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    Ear infection with hearing loss

    suffering from ear infection and impending hearing loss? Searching for natural remedies for solving this issue? Here, on this page check out advice from experts regarding diet, natural oils and yoga practices.

    What can I do to reduce recurrent middle ear infections? I have had frequent ear infections (possibly due to allergies) has resulted in some hearing loss.
    1. Could this be related to my diet? (for example dairy etc)
    2. Are there any foods that I need to avoid?
    3. Any practices (such as Pranayama etc) that has been known to help with this condition?
    4 Any natural oils or herbs that can help alleviate this condition?
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  • You avoid cold water, fruit juices, cool drinks and all chilled items. Ice creams are not allowed.
    Don't have a head bath. If you have to have a head bath, immediately use a hot air dryer and get your hair completely dried. It is advisable to avoid head bath to the maximum extent possible.
    I suggest avoiding fruits as much as possible.
    Don't put any liquid like oil etc., in the ear.
    All vegetables you can eat. Avoid fast foods and oily foods.
    Pranayama and kapalbhati are the two which will be useful for you to have a better ear.
    Recently my mother had this problem. We referred her to an ENT in Hyderabad. With simple medication, she has become normal. Hence, please contact a good ENT doctor.

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  • Self-diagnosing without medical expert is the most dangerous thing to do as we cannot determine the root cause of the infection.

    Along with taking precaution get medical advice from doctors asap to see if the recurrent middle ear infection is a cause for concern or not. You should avoid taking bath in showers as this can cause the ear infection to worsen, avoid cold or frozen foods. Don't prick your ear with any object, not even earbuds, avoid pouring any hot oil as well as it may cause damage to the eardrum which is very delicate. These are just generalized advice.

  • My answer is:-
    1. Do not prick your ears. Do not put any foreign object (for example garlic, warm mustard oil, etc.) in your ear.
    2. Do not take icecream and other very cold food-items.
    3. If the infection recurs, visit an ENT specialist without going for self-medication.
    4. Pranayama can be done only as per the guidance of a proper Yoga-specialist.

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  • The immediate priority is to visit an ENT specialist near you. The hearing loss you feel may be temporary due to the present cause and may be reversible once the problem is cured. However it could be permanent also. Only a qualified and experienced doctor , after examining your ear can tell that.

    The doctor may prescribe necessary medicines and advise precautions and care to be taken. You may be sent for an audiometry test(hearing test),which may give an idea of your hearing loss.

    As ear is an important sense organ with its vital core parts located internally, hidden from our view, we should not resort to self medication. It can lead to complications and may cause serious damages.

    Once you recover from the present problem, then you can think of some supportive and maintenance methods later.You may ask the ENT doctor about that also.

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