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    Need guidance regarding employment

    Are you aspiring to get a job? Wondering how to proceed after a break? Check out this page for guidance from experts here.

    I am a B.Tech IT 2010 graduate. After graduation I didn't take up a job and started doing farming with my father. Even though it goes well we are in a bit of debt and I need some change too. Now I am interested to get back into a job. Is there any way for me to get a job?
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  • You have completed your B.Tech in 2010. Almost 7 years back. Now you want to join in a job. It is a little difficult. There are some ways, which I can look. Do 1 or 2 certification courses related to your subject, so that you can update your knowledge. Then you try for a job in a small company. Many non IT companies also appoint one or two computer persons for their office. You can try such companies also.
    The second option is improving your qualification. You can go for your M.Tech or you can also try for B.Ed. Once you improve your qualification, you can go for the teaching job or any other professional job.
    The third option is to try for a teaching post in any private junior college for teaching computer languages and other general information to Intermediate students.
    You have to make a very very sincere effort. All the best to you.

    always confident

  • B. Tech. is a technical course hence even a gap of one year is not good in getting a job. You have a gap of seven long years and you were completely away from your field.
    So in terms of academics, you are considered as out dated.
    To have a good job, you need to purse a refreshment course of short duration in your own field. This will help you to refresh your knowledge and will give you a chance to learn the new advancement in your field.
    Secondly while appearing in any interview, you should be having a valid considerable reason for the gap between your academics and professional life.
    Apart from that you can prepare for bank exams or other government exams to have related jobs.


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  • Seven years is quite a gap and if you directly apply for jobs in IT field, chances for recruiters to consider you would be very slim.

    1. You can try for a short-term course of Hadoop, Cloud Computing or DBA Analyst, some institutes offer placement as well but here you will have to invest an amount of 40,000 to 60,000 for any IT short term course from genuine institutes.
    2. You can start private tutoring and gain experience while pursuing and upgrading your knowledge and then you can apply for IT job. (This can help you earn part time while studying and your chances of getting recruited will also be higher)

    There are many other options as well like preparing for government exams, bank exams etc. Either ways you will have to upgrade your skills and only then you will be able to set your foot in IT industry as a fresher.

  • My advice here won't be popular but here's what one of the candidate in our office did. She had 1 year back in year and it took her 8 years to complete the degree. She did complete the degree and then finally she got the job through the reference. She is working as a digital marketing person. So career in IT does not have to be something traditional with campus and then proper hierarchy and all. Go nontraditional way and then get a job.

    1. See if you can do the course in digital marketing as that definitely helps get job regardless of your previous experience.

    2. Technical support jobs are available regardless of your age, they accept upto 35 years of age for the job.

    3. Call center, if all else fails then this is the last resort of many. And people do work in this to get some salary. Though it won't be much but it will keep you busy.

    4. Back end jobs like data entry, sales, account management, office admin are also there in IT companies. So it's upto you to accept it.

    If you are going to be hesitant to get non technical jobs in IT then you may have some suffering ready for you. Backlogs and engineering students are not treated well in IT industry. So you should move to another industry or within IT you should go with the non technical jobs.

    Get into teaching local students, that's also one way to tutor students and other people. You may get employed on the basis of your students feedback on teaching. Ignore govt exams, if you are not having good percentage it becomes harder to crack it.

  • You should be optimistic rather than sadistic. You have completed B.Tech in IT and you better know IT professionals are in great demands in every company. But since you were engaged in farming from last seven years it means you have little knowledge left with you, what you had studied seven years back. So, getting a job directly after this much of gap is going to be very very difficult for you.
    You need to be industry ready means you will have to learn latest technology in the field of IT. You can also work as freelancer in various startups and online website. This will help you to easily learn new things and gain some experience. After that make a strong portfolio and then you can go for job hunting.
    In between you can work in a call centre or BPO to make a living and support your family. Once you learn some new skills and become expert in any particular section you can be a member of technical team of that BPO or call center.
    Remember one thing that for getting any job only your skills matters, gaps and other things matters least. So, polish your skills, learn new technology, be expert in any particular section, trust me you will not need to hunt for jobs, jobs will hunt you.

  • Though the gap is very long still you can try to catch up by undergoing some short courses of your choice in data base management, enterprise resource planning, animation, networking etc. This will give you an estimate of present status of your knowledge and learning potential. If you feel it is worth then only you go further ahead in this arena. The job condition is critical and there is a rush for jobs today. You can get only some small job to begin with.

    Under such a scenario you will have to work very hard and be prepared for extra labour as you are already late for these endeavours.

    Anyway you can make for the time loss by more hard work and dedication to learn the new things you have missed during the past years.

    Knowledge is power.

  • No doubt you are very late in taking this decision and seeing the job condition today it will be difficult for you to cover up.
    Still there are some options like try to get a job for teaching in private school where they do not insist for B Ed and meanwhile try to do part time B Ed and then try in some good school where remuneration is better.
    Have you any idea for business in your locality or agency or dealership for mobile companies for recharge and new connections like Reliance Jio.
    That could be a good beginning for you as after a long gap you may not be much interested in life full of studies and mental work.
    You can review what your aptitude says. That is the primary thing because then only you will be focussing your energy in that area.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • First of all let me appreciate you on taking up family farming job after passing B.Tech.

    You say "it goes well ". I would suggest please use your education and B Tech knowledge to make it better.

    You are having some debt. If the debts are of high interest and from individual, consolidate all of them and have it from a nationalised or rural or co-operative bank popular and established in your area. Take agricultural loan or cash credit at a low interest as applicable. Discuss details and make the repayment realistic to avoid default.

    You need a change. You can have it. You may take up some self employment business, that can be carried on from home. You may also take a loan, id needed for that under self employment scheme or Mudra scheme.

    In case you need to enhance any skill, you can take up some short term diploma course during the non-busy season in farming.

    I can say that you are blessed because not all engineers get a chance to take up family profession, not all are lucky to be with their family and friends. I can suggest you may thank God for this blessing and continue in the same activity taking efforts to improve the yield and earning by bringing better technology, by taking help from government agriculture department or agricultural university.You can take help of the fertiliser companies which sponsor such activities for research and advertisement. You may also take up a suitable self employment which you can do along with your farming activities. If possible select one where the other members of the family also can involve and help you.

    You can take up some online marketing, online teaching or even take up blog writing on farming using your experience. There are any number of opportunities, but I will repeat that do not relinquish the family farming, by which you are not only serving yourselves but the society also. That is the real production.

    Best wishes.

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