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    Which is best after BDS: MBA/MHA or UPSC for IAS ?

    Planning to switch your career after BDS? confused between choosing MBA/MHA or UPSC? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can read responses from experts.

    What is tbe best option after BDS. (Not interested in MDS)
    Does MBA/MHa have enough scope after BDS or should I go with IAS UPSC exam??
    Is there any other good option after BDS?
    Does MBA/MHA offer good salary from beginning like atleast 20k ?
    I have studied BDS for sake of my parents. I don't want to continue it by doing MDS.
    Pls suggest the best options available....till now i heard that doing upsc, mba/mha are quiet good.
    But i have no idea how true that is
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  • Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) degree is best after doing Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) if you have interest in doctor line. As you have said you have studied BDS for sake of my parents anddon't want to continue it by doing MDS.

    MBA is also good option after doing BDS.From MBA/MHA offer good salary from beginning like atleast 20k depending upon your skills.

    Best option is to study for government examinations. You should also go with IAS UPSC examinations. Choose good institute and study for the examinations. All government examinations have same pattern and same syllabus. If you study for the IAS examinations you can get banking and other state examinations easily.But you will be focused for your target. IAS is best job in India that every person dream of.

  • You have completed BDS. But you are not further interested in MDS. You want to know the best course of action for good prospects in your career.
    BDS and MBA are not a very good combination. But there are few jobs for BDS and MBA like Dental Hospital corporate office management or good corporate hospital management jobs. But chances are very less.
    I suggest you go for competitive examinations. Aim at IAS. Get prepared for IAS. Also, apply for bank officers posts and state government jobs also. Definitely, you will have very good chances to secure a job. Class 1 officers and Class II officers will also get good pay. Once you start studying for IAS, facing all other examinations will be an easy task.
    But whether interested or not you have taken all pains to complete your BDS. That is good and I am also happy that your parent's words were honored by you. You are half way through a profession. If you complete MDS, you can join as lecturer in any Dental college. That will be also rewarding. you can do your Ph.D. also while working as a lecturer. Please give a thought in that direction also.

    always confident

  • As you are not much interested in dental side you have options either to go to management side or appear for top exams like I AS. You can also try in state level administrative services through state public service commission.

    If you have interest in management side you can do MBA/ MHA from some good institution and then try for a better job in various private organisations or institutes or big hospitals.

    On the other hand if you have a liking for administrative job in Govt departments then you have to appear in I AS or other Govt services at lower cadres. Please remember that I AS is not only the most coveted service but also it is pursued by a large number of qualified people and hence there is very high level of competition in it. Lacs of people appear for this and go through a screening process followed by written and interview. It is not impossible to qualify I AS but it requires lot of study and hard work.

    If you are determined to rise in life to glorious height then I will suggest you to go for this top exam of our country.

    Knowledge is power.

  • BDS is a graduation course where the aspirants receive extensive training and inputs in Dental - hygiene. Afterwards, they can take up independent practice in Dentistry.
    There are other avenues after acquiring this qualification such as joining Management - courses, to crack Civil - services Examination, and even can make an attempt for the State - civil Services.
    The other categories which you may try are Banking Probationary Officers, LIC Probationary Officers etc.
    Whatever the option you persue, you must have intense liking for the course. As for example, you have liking for the Management course, prepare for the CAT test and achieve a respectable percentile ie beyond 95 percentile so as to grab a seat in IIM and they go in for specialisation in Finance or in the Health - management so that you could get both fame and money after the acquring this Management course.
    Similarly, if you have a flair for the Administrative - service, devote all your time to the preparation of the course. It would be better to attend the coaching classes organised by some of the renowned Institutes such as TIME, Rao - study Circle etc where you would learn many valuable tips helpful in cracking the IAS examination.
    The other area appropriate in your future line would be to persue MDS so that later you can join as a lecturer in a Dental - college. Your future will be bright if you could procure a Ph.D in Dentistry.
    You need to have a cool thinking prior to selection of any of the courses since any change in the later part would amount to sheer loss of time and labour in the wake of wrong selection of the course.

  • BDS is a specialised course related to dental treatment. Generally the students who aspire to become medical practitioners join this course. After completion of BDS, such students, if opportunity arises, plan to go for higher studies in the same field, i.e., they pursue MDS. If a person wants to go for MBA after BDS, it can be surmised that he/she is not interested in the medical profession.

    You can shift to MBA. You can prepare yourself for IAS. But perseverance is very much necessary for ultimate success. So, first thing which is required is introspection. You have to ask yourself what do you want to do in life.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

  • As you have already done BDS you have gained knowledge in medical field. This may be useful to you if you pursue MBA/ MHA. There are good opportunities after MBA/ MHA and you can try to get a managerial post in some private organisation and also as you are already BDS there will be opportunities in hospital management and administration.

    Another option which you have indicated is IAS and this may require thorough preparation for its entrance examination. Though there is lot of competition in IAS still one can be successful by hard work and determination. One should not be discouraged with first attempt results as there are people who have been successful in 2-3 attempts.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • I will be honest regarding your present educational qualification i.e., BDS. Present days dentistry in India is quite saturated and for graduate is quite difficult to have a job with good salary. But if you can set up your own clinic, you will be in good financial position in future. But since MDS is not an appealing thing to you and you are not interested to move forward in dentistry, let me summarize your both options (MBA and UPSC) which can have great job opportunities.

    1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    MBA is one of the most popular courses happening in these days. Having a management degree from reputed institutions will garner you wide range of opportunities. But you should do thorough research before getting admission in to a good university. Some universities have their own entrance exams for admission and they maintain international standards. They also have the placement options which will guarantee you a high paid job (lakhs per month), if you perform well academically. Some colleges give admissions through competitive exams such as GMAT.

    Shortlist some of the best business schools in India and outline the admission process. Also do a research about the college fees and placement system. If you get admission in well reputed institution, your future is secured.

    2. United Public Service Commission (UPSC)
    UPSC is one of the toughest exams to crack in India. But nothing is impossible if you have the zeal. There are lakhs of students that apply to this exam and only a few get selected. Before knowing the procedure of test and selection criteria, I will let you know the various posts/jobs that are allocated under this commission

    Group A Posts:
    Indian Police Service (IPS)
    Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
    Indian Foreign Service (IFS)
    Indian Revenue Service (CBEC) (IRS-Customs)
    Indian Revenue Service (IT) (IRS-IT)
    Indian Audit and Account Service (IAAS)
    Indian Trade Service (ITS)
    Indian Information Service (IIS)
    Indian Civil Account Services (ICAS)
    Indian Corporate Law Service (ICLS)
    Indian Defense Estate Service (IDES)
    Indian Defense Account Service (IDAS)
    Indian Ordinance Factories Service (IOFS)
    Indian Postal and Telecommunication Accounts And Finance Service
    Indian Postal Service
    Indian Railway Account Service (IRAS)
    Indian Railway Personnel Service (IRPS)
    Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS)
    Railway Protection Force (RPF)

    Group B Posts
    Pondicherry Civil Service
    Pondicherry Police Service
    Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service (AFHQ)
    Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Island Civil Service (DANICS)
    Delhi, Andaman and Nicobar Island Police Service (DANIPS)

    There are other services which are accredited through UPSC but these are the major postings which you can apply for through UPSC.

    The UPSC exam is very challenging and requires lot of dedication and hardwork. The exam pattern includes three stages:

    1. Prelims
    2. Mains
    3. Personal interview or evaluation.

    Each stage has different pattern and subjects:
    Prelims or preliminary exam has two papers
    Paper I - General studies. You need to be updated thoroughly and every day with current affairs, politics, science, technology, history of India, geography, economics, political development and general science.
    Paper II - Aptitude. This includes your communication skills, comprehension, general mental ability, decision making, english language skills, etc.

    These are the brief topics covered in each paper and each paper is of 200 marks. Once you qualify the prelims, you are eligible for main exam.
    The main exam has various papers and parts:
    Paper – A
    Language - You can take any modern Indian language.
    Paper – B
    This paper is of qualifying nature
    Paper – I
    Can be written in the desired medium or language of the candidate's choice

    General Studies - Indian Heritage and Culture, History and Geography of the World and Society.
    General Studies II - Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International relations.
    General Studies III - Technology, Economic Development, Bio-diversity, Environment, Security and Disaster Management.
    General Studies IV - Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude.
    Optional Subject – Paper 1
    Optional Subject – Paper 2
    This is brief outline of exam pattern of UPSC prelims and mains. After you have cleared the mains you will be eligible for personal interview/evaluation.

    Note that you have to be very strong to and determined to prepare for UPSC examination. It is one of the most prestigious organizing bodies of Indian Government and do expect a heavy competition from the likes of you. Proper plan, regular revisions, hard work and zeal will definitely help you in succeeding this exam.
    The deciding factor for selection of your future course is purely a personal choice. I would suggest you to select the one which interests you more.

    Good Luck.
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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