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    My name misspelt in educational certificates

    Have a mistake in name in certificates? Wondering how to correct it? Here, on this page read responses from experts and get answers to how to resolve this issue.

    My name misspelt in my all educational certificates. Can you suggest what to do to correct my name?
    Whether to get affidavit is or any other alternative ways exist to overcome this problem? I don't have birth certificate but my name is printed correctly in aadhar card.
    Will there be any problem in getting govt jobs or private jobs and in issue of passport and driving license?
    1. Whether to file civil suit to get decree
    2.Affidavit or any other alternatives
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  • When there is a problem we should immediately react to it. Why you waited till all the certificates are coming. Is it the same mistake in all the certificates or different mistake in the different certificate. Definitely, it will be a problem for employment and other verifications. You have to get it corrected at the earliest.
    As far as I know, you have to give an affidivit. You can contact a good lawyer in your place. Get the wording correctly in the affidivit. Mention the name as per aadhaar. The follow-up action will be done by the Lawyer. Once the affidavit is ready, you have to apply to the concerned educational institutions for doing the required corrections.
    This is the only procedure I know.

    always confident

  • In one of my certificate the spelling was wrong and since it's very long procedure to get the certificate corrected I got an affidavit done and I submit it along with the certificate wherever required. This was required while applying for the passport.

    But since you have misspelt the name in all the certificates this will definitely be a cause of concern while applying for jobs as they do have a very strict verification process. So get the affidavit done at the earliest and if you can afford the time get the certificates also corrected through the board or university.

  • I was just 15 on that time I had no idea about the consequences, actually I told my school principal on that time only and he said it is not a problem, so I just ignored it on that time. There is just 1 letter "A" added extra to my name so instead of blaming me please suggest me the possible ways.

  • Mistakes are bound to happen and no, we are not blaming you. But as mentioned in the above post you can definitely go ahead and get an affidavit done as was in my case. It should help you.

    It was just the consequence that was mentioned so that you could take the action accordingly.

  • can i change my name according to SSLC marks card just need to add letter A, can i change like that????? or else tell me after making an affidavit which name i should use everywhere marks card name or real name

  • As far as I know, the difference in name in different certificates can be rectified by signing an affidavit before a First-class Magistrate. The difference in name must also be declared to public by classified advertisement in one English newspaper and in another vernacular newspaper. The copy of the original affidavit and the advertisements are required to be permanently preserved. That is the full-proof way to tackle this problem.

    If there is no uniformity in your different documents, you will bound to face major problem if you are selected for any Government job. Not only that, you will face problem at the time acquisition of property, making passport and in other important matters.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

  • I grew up with my 7th standard date of the birth certificate as my only original proof of birth and when I applied for a job in England and need health care registration, I had major issues as my initials were not fully mentioned in some and some certificates the full stop was missing between my name and initials. Luckily the passport entry was correct.

    I had to delay joining abroad as it took me 6 weeks to first make a request, sign an affidavit, the apply to the university where I had to run pillar to post to get it authorised as it was 6 years old and finally got the certificates re-issued, Then the next issue was funnier, I had to re-submit all my corrected certificates to three authorities as my first set of documents (based on which the job was given) were now invalid.

    My sincere advice is, please do the necessary changes in the format approved, check with your university and often speaking to the office clerks over a cup of coffee gives you the right information as they would have handled many such cases. Lastly, if you are considering a passport, please do not apply before these changes are actually made and accepted.

  • What has happened in past is past. We can not do anything to that. Now let us concentrate for remedial action.

    The first action is to prepare a legal affidavit with the help of a lawyer. After that get it duly certified by magistrate under the seal. Once this is ready approach your school and colleges for rectification of mistake and request them to issue a corrected certificate and marksheet. This will take considerable time and everywhere they will ask your Aadhar card, your proof of address and parents names etc.

    You have to keep all the documents ready to satisfy the school and college authorities and pursue your case seriously.

    Though it will take time but it will be one time solution for your problems. Meanwhile wherever you apply for further education or job, you submit a copy of affidavit and Aadhaar card so that they can provisionally consider your candidature.

    Knowledge is power.

  • This is a serious problem now as you have gone ahead without correcting the mistake at its first instance.
    Now you have to go for multiple corrections. Anyway there is nothing to be afraid of as school or college management will correct your certificates and marksheet when you approach them with your supporting documents showing your name correctly.
    There is another alternative where you can submit a legal affidavit when you go for admission in a new college or apply job somewhere but in that case probably every time you will have to make a new affidavit as many institutes and organisations will not accept an old affidavit.
    Now it is only a procedural work that you have to pursue and once you have the corrected certificates or marksheet you will not have any problem in future.
    Take this work on a top priority.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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