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    Transfer from one college to another college in a different university

    Want to transfer to another university in between graduate studies? Searching for the whether it is possible and the detailed procedure? Here, read responses from experts and decide how to change to another university.

    A student is studying in St. Xavier's College in Class-1st Sem in B.A. under Calcutta University. He desires to get transferred in another college after completing 1st Sem or 2nd Sem exam under another university. What is the procedures to be followed?
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  • You have to first ensure a seat in the college where you want to join. Then you have to apply for migration certificate from the present university through the college you are studying. Generally, private colleges will give seats basing on the availability. Th college where you are studying will give you the migration letter. You have to submit that certificate in the college you are going to join. The first step is to ensure a seat.Please proceed,

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  • The most important thing in this context is whether you are getting a seat in the new college or not. You have to find out their criterion of taking a student from other college or university.

    If it is all right then you have to give your last educational records along with the migration certificate from your old college or university which will give your details and other informations to facilitate your admission In the new college.

    You have to be in contact with the new college so that at the last hour there should not be any disappointment or excuse from their side.

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  • Such cases of transfer while attending a course/programme is rare. Transfer from one University to another University in the midst of undergoing a programme is rarest of the rare. Many universities simply don't allow this change. Even if both universities (old and new) allow such migration, there may be many conditionalities involved in this. All said and done, the actual transfer depends upon the availability of seat in the new college where the student intends to take admission.
    So, the transfer process should be initiated by the student or his/her guardians only after ensuring availability of seat in the new college.

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