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    Regarding SBI Magnum Balanced Fund

    Have a query about SBI Magnum Balance Fund? Searching for details of how to check the Account statement? Here, on this page find suggestions from experts to yuor questions.

    I had invested in SBI Magnum Balanced Fund in the month of June 2017. Then in the month of July 2017 I got the first dividend and could see the Statement of Account online. Next dividend I am supposed to get in the month of October 2017. But in the meantime, i.e., before the issuance of the next dividend, I could not check my dividend.

    My internet banking page is not showing the statement due to some technical errors. Please give the URL of the page from where I can check the Account Statement at any time.
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  • The various options available for getting account statement are.
    1., You can open this URL. It will ask your Folio Number. Please type the same in the given place. Then they will send you the statement to your registered email. You have to register your email with the fund.
    2. You can send an email to customer.delight@ sbimf. Com. You have to give the details of your folio. They will do the needful.
    3. There are two helpline phone numbers. They are toll-free. You can contact them through these numbers. Don't forget to keep the required information with you before making a call. The phone numbers are, 1800 209 3333 and 1800 435 5425,
    4. You can send an SMS with the details to 56161.
    These are the options I know. You can try.

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  • The procedure for generating account statement in respect of your folio maintained in SBI Mutual Fund is indicated below:-

    If you transact online, then:-

    (i) Go to:
    (ii) Go to Login (top right corner)
    (iii) Enter Login id and Password (You definitely remember these or have noted down)
    (iv) After successful log-in, the portfolio will be shown
    (v) At the bottom left corner, there is a button for ''Generate Account Statement''. Click the button.
    (vi) Your account statement will be downloaded.

    If you don't transact online, then,
    (a) After every transaction, SBI Mutual Fund sends Account statement by e-mail.
    (b) You may go to customer service centre of SBI Mutual Fund, and request for Account statement.

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  • You can go to the SBI mutual fund side and find out your details by entering folio number. Generally these sites will verify your email where they can send the statement of accounts.
    There is a option of downloading it from their site also.
    Now a days NSDL which is a central entity for securities is also keeping a tab on investors account in a composite way and you can get all your statements related to your investments at one place that is NSDL. You have to do one time registration there. Their site address is

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  • I have done a great mistake. I have already invested in SBI Magnum Balanced Fund and have a folio number also. Before login to, I first made registration; but by mistake I did it as a new user and after the registration process is finished, it generated a new Folio number. How can I cancel this registration and start the registration again as an existing user?

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