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    Calcutta University English Honours 3rd year model questions paper

    Are you preparing for English Honors third year? Searching for question papers and tips to score well in exams? On this page read responses from experts to all your queries.

    Can you provide me 3rd year model question papers of English Honours under Calcutta University? I need suggestions about all relevant questions and answers of English Honours under Calcutta University. And also provide me some tips about how to get best marks.
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  • I understand the syllabus for this course was changed in 2010. Afterwards, the format of examination paper was also changed 2 or 3 times. I am giving below the address of a website where you will find some model question papers which are useful to you
    To get a higher rating you should improve your English vocabulary and grammar. Since you are specialised in English, you should be able to understand various poetries and prose of various good poets and you should be able to give a good insight into the writer's thoughts by reading his works.

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  • You can score very well in these examinations if you try to solve question bank rather than practicing a few model questions.
    As per the syllabus you will find the relevant questions at many places not only limited to Kolkata university.

    So try to get all sorts of questions related to your syllabus. That is always a better approach.

    There are many sites from where you can get lot of question papers and other guidance. Some of them are -

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  • If you are a student of any college under University of Calcutta, you will find all books, model question papers, notes and prepared answers in and around College Street book market. English Honours is a very well-known stream and I know from my personal experience that model question papers, suggestive answers and notes of this subject is easily available in College Street book market. You can also check Satya-da's coaching centre (earlier located at Nilmani Datta Lane) or similar other coaching centres for getting useful notes.

    I would suggest you take one day to explore the College Street book market and coaching centres located in the adjacent areas thoroughly and collect all study materials and model/old question papers on the subject, instead of depending on online resources.

    I assume that you are living in Kolkata or at the outskirt of the city.

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