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    How to protect your page when migrating to another domain?

    Are you migrating your web pages to another domain? Wondering how to protect these pages during migration? On this page check out advice from experts.

    So it happened that I am forced to switch to another domain. However, I heard that the migration process is not so fast and that there is a risk of losing files, data, etc. How to protect my page when migrating to another domain?
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  • You are forced to switch to another domain. Migration process is not so fast and that there is a risk of losing files, data, etc.

    You want to protect your page when migrating to another domain.This can be done by following steps :-

    Step 1: Copying all current site content to the new domain :Don't redirect anything until you have copied your site to your new domain. This can be done using the Duplicator plugin, which allows you to transfer all your URLs to the new domain, this means it will include all the internal links across your pages.

    Step 2: Redirection of old to new site :- You need to perform a 301 redirect which will allow both search engine robots and human users to find the correct page on your new site. This requires finding your .htaccess file, which you can do with an FTP program such as Filezilla which gives you access to the server of your WordPress site. You can find the .htaccess file in your site's root folder.

  • Many thanks for your answer, it really seems not to be easy way, but I will do my best to follow your suggestions.

  • CDN's are usually helpful when you're migrating to your new domain. Here you can set the CDN to keep the static cache of the website. And they can host that till you change the namesever in the CDN itself. You can halt the dynamic processing of the website in due time.

    When you're moving to another domain and the host. Make sure to change nameserver from the hosting side. And keep the old nameserver for 12 hours in CDN side. And once your migration to new domain is completed. Then change the nameserver for the CDN too. This way it can cache the new domain and hosting. And it can resume serving the new content and the static and dynamic content both. That should work out for both the pages and the settings itself.

    As far as the migration of the content is concerned you can use FTP or the migration tools and plugins. There are also hosts who allow you to do migration from one host to another. If it's just domain migration then you just need to make the specific settings in the hosting side and migrating is possible in few hours.

  • For migration of html pages to a new domain file transfer protocol (FTP) and plugin are to be used. These are generally used through content delivery network (CDN) for security and good speed of transfer as CDN protocol uses the nearest node in internet web for data transfer.

    Some of these utilities are already available in reputed hosts like WordPress, drupal etc and others can be availed from internet sites on trial basis.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am a researcher and I am co-founder of Assignment Help Online Agency and I consider that for writing website you should have to buy VPS (Virtual Private Server) and then you can simply migrate to another domain. but if you have a plan to switch your hosting then you have to get complete backup.

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