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    Query on teaching to the pupil of primary education

    Have a query about teaching in a primary school? looking out for information about the problems faced by teachers while teaching in primary classes? Here, on this page find advice from experts to resolve your query.

    I expect that there may be teachers ISC. I would like to present the status of primary education. Government trains the teachers in subjects like Telugu, English and Maths. Even teacher has the capability to attempt the task to achieve the academic standards. But, they are unable to touch it in government schools. One argument before teachers is that only below average pupils come near them. I am asking the experts which method or approach is suitable for the teachers? Whatever methods followed by the teachers are somewhat distance from the minds of the pupil. However, government tries to give appropriate methods of teaching to teachers.
    I am asking experts regarding where the teachers get problem while teaching to primary classes.
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  • Of all the teaching jobs, my opinion is teaching to primary school students is the difficult job. The boys and girls just start coming to schools. They will have homesick. Sometimes they make the teacher irritated. A primary school teacher should have a lot of patience to deal with these children. If we try to treat them like other class students, we will be a failure there.
    We should see that they are comfortable with you. You have made them feel at home. Then you can teach them by telling stories like our grandparents tell us in the houses. Once you start that way they may become very confident and they will not have any fear. Once they overcome this initial fear, slowly you can teach them by showing audiovisuals and explaining them in detail as simple as possible. Audiovisuals are very important. Storytelling and making them understand are very important. Try to go to their level and teach them. Otherwise, they will not have any interest and you can't move forward.
    If you adopt these technics, I think you will be successful

    always confident

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    An elementary teacher ought to have a great deal of persistence to manage these kids. When you begin that way they may turn out to be extremely sure and they won't have any Assignment Writing Service dread. Audiovisuals are critical. Narrating and influencing them to comprehend are critical.

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    Students at the elementary school are inexperienced and immature. Their interacting abilities are mostly innate. So, they keep building their habits from what they see around them. Misconduct in elementary schoolers is an inescapable issue. Mostly students are naive learners, so the teachers have to go through a lot of hardships to make them understand primary concepts. Moreover, the teachers get obstructed while teaching due to their mischievousness. A majority of students show lack of interest in class. They intervene during an ongoing class by speaking out of turn. As a result, the teacher spends more than estimated time for the lesson completion.I have seen the parents of these elementary schoolers, paying less attention to the kid’s curriculum implementation. They tend to depend on lessons taught in class.Most of the teachers do not understand the curriculum designed for the elementary schoolers. Also, the administration do not provide adequate learning and teaching materials relevant for the young learners.

  • The future of tomorrow (student) are taught by those who are trained yesterday (teachers) using materials that are from the last year (teaching aids & resources). This puts in perspective the difficult role and relationship between a teacher and a student, more in a primary school age and even more if it's a government school.
    Given the lack of resources, poor infrastructure, lack of basic amenities and a disdain track record discourage people from attending government schools in India.

    From the teacher's viewpoint, it would be a difficult task in an adverse condition. He or she may be having a desire to teach and help the young student but has to face difficulties with teaching aids, books, blackboard, poor salary etc. The students coming to these schools are also mostly from the improvished background and may have some students with social and behavioral issues. Many students have to help at home or parents at work to meet the families needs.

    It would take a great deal of willpower for a primary school teacher to outperform in such a situation. For instance, Mrs.Annapurna Mohan, from TamilNadu sold her personal jewels so that she could buy education aids for her III standard student. Mrs. Shaheen Mistri, a crusader for the education of the poor children runs a project 'Teach for India" supporting poor schools so that every child can have his basic education. I'm sure there will be many more unsung heroes who strive to educate the underprivileged children in a challenging school environment.

  • Teaching is an art and requires great patience and skill. Whether it is teaching at higher education or primary education a teacher has to be very careful in his teaching methods and understand that his teachings are directly reaching to the students or not.

    The responsibility of the primary teacher increases much more because he has to handle the tender minds of small children. You cannot teach the children in a very monotonous way and they will not be able to grasp what you are telling them. Teaching to primary levels requires a great deal of storytelling and playing games and at the the same time educating these young minds.

    The primary teacher has to come near to these children in a friendly way and they should feel that he is their friend rather than a serious person telling them something. There are already various established methods of teaching to primary levels and I believe that many teachers are aware of those methods. In fact there are some training centres where teachers are taught all these techniques and tips of dealing with children.

    If a teacher feels that he is not able to communicate with the children properly he must enhance his knowlege by attending some relevant course and improve his teaching capabilities.

    Knowledge is power.

  • A very good question raised by author. I am providing some difficulties which are faced by teacher of primary teachers.
    1. The teacher have to do a lot of works like census, election, electorate, BPO, etc. So they do not get time to teach the students in the classes.
    2. There are many other policies like mid day meal, scholar ship, etc which consume a lot of time of teachers.
    3. Students are irregular in classes specially in village areas.
    4. Lack of teachers in the school. Teachers have to teach primary school students (from 1 to 5) simultaneously in a single class as there are only 1-2 teachers in school.
    5. There are not good policies for the motivation of the teachers. As the promotion in government job is on the basis of seniority but not on the work and dedication of employees.
    6. To pass all the students from 1 to 8 is also a major problem in India. Though the law has been passed and from next year 5 and 8 classes will be board in many states. But this law has harmed our education a lot.
    So, these are some general problem s and difficulties faced by our teachers. I can say these points as I am a teacher.

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  • The Primary classes run from Std I to V. There are not Pre-Primary classes in the Govt. School. These days Pre.Primary Education is adopted in our country. Children from the age of 3 years are admitted in these schools. They learn through new means of Modern Way of Teaching Techniques. When they are admitted in Primary School, they are smart enough to follow the syllabus of Std I. But in Govt. School students, who are admitted in Std I. Although there are of 6 years, they have not got any previous training. It is too late for them to start. So teachers have the tough task to teach them. but, if teacher follows the techniques, which are followed in Pre.Primary classes such as Training through Sense -Organs. Through Activities, Rhymes and Songs with actions and Play way techniques. Definitely, these students will give the good result.

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  • It is correct that it is really very difficult to teach children in nursery and primary classes. The very small kids are like clay and it is the duty of primary teachers to build beautiful sculpture from these clay. The topmost important thing is to build a rapport with the small kids. The kids must not be afraid of their teachers. They must learn to obey their teachers, love them and respect them. It is the duty of primary teachers to develop the basics of every subject they study. It is the duty of the primary teachers to develop curiosity among the children. It is the duty of the primary teachers inculcate a sense of discipline among the small students and also to develop proper habits in them.

    The educational eligibility to become a primary teacher is Graduation and NTT. But it is not everybody's cup of tea. Teaching primary students is a very special and delicate form of art and very few can muster this art. But the successful primary teachers have an immense satisfaction of developing clay to a beautiful object of art.

    I feel that the kid-students do not cause any problem to the primary school teachers. The family circumstances of the students and the attitude of the primary teacher are the source of problem, if any.

    Come as you are!

  • Teaching children and making them learn is an art. We Teachers should have the capacity to make the child understand the topic forever. Mainly before teaching a student or in class, we should have the full knowledge of the subject that is thought to the children. Training is given a general course as like other courses. Its left to the teachers to take the tips carefully and add some tips to it so that the child will understand better.
    Some of the teaching aids were a teacher should develop
    1) Prepare notes on the topic you wish to teach.
    2) Have depth knowledge of the topic you're teaching.
    3) Make some artistic drawing, display, or audio to the students so that they are not bugged off with the subjects.
    4)Patiently answer the queries of the pupil and make him understand.
    5) Your teaching should be enthusiastic and energetic so that the students love to attend your class.
    6) Give good notes of the topic that your teaching.

  • One has to admit that the kids studying in the primary classes are difficult to be handled. The chief reason of the same being insecurity prevailing within the mind of these kids and as such a relationship of closeness between the teachers and the kids seem to be absent. The kids cannot come out from the fearness because of the environment of the school.
    Hence the role of the teachers becomes important on two fronts - the first one being creating confidence within the minds of tiny tots and at the same time they must not loose patience in course of handling these innocent kids.
    In the wake of less teachers reporting in primary classes, they remain overburdened due to accomplishment of multiple tasks such as managing mid - day meals for the children, maintaining account of mid - day meals or their engagement of teaching in the higher classes as per instruction of the Head - master.
    However, the teachers handling these tots can be role models provided they follow the following tips -
    1) These kids may like to hear some stories from the teachers and to restore closeness, the teachers may narrate short stories of great men like Mahatma Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, Rani Durgavati etc and these stories would definitely boost up their morals.
    2) The teachers should know each and every one with their names.
    3) Encourage the children to ask questions if they have any doubt.
    4) Make the subject interesting with different suitable examples.
    5) Make a trip of excursion with these tiny tots so that they can enjoy the blessing of nature and the presence of teachers on such occasions would strengthen the relationship of the two.

  • Let me state with conviction that whatever I have achieved in life has its base in the teachings I got from my parents as an infant and from the teachers in my primary school. I still wonder how they were able to communicate and instil in us the alphabets, cursive writing,the basic vocabulary , basic discipline and character building; all these when we were not even able to communicate or react and respond properly.
    Even now when I am passing nearby a primary schools, I slow a bit and listen to the chorus of students repeating what the teacher tells them. For a moment, I recall with respect my primary school teachers.
    In primary school, the children are deaf, dumb and blind-not literally,but in the figurative sense because they do not know to read ,write or speak properly and thus not able to express exactly what they see and her.

    Primary school teachers make small children to see, hear,understand and speak well. No other job has such complications. They are like product makers and their ability decides the basic quality of the product many years later.
    Now about government primary schools and teaching there, let me say that I have come through government school only. We cannot say that the children coming there are all of low standard. It is more of heterogeneity than homogeneity in a reputed private school. So in a govt primary school, the teacher has to adopt a median method.
    The teacher will firt start with a basic level and monitoring the progress and allowing exchange and interaction in the class, she will see how the children have grasped and how many need additional support.

    During my primary classes, the teachers used to ask the more studious ones to take up roles of teaching by repeating and reviewing. This helps the children to gather a little faster and level up with them.

    A building is as strong as its foundation. Similarly primary education is the foundation for higher education. Hence the primary school teachers concentrate more on making the base foundation thorough and strong. They may not give importance to quantity unless they are sure of the base quality.

    Primary school teachers are never distant from pupils , but more close and even closer than parents sometimes. If the primary school teacher is able to give strong base in alphabets, basic writing and basic numbers and calculation and if he/she can kindle the human and artistic curiosity and scientific inquisitiveness in a pupil, then I can say that teacher is successful.

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