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    Spelling mistake in Caste Certificate

    Having a query about caste certificate? Wondering how to resolve a spelling mistake in name in the certificate? Check out this page for advice from experts and get a resolution to your worries.

    There is a spelling mistake of my name in the caste certificate. On other every document my name is spelt correctly.
    What should I do? What can I do to correct this spelling mistake or is the gazette certificate valid for spelling mistake? Everyone gives different answer, can you tell me the right thing?
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  • You can get it corrected. The caste certificate issuing officer can correct the certificate. Please contact your Mandal Revenue officer. Take a copy of your educational qualification certificate and aadhaar card. I hope these two documents will show your name correctly, You have to give a written requisition and attach copies of your tenth certificate and aadhaar card. Attach original caste certificate. When you submit original, don't forget to take an acknowledgement. Keep some xerox copies with you.They will issue a fresh caste certificate. Once you receive it, verify all the entries correctly. If you have any mistake noticed, please go to the office and get it connected immediately.

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  • You can easily get it corrected provided the spelling is correct in every other document. You have to visit the office of District Magistrate (if the caste certificate was issued by the DM's office), submit an application with supporting documents (AADHAR, Election Identity Card, PAN Card, Xth Certificate, etc. where correct spelling has been indicated). I hope the spelling will be corrected and fresh caste certificate would be issued within a month.

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