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    Downgrading computer from windows 8.1 to windows 8

    Planning to downgrade your computer OS? Searching for information about how to do so and whether you will lose any data? Check out this page for advice from experts.

    I was using Windows 8 and then I upgraded it to Windows 8.1 Now I want to downgrade it to Windows 8 using my old Windows 8 CD. Is it possible to do so? Is there any possibility of losing my personal data in this process? Are there any other methods to downgrade Windows 8.1 to 8?
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  • 8.1 is an improved version of 8 and windows is trying to improve further this 8.1. As such think of hanging out for some more time.
    These are the steps you can follow from converting 8.1 to 8.
    1.Use windows 8 installation disc. Boot your computer and go to Repair and navigate to image recovery option.
    2.Go to troubleshoot >advanced option> System recovery image.
    3. Choose Windows 8 as the target
    4.Select system recovery image
    5. select the switch next>finiish.
    By following the above you can come back windows 8.

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  • I would advise you not to downgrade it to Windows 8 but nevertheless, the decision is yours. You might be well aware of the recent attack ransomware virus which was all over the news a few months back, this was only because there was a bug in the previous OS which was fixed in the later release of that OS. All those who didn't upgrade was easily vulnerable to the attack. So do reconsider your option of downgrading your OS to 8 from 8.1.

    The steps mentioned by Dr. Rao can be followed, chances of losing your personal data are very slim but you can take a backup of your data either in google cloud online or in external hard disk just to be on the safer side.

  • Microsoft ended support for Windows 8. You will not be getting security updates anymore. Either you have to continue with Windows 8.1 or upgrade to Windows 10.

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  • Yes, You can if I talk about window 8.1 it is not good it's my view only because, I used 3 months and then I changed now. If you want to change on window 8 then you can use your bootable CD and reinstall them. If you want that you don't lose any data, first you backup your files. Don't keep any data in 'C' drive because when you install your windows its automatically erase all the data from C drive, so you can backup all the files on your other drive like D and E drive. You can easily change your windows 8.1 to windows 8.

  • Check if you have any restore point saved for Operating system. If yes then restore it to WIndows 8. Other solution is to reinstall operating system fresh for Windows 8.

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  • First, every latest version offers updated and improved operating system updates. I couldn't understand why would you want to downgrade it.

    Downgrading is mostly a risky job and will result in losing data. If you're planning to downgrade the operating system from 8.1 to 8.0, you must back up the data. In short, if you're an advanced user, you might have encrypted other partitions of your HDD or SST excluding C:/ folder or the folders that contains the OS.lios file. Meaning that you have installed in C:/ drive. Move any important files from C folder to other partitions and encrypt with password for the drives D, E, or whatever and format the OS using tools.

    Or without formatting, insert the disk in your CD Rom drive, and start the installation process. You can also install 8.1 and 8.0 with dual boot support mode. It's easy.

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