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    Rgarding name change of my parents in certificates

    Having an issue with name in certificates? Wondering what to do if parent's name has got changed in all certificates? On this Ask Expert page, find advice and resolution to your query.

    Name of my parent's(both father & mother) has got changed in all my certificates including 10th & 12th.
    I am facing problem in getting a residence, what should I do?
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  • When you have observed that there is a difference in the 10th certificate, why you waited till you complete your 12th. I don't understand the logic. You have to apply for the change of names through the institution where you have studied. for 10th & 12th you have to apply through your school. The Head Master of the school will advise you the entire procedure. You may have to submit your birth certificate in which your father name is correctly mentioned and Aadhaar card for your Mother. You have to pay some fees also. You can get all the details from your school. Go and get it done.

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  • You have to approach your school authorities for this correction. For this you will have to submit an application to your school or college as per the prescribed procedure. While submitting this application you will also have to produce documents supporting the correct names of your parents like their Aadhar card or voter card etc.

    Please pursue this work seriously as it will require follow up with school authorities.

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  • This is a very important thing to get the mistakes in names in school certificates get corrected as early as possible. This is very essential because without this you will not be able to proceed further for any job or education.
    For getting this correction done you will require some supporting documents for the correct name of your parents so that the school or college authority can do the required correction.
    So first check the Aadhar card or voter card etc in respect of your parents and submit a copy of those along with your application for correcting the names in marksheet and certificates.
    There are some institutions which will ask for Aadhar card only. So please check this with your records.
    Once you submit documents along with the application form then the school authority will take some time for this correction.
    I advise you to follow up with college officials.

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  • my school body is not ready to correct those names,
    can i visit to civil court for better solution.

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