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    Factors that motivated and forced rural entrepreneurship?

    Having a query about rural entrepreneurship? Looking out for details from research articles or scholars? Here, you can read responses from experts and become aware of what factors influenced rural entrepreneurship.

    There are many factors that can be responsible for rural entrepreneurship, like income, competition,government, and internal and external factors. But I want to know the reference of it with some research or scholar or paper.
    I want to know and understand:
    What are or can be the factors that motivated and forced rural entrepreneurship?
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  • The factors which motivate and force Rural entrepreneurship are as given below.
    Rural entrepreneurs will get a lot of support and motivation from local people
    Cost of the Establishment will be lower than the urban establishment. Need not give much thrust to infrastructure.
    In our nation, about70% of the people are in the villages. Their many incomes are from agricultural activities which are seasonal. So it is easy to acquire unskilled and semiskilled workforce
    The government of India is encouraging the rural entrepreneurship. These policies of the government are very flexible, innovative, liberalized and support to rural entrepreneurs. Government is giving some subsidies.
    Most of the times the rural entrepreneurs are depending upon the agri based products as raw materials, which are available throughout the year. These raw materials are available in the rural areas. Hence there is no transportation cost.
    Rural entrepreneurs cost of production will be less when compared to the urban industries.
    Rural entrepreneurs can provide hundred percent jobs for rural youth. In such case, the migration of the people to urban from rural can be immediately stopped to a maximum extent.

    You may get many papers on the internet for specialised study

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  • In India, a lot of people migrate from rural to urban areas. To prevent this and to help rural people led better lives, the Government has many Rural Entrepreneurship Programs. This is the main driving force.
    These programs aim at the better use of local resources, encourage local job placements and to provide them with funds, infrastructure and the final market for the product under the rural entrepreneur project.India has huge potential, good talent in the rural villages, we need a formal support for them, coming from the government, this would add to the development agenda of the country also.
    This has many issues social acceptance, family issues related to the enterpreneur, cultural and religious practices, corruption, exploitation by middlemen and investors.
    Some good articles
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    2.Role of rural entrepreneurship in India. in India.
    4.Monika Sharma,Vandana Chaudhary,Rajni Bala,Ranchan Chauhan.Rural Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries:Challenges, Problems and Performance Appraisal.Global Journal of Management and Business Studies.ISSN 2248-9878 Volume 3, Number 9 (2013), pp. 1035-1040
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    6.Kushalakshi,Raghurama.Rural Entrepreneurship: A Catalyst for Rural Development.International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR).Volume 3 Issue 8, August 2014.ISSN (Online): 2319-7064

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