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    Confused between engineering versus digital marketing

    Have a confusion about your career? Confused between opting for engineering and digital marketing? Here, on this Ask Expert page read advice by career counsellors and eliminate your confusion.

    I have completed my Diploma in Electrical Engineering and now I am interested in doing Digital Marketing course. will I get a good job after this course? Or is there a need for a minimum degree like BTech?
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  • Anyone can do digital marketing. I know there are few guys and girls who didn't even complete their graduation. And they did course on digital marketing and now working for some media house. In case of digital marketing, it's just like sales position. Here you have to show the result in terms of the management of digital properties and have conversion on the PPC networks. So there does not seem to be the need of the degree. Some MNC may want you to have minimum qualification of degree which is for the sake of filtering candidates for the reason I don't understand honestly.

    I suggest completing the degree though. The reason being digital marketing jobs are capped at earning of around 3-8 L per annul. So if you complete the electrical engineering degree and earn more than this then surely you should go ahead with that. And then you'd be working for job that earns good and also less hassle compared to the digital marketing.

    I suggest doing the digital marketing course form reputed institution. Don't just go to institute that has high price on course and fancy talks on this and that. Just make sure you learn the basics from good institute. Google has the digitally unlocked course which is also good enough for the basics. And there is no cost to this course. You can do that course and try it on some demo projects and then use it on your resume.

    Check the Google's course on Digital Marketing :

  • You have completed your diploma in Electrical Engineering. That is a good qualification. But nowadays the only diploma is not sufficient for earning good amount of money. So I feel you should complete your B.Tech in Electrical. There are two ways for this. One is join in regular course. The course duration is 3 years. You have to write an entrance test and based on your rank you will get admitted into 2nd year of B.Tech, regular course. 2nd option is to join somewhere in a job and pursue your degree in night college. For this also you have to write an entrance test and you will procure a seat based on your rank. Once you complete your graduation you will get a good core job with good pay and lot of career prospectus.
    Digital Marketing is an upcoming field now and there are some limitations to your earnings as well as prospectus. The field is good for people who have some other source of income. So I suggest you go for a core job. You will get a good job with good remuneration and career prospectus will be much better

    always confident

  • These type of query is answered many times in ISC. If you completed your diploma then search a job which suits your profession. A sudden change in your profession needs a lot of through study about that subject which is very difficult. Nowadays in whatever specification you might be, it works only when you have personal development skills. The Job designation and getting a job always depends on the way you present your self in the interview. You get selected by your personal development skills. Your qualification is the only eligibility for that post but to get that you need to have a lot of development skills. According to me, it's not required to change your line. Instead, have some experience in small companies. Then apply for the company which can pay you better and is suitable for your experience.

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    I think between engineering versus digital marketing you should go for digital marketing. digital marketing is demand of time.Digital marketing is the new mint maker and best part of it is that anyone who comes in contact with it is handed chunks of currency. For an engineer, the spirit of life is intuition and data. And digital marketing is all about that. Work involved in digital marketing deals a lot with creating your own marketing ideas, move through the jungle with intuition while using data as the compass.Work environment in most popular digital marketing firms like FLIPKART today in India is similar to a start-up culture. Hence, one would get to learn a lot and also have a semi-formal work life. An engineer always looks for challenges and there is never enough of them in digital marketing field.

  • If you want to remain in the Engineering profession, then you try to get a good job as a Diploma Engineer. Alternatively, you can join B. Tech/B.E Second Year at one of the reputed engineering colleges in India ,complete the course and become a full-fledged Engineer. I think that you have already spent three years to complete Diploma Engineering and you should stick to this subject. Even today, there are fairly good scope for Degree or Diploma Electrical Engineers in India and abroad. You must avail this opportunity, rather than shifting to a different profession of digital marketing at this stage.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • As you have already aquired a diploma in Electrical Engineering, with some more efforts you can complete your degree course also. After completing your degree you will have more chances to get a higher level entry in any organization.

    If you are not interested in acquiring a higher qualification ue to personal reasons then you must search a job as per your present stregth.

    Digital marketing is an emeging field and you can learn the basics from internet itself from various sites including Google itself. If you have time and money to spare you can do a short course in digital marketing.

    It is not necessary for you to do degree course for pursuing digital marketing. If you want to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing try to get an entry in the organisation of various players in the market like flipkart, snapdeal etc where you wilk be learning it very fast.

    Do not bother for your starting salaries and things like that. Once you gain sufficient experience you will automatically be in a position to bargain that. Please remember in private sector efficiency and understanding of the jobs is given preference over degree so if you have real interest in digital marketing you can climb the career ladder fast here.

    If you are interested to know more about these courses and fee structures you can visit some ot the sites as follows -

    Knowledge is power.

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  • Dear member, all the engineering programmes are completely different with digital marketing or marketing because electrical engineering is a area that mainly compromise with experimentation of electronics and electricity whereas digital marketing is all about advertising or promoting the utility or variety of the product with digital tool
    done with internet. Digital marketing is a innovative standard. On the basis of salary, you can earn lakh per month and more than digital marketer if you continue your engineering and be experienced in any particlar engineering field. If you have a interest or passion in marketing than digital marketing is also best option. Many company needs digital marketer as a employer in the company. The best way is to go for certification in digital marketing and apply for internship within nice advertising agencies network. you can be also learn about marketing through videos, blogs and websites. So it depends on you with which stream you want to go with.

  • You need to know the difference between the two which you are talking about. "Digital Marketing" is a skill that can be acquired by experience but "Engineering" is a Profession, you can master it only if you got theoretical knowledge and exposure. If you got your family support and enough marks to proceed with your B.E/B.Tech in a reputed Engineering College then go ahead.

    Digital Marketing is trending and everything in the world is Digital nowadays. It got a good scope but with my experience I could say anybody can learn Digital Marketing within a considerable amount of time. And one cannot rely on getting a job right after completing a certificate program in Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing has different components in it Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing , Social Media Marketing, Classified Listings,etc. It also involves certain level of writing and Designing skills. You can learn all this by following online lectures and tutorials easily and take up a job as a digital marketing associate anytime but getting an Engineering Degree can't be an easy task after crossing certain age.

    Think and act accordingly as you are the only person who know your current family and financial positions.
    All the Best.

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