. This is the link I wanted. Still 2015 and 2016 papers are missing. If any one knows, please share.

  • It is advisable to go for a large question bank for this purpose as that will prepare you to write the examination in a better way. In objective type of questions what matters is scoring and even a single question matters. So you have to go through a big question bank or as many past question papers as possible.
    You can get the old question papers from some of the following sites in the net.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • You will get MBA question papers easily in the Internet in various sites as indicated by some other members in response to your query. You can practice them and prepare for the examination.

    One thing which you must remember is that it is advisable to go through all the possible questions available or refer some question bank so that the course is completely covered.

    The objective type questions appear simple but when a student sees multiple choices all very near to each other he gets confused. So before practicing the questions it is must that the student should go through the text books thoroughly and then only try the questions. There is no easy way to success and if you work hard you will be able to solve all the questions without any guess work.

    Best of luck.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Thank you all for giving suggestions. Few things left to mention, that is the Bharathiar university exam question only have essay no short questions only 5 question need to attend out of 8 and each carry 20 marks that's how exam held. So I thought previous year question help me to score better. If any one has other ideas . Please share.

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