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    Meaning of 'fresher' in candidate's profile?

    Confused about what the term fresher means when asked by recruiters? Searching for the meaning of this term? Here, on this page get pointers to fill your resume in case you are a fresher.

    What's mean by 'fresher' in candidates profile?
    What's mean by saying that a candidate is a fresher?
    What should I write in my resume if I don't have experience and is a graduated candidate?
    Meaning of "Fresher " used by recruiters?
    What's mean by 'fresher' in candidates profile?
    What's mean by saying that a candidate is a fresher?
    What should I write in my resume if I don't have experience and is a graduated candidate?
    Meaning of "Fresher " used by recruiters?
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  • Fresher means the candidate is fresh out of the college and lacks experience. Also the people who are from other industry and switching to this industry is also termed as a fresher. You should not write "fresher" keyword in your resume.

    Never write anything about not having experience and things you lack etc in resume. You may want to consult with HR friend or connection on this.

    HR recruiter can figure out fresher, low experience and high experienced person with or without resume based on their experience and skills. So you don't have to specifically mention "fresher" keyword in the resume.

    Find out how the resume of the freshers are written. And you can pretty much add the information this way. I have mostly taken help of HR friends and learned how the fresher and the low experience resume needs to be and made modifications accordingly.

    Different HR people will have the different type of the approach towards resume so think what works for you. Also make sure you start working somewhere even on low salary as possible. As that seems to be the case to get rid of the freshers tag.

  • It is an indication that you are fresh from the college. A fruit just coming from the tree to our house immediately is known as fresh from the garden. Similarly, a candidate who just finished his education and out from the college is called freshers. Nowadays in IT, industry people are taking candidates who passed their degree just in the previous academic year only. They call the candidates who passed out from the college in the previous academic year as freshers. Once it is more than one year they may not consider you as a fresher. Some private companies may consider up to two academic years. In small other industry, they may take people qualified in the exam but don't have experience also as fresher and pay very less salary. All depends on individual company policy.

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    Fresher in candidates profile means that the the candidate has no working experience.
    Saying that a candidate is a fresher is also mean that the candidate has no working experience.
    You should write in your resume if you don't have experience and is a graduated candidate that I am a fresher graduate
    Meaning of "Fresher " used by recruiters is that they need fresh pass out students with no working experience

  • The term fresher is used basically for the students directly coming out from the college. They do not have any experience of job so far.

    After studies many persons do not get a good job so they just join some odd jobs due to their adverse financial condition and it takes time for them in qualifying some exam and getting a requisite job. They should not write the word fresher in their resume as they have long back left their college and it is only due to adverse job conditions they are settled late. At the same time as they did some unmentionable odd jobs they do not have any particular experience also.

    So word fresher is basically for the students immediately coming out of their colleges after finishing their last examination.

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  • Fresher implies a person who has qualified but yet to gain experience, it's like getting a driving license but yet needs time and experience by actually driving.
    The harsh reality is that fresher often means
    - the starting point in the pecking order
    - more unsocial hours of work
    - comparatively less pay
    - credit for your work goes to your immediate supervisor

    All of us have gone through this phase, if you are smart and sensible you can reduce the time you spend as a fresher.
    Whichever field of job you are qualified for or area applying often will welcome a fresher, this would mean a noble gesture by the company or in simple terms 'cheap labor'. I would like to add that you can have an apprenticeship or an internship under someone whose known locally or regionally so that while you are applying for a job, you don't waste time and you have something to write about in the experience column.
    your resume or CV is important but don't make it too good or sound impractical. Many times I see a CV in my field I can say that the CV makes the applicant look like a professional but the interview proved that he's a novice.

  • Fresher means you have just passed from a college and lack experience. This applies to a technical - graduate or any graduate/ post graduate lacking experience.
    Your resume should indicate full particulars such as year of passing, percentage of marks of each semester, the university or college from where you have passed out. Your year of passing of your final examination will itself indicate your status in respect of your employment.
    You should make an attractive resume with the consultation of the people working in cyber - cafe and make an attempt to add some experience in your relevant field such as working in a foundry currently and have accumulated six month experience. Similarly you can show your experience in other areas. In that way, you may create a positive impact before the employers where you intend to join finally.
    In fact, Freshers have lot of oppurtunities to demonstrate their skills in IT industries where recruiters conduct interviews for Freshers. Similarly, PO for Banking - services, LIC Probationary Officers, to make efforts for IAS or for State - civil Services are the best areas where you can try your luck with your single minded devotion.

  • I have read the questions. My answers are as follows:-

    (a) The term ''fresher'' indicates that the candidate (for any job) is fresh out from the educational institution. It also implies that the candidate has no work experience. But there may be some candidates who worked part-time during their student days.
    (b) A fresher must indicate in the resume about his preferred area of work, reason for chosing the same, his/her hobby, educational background, the project(s) in which he was involved as a student and his areas of strength and weakness.
    (c) A fresher should prepare his resume from a professional resume-maker with utmost care. He should prepare himself for the interview in sync with his statements in the resume. It requires practice and application of mind.
    (d) The recruiting organisations generally don't expect working experience from the freshers. So, the in-depth knowledge about the subject is expected from the freshers. The common sense of the freshers and their reaction in emergency situation can be tested during the interview.
    (e) The freshers are generally appointed at the lowest level of the hierarchical channel of the particular division of an organisation.

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  • In simple words meaning of "fresher" is a beginner who have no practical knowledge. As a fresher, don't write a lot to cover the space just write about your own info. such as name, address, phone number, email id then qualification, projects, achievements and internships so keep the resume short. Its very difficult decision for recruiter to put a fresher as a employee in the company because recruiter don't know about the fresher and about the working experience of fresher. Form the resume like when recruiter or any person reading it perceive that he/she knows alot related to your behaviour, personality, knowledge and much more.

  • What's mean by 'fresher' in candidates profile?
    What's mean by saying that a candidate is a fresher?

    "Fresher" in the candidate profile means that a particular person does not have a proper work experience related to the domain the studied.

    Meaning of "Fresher " used by recruiters?

    In recruiters point of view fresher can be a person who has no experience or a person who has experience but not in a relevant field. It depends on the scenario or the role they are hiring.

    What should I write in my resume if I don't have experience and is a graduated candidate?

    In your resume you can write that you are a Graduate. i.e Graduate Mechanical Engineer with no industry experience and you can mention other skill sets which you acquired through your extra and co-curricular activities which you performed during your college days.

  • Every job has a role and responsibility to perform. I would explain this with an example: -
    a) There is a job which requires 3 years experience in Oracle.
    Suppose ABC has a working experience of 4 years in java but now he is applying for Oracle job. In this case ABC is experienced but if we consider the relevant experience of ABC in Oracle it is zero and hence he is a fresher as per the recruiter. Thus he would not be considered by the recruiter.

    b) There is a job which requires 3 years experience in java.
    In this case ABC is an eligible candidate as he has relevant experience in java for the required duration as per the recruiter.

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